Ten Emergency Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Ten Emergency Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

This month’s GLOSSYBOX is all about S.O.S. beauty hacks and the must-have products that keep you looking fabulous even on-the-go. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of need-to-know tips and tricks to help you hack emergency beauty situations using just your handbag essentials.

Give Your Smashed Eyeshadow A Second Life

Dropping your favourite eyeshadow palette or brand-new blusher is every make-up fan’s worst nightmare.

beauty hacks smashed eyeshadow reaction britney spears

Don’t worry though, you can still salvage some of it. Mix the powder with some petroleum lip jelly to create a fabulous lip gloss.

Tame Flyaway Hair Using Hairspray

If you can’t get the static out of your hair, spray your brush with hairspray and pass it through your locks from root to tip.

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Prevent Blisters With Lip Balm

When your shoes are rubbing, apply a layer of lip balm to the irritated area to minimise the friction between your skin and the shoe.

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End Sweaty Hair With Dry Shampoo

It’s easy to work up a sweat when you’re having fun busting a move on the dancefloor or at a party. To keep yourself looking and feeling fresh all night, spray some dry shampoo under your flyaway hairs and stop them from sticking to your skin.

beauty hacks hairspray

Use Hand Cream As A Conditioner

Ran out of conditioner and don’t have time to nip to the shops? Massage a small amount of hand cream into your freshly washed and still damp hair to hydrate and smooth any split ends.

Who knew?!

beauty hacks who knew surprise

Apply Nail Polish To Ripped Tights

I just hate it when my tights get caught on something while I’m out and start to ladder. Fortunately, by coating the creeping ladder with clear nail varnish, you can stop the hole from growing.

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Your Lipstick Doubles As A Cream Blusher

If you’ve forgotten your blusher, apply a rosy pink lipstick to your cheeks. Simply blend it in with your fingers to give yourself a flirty wind-swept look.

beauty hacks GLOSSYBOX Facebook Live

Amy from the Glossy Team used the Illamasqua Nebula from our ‘Trick or Treat’ box to give her cheeks a rosy-tint during the October Facebook Live.

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Use Moisturiser To Get Rid Of Static Cling

We’ve all had that horrifying moment where we realise our favourite going-out outfit is dirty and needs to be washed and dried ASAP. An express tumble dry can often fill the fabric with static cling though. Have no fear though Glossies – you can easily get rid of it. Simply massage a small amount of moisturiser into your hands, then rub your fingers over your clothes – and voila, static gone! Be careful to rub all the product into your hands first though, you don’t want any grease stains on your ensemble.

beauty hacks nothing to wear hilary duff

Polish Your Shoes With Hand Sanitizer

Scuffed your light-coloured shoes while you’re out? This is one of the best beauty hacks! Give them their shine back by wiping hand sanitizer over the dark mark to lift off the dirt and remove scratches.

beauty hacks clean shoes

Unshrink A Jumper With Conditioner

Ever had that heart-breaking moment where you take your most treasured wool jumper out of the washer or dryer and realise it has shrunk two sizes? Place the jumper in a sink of warm water and add a tablespoon of conditioner. After a few hours, ring out the jumper and lay it flat. Using another jumper as a reference, you can then stretch your shrunken item back to its original size.

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Got any beauty hacks of your own? We’d love to hear about them on social media!


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