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Five Of The Best Hair Brushes

Writer and expert8 years ago
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While it's pretty easy to overlook your hair brush in favour of the latest serum or a brand new eyeshadow palette, choosing the right one is basically the most important thing you could do for your mane. In fact, it can take you one step closer to the hair you've always yearned for. best hair brushes

After a boost in volume? Some brushes will work against you, leaving your locks looking super flat and lifeless. Want a smoother mane? Some bristles will simply mock you within one use. You see, not all brushes are created equal and they aren’t all designed to simply be brushed through from root to tip. Some excel at the roots, while others work their magic on your hairline, and some absolutely thrive on the lengths.

So to give you a helping hand, here’s our breakdown of the best brushes you need to create the hair of your dreams...

Best for... volume at the roots

For hair that’s fine and flat getting volume into the roots is key. Wrapping hair that’s 80-90% dry around this vented brush and blasting it with a dryer will help create that bounce at the root. To really keep that volume though, wait for hair to cool around the brush before you uncurl it - heat creates the curl, cold sets it… GHD ceramic vented radial brush, £15

Best for... backcombing

Backcombing isn’t the greatest thing for the health of your hair, but when it comes to creating a boost at the roots, nothing else comes close. These tough-bristled brushes are a favourite with hair stylists for creating day-long ‘hold’ at the hairline. Moroccanoil Boar Bristle Teasing Brush, £19.85

Best for... volume and shape

How on earth could this do anything other than get tangled in your hair? This peculiar looking brush might not make sense on first glance, but trust us it's amazing. Simply wrap it around damp hair while blowdrying to create volume and shape - it’s a freestyle technique that works. Lee Stafford My Big Fat Bouncy Brush, £12.99

Best for... greasy roots

There’s nothing quite like the scalp massage you get when you're at the hairdressers - it literally feels like heaven. But it's just never quite the same when you try to do it yourself - until now, that is. Designed to help distribute shampoo and conditioner through your hair, these bristles offer a gentle, but very satisfying, massage. What's more, if you suffer from greasy roots it offers up the perfect way to really work shampoo into your scalp. Kent Shampoo & Scalp Massage Brush, £2.45

Best for... creating smooth locks

This type of brush is the gold standard for smoothing out hair, keeping it glossy and freshening it up throughout the day, without knocking out volume. The natural bristles are a great choice for medium to long hair styles and all hair types. Denman Grooming Brush, £9.79

Writer and expert
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