6 New Year Resolutions For Beauty Girls

6 New Year Resolutions For Beauty Girls

We’re not normally ones for New Year resolutions, especially the kind that suggest eating pizza in your PJs on a Friday night isn’t a balanced way to live—who wants to give up things like that in January?!

But what we are into, is making a bit more effort to take better care of ourselves. After all, if we don’t take charge of pampering numero uno, who will eh?

So to start the year off right, we’ve laid out six new beauty goals that we’re hoping to keep up for the 12 months ahead. Fancy joining us? Here’s where to start…

1. Wash Your Makeup Brushes More Often

If you’re already doing it, bravo! If you’re not, take a moment to consider the bacteria that can build up on bristles between uses, not to mention the dust and debris they can pick up from rolling around your makeup bag or being left on the dressing table. Clean brushes are a huge factor in keeping your skin clear and healthy.

Try the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove  that has been designed to thoroughly clean your favourite makeup brushes with high performance and added comfort.

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2. Detox Your Beauty Haul

We’re not saying throw it all away, but we are suggesting you check the expiry dates on some of your older products. Newer cosmetics packaging will always feature a small symbol in the shape of a tub, with a number in the centre. This number is how many months you have until the ingredients in the product go off, starting from the day you bought it. If you think something is likely out of date, especially eye makeup products like mascara, then it’s best to toss it to avoid any reactions.

3. Try Something New

If you’re anything like us, it can be too easy to find yourself on beauty autopilot sometimes—the same makeup looks, the same hairstyles, the same skincare. Obviously, the easiest way to shake things up is to subscribe to GlossyBox and treat yourself to five amazing new beauty discoveries each month!

4. Listen To Your Skin

If you’ve had a few up and down months with your skin, it’s time to start to paying a bit more attention to what it really needs. Keeping a skin journal is a great idea; note down how your skin looks and feels each day, along with what you’ve eaten and the products you’ve used. Patterns should soon emerge to help you figure out what’s really going on. If you’ve got a skin condition like acne, eczema, rosacea or psoriasis, it’s good to note down your daily habits and routines too, as everything from sleep to exercise can affect your flare ups.

5. Look After Your Body

Whether it’s glowier skin or shinier hair you’re hoping for this year, good health is at the core of everything. We’re not suggesting you give up pizza—never! But making small efforts each week to get more fruit and vegetables into your meals will help boost the vitamins you need for good hair, skin and nails, while getting plenty of sleep and exercising regularly will make sure your systems bring their A-game.

6. Show Yourself TLC

Last but most certainly not least, it’s so important to show yourself some TLC regularly. Whether it’s curling up on the sofa to paint your nails while wearing a face mask (try the Erno Laszlo White Marble Face Mask), or lighting a few candles (try the NEOM Organics Tranquillity Intensive Skin Treatment Candle) and soaking in a warm bath; taking to time pamper yourself is vital for your wellbeing. Even little everyday rituals like applying a creamy body lotion each morning can do wonders for relieving stress—just remember to breath deeply, and be mindful of taking a moment for yourself.

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