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Five Beauty Hacks To Help You Get More From 2016…

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There are a battalion of myths floating around the beauty-sphere. Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker? Negative. Brushing your hair 100 times a day makes it glossier? Again, not true. But when we catch wind of a good beauty hack and discover it works, now that's a whole other ball game. Not least because they're often pure and utter genius, but because they make our beauty routines easier than ever before.

We're talking about those little tricks and tweaks that have the ability to totally take your beauty routine to the next level, while also cutting down the time it takes to get ready. From using a spoon to master the perfect feline flick to the cheat that'll help your fragrance last longer, here are five beauty hacks the Glossy team swear by to help you get more from your makeup and hair throughout the coming year (and beyond)...

#theperfectsmokeyeyeWhether you find it tricky to achieve a smokey eye or simply want to cut down the time it takes, there's a little trick that will help you on your way. Simply draw a hashtag on the outer corner of your eyelid using a smokey eye pencil or eyeshadow stick, then smudge it outwards using an eyeshadow brush or a smudging sponge. If you're after an even smokier finish, then keep drawing the hashtags and smudging them outwards until you're happy.

beauty_hacks _smokey_eye_hashtag

You've been using your bobby pins all wrongIf like us, you use your bobby pin with the wavy side facing outwards, it's time to change things up (especially if you have a tough time keeping them in place). Try flipping the pin over so the wavy side is against your head and the straight side is facing outwards -- the more textured side has more grip, you see.

Vaseline makes your fragrance last longerVaseline is occlusive, so if you apply a dab to your pulse points before spritzing on your chosen scent it'll help to hold the fragrance on your skin for longer than if you were to spray it directly on. Clever, huh?

Use a spoon to draw the perfect winged linerYes, really. You can use both the handle and the rounded edge of a spoon to create a perfect line and flick. All you need to do is hold the handle of the teaspoon up against the outer corner of your eye and use it to help you draw a straight line (see below). Then, flip it around and use the rounded edge to create a curved, winged tip. Fill it in, draw a line across your lash line and you're good to go!

The numerical contour trickOver the past few years, contouring has taken the world by storm, but it can also add a significant amount of time onto your morning routine. This quick trick makes highlighting and contouring quick and easier than ever - it's all about the power of 3. Using a highlighting stick like the So Susan Statement Skin Highlighting Crayon from your December GLOSSYBOX, draw a '3' shape. Start the top line of the 3 above your brow then curve it round your eye; take the middle of the 3 in to just above your cheekbone, then the bottom line should come just above your jawbone.

Then, to contour, use a brown contouring crayon and draw a 3 shape in the opposite direction to the highlighter. So, start the top line at your temple and carry on drawing it around so the middle line is right below your cheekbone and the bottom line is underneath your jawbone. To finish, buff out the two shades, ensuring you totally blend the lines for a flawless, contoured and seamless finish. 

beauty_hacks _contour


Writer and expert
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