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May Beauty Horoscope: Your Zodiac Predictions This Month!

May Beauty Horoscope: Your Zodiac Predictions This Month!
Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer2 years ago
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A new month and another splendid look into our zodiacs. Ready to delve into what’s taking place this month for you – and, of course, assess your beauty needs and discover other thrilling reveals along the way? Listen up!

As it’s May, our Gemini Glossies take centre stage! As always, all 11 other star signs have their moment – scroll on to see your horoscope and the best beauty buys for your sign this May.



Gemini's I know you love a good throwback! So, this May, why not throw it back to the 2000s! Where low rise jeans, baby tees and glossy lips – the Y2K look that's on its way back – were all the rage. The INC.redible Roller Baby The Original Rollerball Gloss is the best beauty product to relive this era! Think super hydration, juicy shine, a rollerball applicator (just my fave thing!) and a sweet scent – it’s all the nostalgia I need!

This lip gloss creates the sought after wet-look shine that we see gracing our FYPs and feeds. Sheer, subtly candy pink tinted, this gloss will be your new best friend. It nourishes, soothes and moisturises your lips too, all thanks to its infused coconut oil. 

Playful is your middle name Geminis. From your personality to your fashion, right down to your makeup. This month, take your playfulness to the next level by using Revolution Pro Regeneration Palette – Trends Mischief Mattes. This palette offers an amazing 18 eyeshadows for only £8.99! Screaming with vibrant, bright shades to create the perfect playful look. You can wear these highly-pigmented shades individually, or mix and match the ultra-blendable hues for a unique display. With every colour of the rainbow, this palette has a shade for everyone. Top tip: use an eye primer and a flat-headed brush to pack on the pigment! 

Geminis are lively by nature too - you love to have an adventure! This means you need to make sure you are having your moments of calm and relaxation to recharge your batteries from time to time. What’s the quickest and most fun way to do this? By having a self-care night of course! And a self-care routine is not complete without a sheet mask!

My absolute fave is Holika Holika Pure Essence Mask Sheet in Strawberry. This ultra-fine sheet mask works in under 20 minutes. The strawberry mask has been designed to smooth and brighten skin – sensitive skin included Glossies! To get the best results, be sure to cleanse and tone before use as well.

The Gemini Beauty Look Book

What’s To Come This May For Gemini Glossies? 


When it comes to love, you are flirty, entertaining and inspiring! So, this month, whether you’re in a relationship or just on the dating scene, you’re flirty side will come out in full force. A fun date night or a cute night in will not only bring you closer to another person, but it will also be super exciting and a night you both needed! 


This month, you will take on a strenuous job at work. You love a challenge and this task will test your patience, your skill and your on the spot thinking. But don’t stress Geminis, you’re smart, versatile and curious – so you’ll absolutely crush it! 


We know you love to have fun and experience life however, we also know you’re a Gemini – you often burn the candle at both ends! Glossies, you need to start planning your weeks, so you don't get to Friday feeling burnt out. Don't worry, you're still going to have fun weeks but with a little bit of organising, you'll manage to balance work, family and free time without having that 'Friday Feeling' of being absolutely exhausted! 


You'vebeen feeling rather 'stuck' recently, doing the same thing over and over again. So, your routine needs a shake up! Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll find something new you love! It could be anything, even something small like a new book series, a new bar or a new hobby to get into. It may be stop-start at first, but don’t shy away… Keep with it! You won’t regret it and you’ll find after a while, you'll feel like you've been refreshed and it's a brand new you.


Other Air Signs


As well as Gemini, Libra is an air sign – and these signs are extroverts! This month our Glossy Libras are going to be on an exciting adventure… You’re going to make a big summer plan for a fun adventure! Have a fantastic time and make lifetime memories. 


You’ve always been one to keep up on the latest trends and with summer just around the corner… Summer fashion is on your radar. From halter necks and cutouts to bright co-ords, you have been inspired to recreate yourself. Starting with a whole new wardrobe!

