Beauty School: Eyebrow Powders Explained

Beauty School: Eyebrow Powders Explained

There’s a reason that eyebrows have been described as the ‘coat-hangers of the face’! That might be a crazy image if you think about it too carefully, but brows shape and frame the face and, quite frankly, a great beauty look hangs on getting them right.

That’s why searching for the perfect eyebrow product is so crucial. Luckily, that search is over thanks to November’s GLOSSYBOX! Haven’t signed up yet? Then join here to receive this and four other incredible beauty products delivered directly to your door.

Inside this month’s box you’ll find the Collection Cosmetics Define & Perfect Brow Powder, which contains fibre particles to add instant volume to brows, and has a fine-tipped nib to draw in natural hair-like strokes.

While brows should be shaped to suit your face shape, a stroke of Collection Cosmetics Define & Perfect Brow Powder here or there can make any eyebrow look fuller, more defined and more symmetrical. The trick to getting it right is to look at your brows in three sections.

The Start

This is the widest section of the brow and therefore the most defined. As a result, it’s easy to spot if this is where your brows aren’t matching up. While eyebrows should be equidistant from the area above the nose, it’s also important to ensure that they start at the same height. Use little strokes of brow powder to elongate the vertical hairs found at the start of the brow, or to deepen the base of your brows.

The Arch

It’s an unfortunate law of beauty that no two eyebrow arches are of equal height (brows are sisters, not twins). The fix? Heighten the lowest arch from the top. This is more flattering than attempting to ‘lower’ the other brow by adding definition from beneath, which only reduces the eye-lifting space above the eyelid.

The Tip

One brow always seems shorter than the other (according to brow experts this is usually the side you sleep on). Most of us simply extend the tip, but ensure you also mimic the same ‘line’ created by the other brow. To do this simply add more depth to the top or bottom of the brow as it tapers off into a tip—the volumising fibres in the Collection Cosmetics Define & Perfect Brow Powder are perfect for this.



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