Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek: What’s Inside Your November Box?

Since this brush entered – or swept – into our lives, our blending has been on point.

Yes, the Beauty UK Cosmetic Contour/ Powder Brush has incredibly soft, short bristles that are perfect for buffing and blending, but what we love about it is its size. It’s diminutive proportions are perfect for precision, making it easy to apply product exactly where you want it.

It’s one of five full size products inside our November Glossybox (which you can get here) and truth be told it’s a contour brush and so much more. Here are the ways we suggest you use it for maximum benefit.

· Nudge it into the hollows of cheekbones for super-subtle contouring that looks like shadows cast by your cheekbones, not make-up.

· It’s also perfectly shaped to press a subtle contour powder onto the temples – great for lengthening wider faces.

· Highlight the tops of cheekbones-only for a subtler accent and your cheeks will look more lifted as a result.

· Try the Hollywood trick of tapping a light-catching sheen over the cupid’s bow and the bridge of the nose.

· Use it to apply a raw wash of bold eye-shadow over the eye-lid. This creates a bold, painterly effect and the edges of the shadow should be left unblended.

· Precision-blush is the latest trend and a swirl of powder using this brush means blush is prettily positioned on the cheeks.



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