Air signs, are you ready to get your skin summer ready? The best way to do this is of course with the GLOSSYBOX Skincare The Starter Set!nourishing 3-in-1 moisturiser, a rich night serum and an effective micellar gel cleanser - all in our iconic matte pink packaging. They’re the perfect trio to prep your skin for summer! The GLOSSYBOX Skincare cleanser leaves your skin perfectly refreshed, our Night Serum leaves your skin brighter and radiant and the 3-in-1 Moisturiser provides instant hydration.


Water Signs 


I know you love a good surprise and this month will not disappoint! In the transitioning week between spring and summer, an enjoyable and exciting day out will come your way! You’ll be invited by someone you'd never expect. You say yes (of course!) and you end up having a brilliant end to your spring and a great start to your summer 2022! 


The weather will soon be perking up… Getting hotter and hotter! So it's time to make your summer bucket! Prepare for an exciting, unforgettable summer and start ticking off a couple of things from your new list… Summer 2022 is all about experiencing new things and celebrating life! 


Something will test your patience this month Pisces, but no stress - you got this! Out of all the zodiacs you are the calmest and this loving nature is what you are known for! So, go with it Glossies, you’ll take it in your stride and be stronger and a better person from it.

Water signs, as spring closes in, we say goodbye to the pastels and hello to the bold and bright colours of summer! And the Barry M Cosmetics Island Hopper Eye Shadow Palette is the perfect way to reintroduce these colours into your life! This is a bright palette made up of 10 pressed powder shadows, super pigmented, that glide effortlessly over your lids. These buildable shadows will help you achieve both a sweet, subtle vibe or a beautiful, bright look - the perfect transitional palette from season to season.


Earth Signs 


As spring comes to a close this month you’ll end the season by learning something new! Oh, this isn't planned Glossies. An opportunity will come your way and you won't be able to say no! So enjoy, you’ll love every moment and you’ll feel renewed.


Capricorns, it's been a busy spring! So, to end what's been a maniac three months, take some for yourself. Make sure you embrace it and take a moment for yourself in the quiet. From self-care to reading your favourite book - your choice Glossies! 


Did you spend enough time outside this spring? Probably not. Walking outside and being amongst nature is important for your wellbeing. And you'll end spring and start summer living by this mantra. Morning walks, an evening stroll… Fresh air hitting your face and lungs will be your new favourite feeling. 

Earth signs you are getting ready to stroll into summer. So you are going to need a new go to lippie! The Revolution Pro’s Crystal Gloss – Dreamer is one of my current faves; this gloss is infused with sparkling shimmer – and in shade ‘Dreamer’ (a gorgeous dusky pink nude with hints of gold woven in) – it’s a sparkling new go to! The glossyshine will give your pout the look of absolute juiciness!


Fire Signs 


Sags, your bestie needs you this month. There’ll be a day soon when they will be really down in the dumps. Call it the spring blues, but you’ll make it your mission to help them rediscover their inner happiness. You’ll remind them of their attractive personality traits and give them the pep talk they needed to hear. You'll be their very own cheerleader! 


Leos, this spring you’ve been fantastically goal focused and, one of the goals that has been on your list, will get completed really soon. Are you ready for you to tackle your summer goals?


Romance is in the air for Aries! You may be in a blossoming new coupling, a long-term healthy relationship or you may be a single iconic queen – but an end of season enjoyable date night is coming! You’ll love the spring night, have the best blooming time and it'll be the perfect way to close out Spring 2022!

Fire signs, it’s time to showcase your sparkling personality. So, this month you need to try my new favourite highlighter! The wet n wild megaglo Highlighting Powderin shade ‘Precious Petals’. Finish your final spring looks with shimmering cheekbones - the dramatic shimmering pigments of this powder are buildable, blendable and work perfectly with any other make-up products to give you a natural, seamless look. I apply this highlighter to my cheekbones as well as my brow bone and cupid’s bow for a pretty radiant glow. At just under £5, it’s an absolute bargain too!

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Sophie Page
Beauty & Lifestyle Writer
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You know how people say putting on your favourite clothes can instantly boost or change your mood? Well that's how I feel when I put on my favourite makeup. Makeup isn't to cover up, it's to show off our personality - and I love how everyone does their makeup in their own unique way! I never leave the house without a tinted lip balm in hand, and just like everyone right now, I love a good dupe!