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Mani Monday: A French-Themed Summer Nail Tutorial

Writer and expert9 years ago
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In keeping with this month's Vive La France theme, our in-house Nail Technician come Online Marketing Executive, Christelle, has put polish to nail and created a very special (but easy) nail art tutorial for you.

Drawing inspiration from our beautiful July box design, which was created by renowned illustrator Jamie Lee Reardin, simply follow these five simple steps and create the perfect French-themed summer nail look from home...

STEP ONEStart by painting all your nails with two coats of Barry M Gelly High Shine Nail Paint in White Cotton, £3.99 at Boots. Next, select one stand out nail on each hand (we went for our ring finger) for the bow to appear on. Draw a small sideways crescent shape in the middle of the nail using a black nail art pen - we used IZ Beauty Ink It Nail Art Pen in Black, £2.92.

STEP TWOCarry on outlining the rest of bow on this finger, using the same black nail art pen. You can go for more of an angular shaped bow or a rounded bow like Mademoiselle Glossy's.

STEP THREENext, colour in the bow using a blue nail art pen. We used IZ Beauty Ink It Nail Art Pen in Blue, £2.92.

STEP FOUROnce the bow is coloured in and the polish is dry, carefully draw thin lines across the bow to create stripes using a white nail art pen. We used IZ Beauty Ink It Nail Art Pen in White, £2.92.

STEP FIVEFinally, carefully paint a thin line of blue polish to match the colour of the bow across the tip of each nail. Voilà - the finished look!

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Writer and expert
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