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The Best Collagen Eye Masks For Dark Circles

The Best Collagen Eye Masks For Dark Circles
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Have you ever wondered what the secret to bright, plump and youthful-looking eyes is? The answer: collagen eye masks! They reduce the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles. Here's how...

What Is Collagen And What Does It Do For Your skin?

Collagen is celebrated for its ability to promote glowing and vibrant skin, but what is it? Essentially, collagen is a protein that makes up 80% of your skin. It is responsible for your skin’s elasticity, helping it to stay healthy and youthful-looking.

Think of collagen as the pillar that keeps your skin strong and firm. Without it, it starts to sag and wrinkle.

Collagen eye masks

What Affects Collagen Levels In Your Skin?

  • Hitting 30

It’s time for a hard truth Glossies: when you hit 30 (or thereabout), your body naturally starts to produce less collagen. Without that collagen, your skin loses its firmness and elasticity, which then causes fine lines and wrinkles to appear.

  • Pollution And Sun Damage

Over-exposure to both the sun and pollution can also affect the collagen levels of your skin, as it damages this protein. To limit these effects, don’t forget to use a broad spectrum SPF that protects your complexion from UVB and UVA rays, as well as blue light.

How To Restore Healthy Collagen Levels

To restore and maintain healthy levels of collagen, you can't beat the BeautyPro eye masks that are in this month's Birthday Editon GLOSSYBOX.

Collagen eye masks

The Anti-Ageing Benefits Of Your BeautyPro Eye Therapy Mask

When it comes to finding the best collagen eye mask, you can’t beat BeautyPro’s Eye Therapy Mask. By blending this collagen with green tea, Aloe vera, and vitamins A and E, it helps to restore and maintain your skin’s elasticity and firmness. Better yet, you can buy three pairs for just £4.95!

  • Collagen Eye Masks Reduce Dark Circles And Puffiness

If you have tired and swollen eyes, then you really need these under eye masks. Their cooling formula (which smells amazing, by the way) will even out your skin tone, making your dark under eye area appear brighter and more energised.

Simply apply the masks under your eyes (make sure you’ve cleansed first), leave them on for 20 minutes, then gently peel them off.

Collagen eye masks
  • Collagen Eye Masks Smooth Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Because of how intensive and nourishing these masks are, they also help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. My advice? When you’ve peeled the masks off, gently massage any remaining formula up towards the outer corners of your eyes to smooth out your crow’s feet.

Collagen eye masks really are the secret to youthful-looking eyes!

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