Top 10 Halloween Makeup Tutorials By YouTubers

Top 10 Halloween Makeup Tutorials By YouTubers

YouTubers and bloggers always seem to thrive with their content when Halloween hits. It’s a time of year where makeup is celebrated for the amazing way it can change our appearance. I definitely get most of my Halloween costume ideas and Halloween makeup tutorials from YouTube and bloggers’s incredible content. Here are some of the best ones to follow!

1. Roxxsaurus

Roxi Janiszewska is my absolute favourite YouTuber to watch at this time of year and with over 3.8 million subscribers, I’m sure it’s the same for others. Her Halloween makeup tutorials are always super easy to follow and incredibly creative! Keep an eye on her YouTube channel for Halloween inspo.

2. James Charles

James Charles’s popularity grew when he became the first ever male to be the face of CoverGirl in 2016. At just 20 years old, he is one of the most famous makeup artists on YouTube. He always pushes the boundaries of makeup with incredible face art and transformations that are perfect for Halloween. Explore his channel here.

3. Sophie Hannah

All of us at GLOSSY HQ are huge fans of Sophie Hannah. Her look gives us Halloween vibes and she truly dives into the festivities each year. Check out her full Halloween makeup tutorial here.

4. Brookelle McKenzie

Australian makeup artist, Brookelle McKenzie has become an Instagram sensation from posting pictures, videos and tutorials on her account. Her Halloween makeup looks are the perfect mix of gore and glamour so look out for some incredible inspiration on her Insta!

5. Nikkie Tutorials

Those of us who are keen followers of the beauty industry will know Nikkie Tutorials. The 24 year old hair and makeup artist rose to fame with her Power of Makeup video on YouTube. With over 12 million subscribers she is one of the most subscribed to beauty YouTuber’s and her content clearly shows us why.

6. Chrisspy

From working as a makeup artist for M.A.C Cosmetics, Chrisspy gained all the experience she needed to build her own following across YouTube and Instagram with her incredible tutorials. I absolutely love her creativity and you’ll definitely see some unique looks from her!

7. Simple Symphony

Simple Symphony, also known as Ophélie, creates Halloween looks on the scary side as she is a qualified special effects artist. I love her take on scary glam! 

8. Steph Toms

2018 has been an amazing year for Steph Toms. Her following across YouTube and Instagram has grown and grown. As shown below, her creativity is out of this world and I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with this month!

9. Samantha Helen

Samantha Helen is a self-taught face and body painter who visited us at GLOSSY HQ for our Pride party with Gypsy Shrine. She manages to completely transform her face with SFX makeup, turning herself into characters such as Gollum, Freddie Krueger, Yoda and many more! We love her Halloween makeup tutorials.

10. Kate Snooks

We are OBSESSED with this take on Halloween by Kate Snooks! She dived into Halloween early and we’re loving it. Kate Snooks has done so many different Halloween tutorials on her channel over the years that are super easy to recreate so have a browse through here.

We would to see your Halloween makeup looks this year! Tag us in your pictures and videos using #glossyboxuk & @glossyboxuk and who knows, you may feature on our social media channels!

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