The Science Of Shaving

Shaving. Women spend an average four minutes shaving their legs several times a week, which equates to 21 hours every year and adds up to 72 days of our lives.

While you’d think us dedicated de-fuzzers know what we’re doing, years of nicks say otherwise. In the pursuit of smoother legs, we’ve given Glossies the perfect tool for a close shave in February’s LOVE box. For those of you who might not have used it yet, Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Razor has a five-blade head for a super close shave and a water activated serum bar that’s infused with marine extracts, which leaves legs as soft as they are smooth.

Now you have the best tool for the job, perfect the art of shaving with our trouble shooting tips:

– Legs swell ever so slightly at night, which causes hairs to recede into the follicle. Although this will make legs feel temporarily smoother, you’ll get a closer shave in the mornings.

– Soak in a bath for 15 minutes before shaving. The warm water will open hair follicles and swell stubble, making it easier to slice through.

– If you’re using a razor without a cleverly built-in serum bar to hydrate skin and create glide as you shave, use a shaving gel. It’s more hydrating than shaving foam (experts say soap is a no-no as it’s too drying), plus it softens the hairs making them easier to cut.

– Most of us shave against the hair for the smoothest finish. But, those with particularly sensitive skin should shave in the direction that the hair grows in (so if we’re talking legs, that would be down towards the foot) as it’s much less irritating.

– While shaving exfoliates, the more dead skin cells you start with the less effective your razor will be. We recommend exfoliating the day before to get silkier skin as well as a clog-free blade.



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