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Drawing Dots: Why You’ll Want To ‘Freckle Tan’ This Summer

Writer and expert9 years ago
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A fashion freckle tan is essentially a glow from a day at the beach and is achieved by dotting a smattering of beautiful freckles in warm and cool tones over your face.

We have to admit, the Freckle Tan is a beauty trend we're pretty excited to get behind. In fact, the faux freckle look was even extended to the body thanks to tanning pro Nichola Joss, who has been known to flick self tan over the skin using an acrylic brush.

It's the perfect way to give yourself a natural, youthful and sun-kissed glow. So if you haven't been blessed naturally, it's time to fake it with an eyeliner pencil or a fine nibbed eyeliner brush dabbed in a darker foundation -  our PR Manager Lucy gave it a go (pictured above) and has been sporting them ever since!

The trick? Give the freckles depth and dimension by using two different tones and pressing them into the skin randomly, alternating the pressure as you do so. Make them smaller and slightly darker on the nose, then a little lighter and larger across your cheekbones. Finally, use your ring finger to pat the skin and soften the dots.

Let us know how you get on...

Writer and expert
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