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Wilkinson Sword And The Science Of Shaving

Wilkinson Sword And The Science Of Shaving
Writer and expert9 years ago
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Are you ready for this Glossies? I’ve got a fact that will blow your mind! Did you know that the average woman spends 21 hours every year shaving her legs? That adds up to more than 70 days of our lives! With all that experience, you’d think we’d know more about the science of shaving, but, let’s face it, years of nicks say otherwise.

So, in the pursuit of a smoother shave, our Birthday Edition GLOSSYBOX includes the perfect tool for achieving silky smooth skin.

About The Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Razor

This month, some of you will have been treated to Wilkinson Sword’s Quattro for Women Razor. It’s an all-round fabulous razor:

science of shaving
  • It is enriched with Aloe vera and vitamin E, which will give you a seriously close and comfortable shave.
  • This razor also features four ultra-thin wire-wrapped blades and a compact pivoting head that follows the contour of your curves. You’ll be able to reach every hair without running the risk of cutting yourself (you know where I mean – ankles, knees,…)
  • It also boasts a soft rubber grip which makes it easy to hold, even when you have wet hands covered in shaving foam.
  • Better yet, this razor is refillable. You can buy replacement heads here.

Basically, it’s the perfect razor to get silky smooth legs this summer!

The Science Of Shaving

Now that you have the best tool for the job, here are five experts tips about the science of shaving…

1. Always Exfoliate The Day Before

the science of shaving

If you want the smoothest shave of your life, you really should exfoliate the day before. This will slough away dead skin cells so that they don’t clog up your blade when you shave. It not only makes your razor more effective but leaves you with silk-like skin!

If you don't have an exfoliator, the Sanctuary Spa Classic Salt Scrub will do the trick nicely. You can buy it on lookfantastic using your GLOSSYCredit!

2. Shaving In The Morning Is Best

Did you know that your legs swell slightly at night, which can cause the hairs on your body to recede into the follicle? So Glossies, if want a close shave that cuts hairs as close to the root as possible, you should shave first thing in the morning.

3. Don’t Forget To Soak Before You Shave


Here’s another top tip: try and soak in a bath for 10 to 15 minutes before your shave. The warm water opens your hair follicles and expands your hairs by up to 60%! Trust me, this makes it so much easier to shave even the smallest of hairs.

Insider Tip: If you don’t have a bath, then go through your full shower routine before you reach for your razor. By the time you’ve cleansed your body, then washed and conditioned your hair, the hair follicles on your skin will have opened nicely.

4. Use Shaving Foam Or Gel

the science of shaving

While your Wilkinson Sword razor is infused with nourishing Aloe vera and vitamin E, I’d still recommend using a shaving foam or gel. They help the razor glide smoothly across your skin and allow you to track your strokes so that you don’t miss a spot.

5. Struggle With Irritations? Shave With The Hairs!

While most of us shave against the hair to achieve the smoothest finish possible, this isn’t the best idea if you have sensitive skin. It can cause irritations, spots and ingrown hairs. Instead, you should shave in the direction that the hair grows in (if we’re talking legs, then shave towards your foot). While you won’t get quite as smooth a finish, at least you won’t have a rash.

Insider Tip: This is particularly effective if you’re shaving your bikini line.

And there you have it Glossies, the science of shaving!

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