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Subtle or statement: make your eye colour pop

Hands up who’s stuck in an eye make-up rut? Of course some situations never call for experimenting with violet eyeliner (asking for a pay rise to name one), but avoid it altogether and you could be missing out on the perfect make-up match.

From subtle to bold, we’ve found the most flattering make-up shades for your eye colour. Even better, you probably have most of them already lurking at the bottom of your make-up bag.

Green or hazel eyes

Subtle: Aubergine makes eyes greener and brings out the mercurial flecks in hazel eyes. Ensure aubergine has taupe undertones rather than purple to stop eyes from looking tired or bruised.

Statement: Highlight hints of green and make hazel eyes look multi-faceted with violet. Keep it simple with mascara on the tips of lashes or an electric liner.

Blue or grey eyes

Subtle: If you don’t own a bronze or chocolate eyeshadow you’re missing a trick – the more metallic the better. Try it applied over eyelids and see your eyes pop.

Statement: Baby or electric blue is a bold way to quickly add intensity. Limit this shade to thickly mascaraed lashes, teamed with a nude eyelid or contrasted against a wash of molten bronze.

Brown or hazel eyes

Subtle: Navy is a more interesting alternative to black and, when it comes to brown eyes, much more flattering. Apply midnight blue all over the eyelid, blending it out from the eye socket or line lashes, flicking the liner up into a tick at the outer corners of the eyes.

Statement:  A daring shade in a wearable-form, try turquoise or teal green traced along lower lashes. Liner under the eye is a modern way to wear colour, while leaving the line imperfect at the outer corners will prevent it looking twee.



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