Your Monthly Horoscope: October 2017

Our in-house Glossy astrologers Sheetal and Iram reveal what’s in the stars for you this month…

While the beginning of the month may be quiet for you romance-wise, the latter half of the month sure shows some promise! Keep your eyes out for something – or someone – who might bring a mysterious and romantic element to your life. If you are lucky enough to have already found the love of your life, it may be time to revisit some romantic memories. On the 14th of October, Venus enters Libra, bringing with it a whole load of charm, and you will feel the power of seduction within you. By the 22nd of October, Mars will also enter Libra, so the last few days of the month truly become all about love and passion. Use it to your advantage!

You may find that you are feeling more ambitious, and full of bright ideas so make sure you utilise the time and explore this as you could find that you are in a strong position to make some positive moves in your career plan.

Power date: 18th October – a good day for your career.

Beauty tip: This is a great time for you to bring out those powerful and sensual colours, especially on the lips. Shades of red would work well for you this month, so be daring and embrace the supremacy.

This month may bring some choices – big or small. The presence of Jupiter will encourage you to make a change career-wise, if you are not currently fulfilled. It may just be the wakeup call you need! Independence is key for you this month, so if you do have any decisions to make, go with your heart. Advice from loved ones is always lovely to have, but this month your opinion is the most important.

You may notice that you are feeling ultra-alluring this month, so don’t hold back on glamming up. If you are single, the extra glamour could attract more attention than usual and if you are in a relationship, the extra effort won’t go unnoticed!

As a Scorpio, you are naturally an emotional person, so this month feeling harmonious is crucial. Pay particular attention to your home environment – don’t start any fights over the remote control!

Power date: 21st October – a good day for a mini makeover.

Beauty tip: It’s all about the eyes for you this month so dress them up with layers of mascara to keep those fluttery eyelashes the focus. It may be a good time to invest in a new mascara or eyeliner.

If you are in a relationship you are not too sure about, now is the time to let it go in true ‘Frozen’ style. You may have thought this is the man of your dreams, but deep down, is he really? Ask yourself some long awaited questions, because this month also brings new romantic opportunities that you may not want to miss.

Try to keep balance in your life, from your diet to makeup. It could now be time to pay attention to number one! Pamper yourself so you feel like the best version of you. This month is great for socialising, and you will feel super energized from the 13th of October. A great time to invest in your wardrobe, so buy some new heels, and party until those heels wear down! Don’t feel guilty if you overspent on them a tad – you’re worth every single penny.

Powder date: October 5th – A day to stay true to yourself, and your choices.

Beauty tip: Water is your best friend this month so drink plenty to keep your skin feeling hydrated and glowing in the changing weather. You should go back to basics with your beauty regime and nurture yourself. Don’t forget to cleanse, tone and moisturise your skin – no excuses for lazy skincare routines. You will be thankful in the future, trust us!

You will be feeling romantic at the beginning of October, with urges to bake a cake, or make a big gesture. Embrace the feeling, and show how you feel – especially around the 3rd of October.

People close to you may rely on you for support this month, so you will need to be emotionally strong enough to support and manage any crisis that crosses you.
If you are looking for professional development, Mars will move itself into your career sector on the 22nd of October, so ask for that promotion or take on an extra project – you will do great! If you do end up making that change, expect a healthy financial return.

By the end of the month, you will be having some super ideas, so make sure they are brought to the table, and taken into consideration. After all, you’re not just a pretty face! Brains and beauty – what a catch you are.

Power date: 28th of October – You will have the resolution to a problem you have been trying to find.

Beauty tip: Your body needs to relax – take some time out for the gym and even a pamper day at a spa. Give yourself a boost for autumn, and refresh yourself with a treatment, like a steam facial or hot stone massage.

This month is definitely a time to be watching those pennies. Maybe you have been overspending slightly recently, so now is the time to calm down and look at your finances.

On October the 12th, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and prosperity will move in to the Aquarius career sector for the first time in 12 years! It will be there for quite some time so take full advantage of this because it will be the perfect time to really push for those exciting developments that you have been waiting for. Just be weary, because all of this enthusiasm for your new endeavours could mean you are neglecting your domestic and emotional matters. Be sure to keep your attention balanced as those who love you will be pleased for you, and that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Your relationships will be tested in October, so it’s a good time to let go of any people who are bringing you negativity, especially with your new found zest for life. If it means a break up, then don’t be upset for too long, because you can’t have any distractions blurring your focus. Girllll, don’t let anyone dull your sparkle *Beyoncé hair flick* !

Power date: 26th of October – a good day to make choices.

Beauty tip: It’s a perfect month for a clear out! Go through your wardrobe and give the clothes that don’t do your any favours to the local charity shop. Ditch the dated makeup and lose last year’s unwanted accessories. Hoarding is not your friend!

This is the month for single Pisces’ to explore those other fish in the sea, as you’ll be feeling glorious and will be ready for mingling. You may meet someone who is a bit of an enigma to you, but enjoy the mystery and getting to know them. If you are in a relationship, it may be the time for you to take the next step, maybe giving a house key or even a proposal – it’s all about enhancing what you already have. A good time for you and your partner to get away and focus on yourselves is between the 26th and 31st of October. If there is anything you feel you need to work on, or something you have been hesitant to say, get it out of your system.

You will get some good news this month, so celebrate it with your loved ones. Friends will be happy for you so take some time to appreciate them, and listen to their advice – after all they love you and want what’s best for you.

Power date: 10th of October – make healthy living plan… and stick to it!

Beauty tip: Experiment with your look this month, and try something new. Maybe watch some beauty tutorials and ‘how to’ videos – lucky you are with GLOSSYBOX – we can help you there with Beauty Unboxed and your October box full of exciting on trend beauty heroes. *wink*

This month, you will be feeling like a pioneering princess, on the path to discovery. Be it with work, with your relationship or with yourself, but whatever it is, take it seriously as you could make some serious improvements. Don’t get bogged down by the people who aren’t on board, missy. This is your life, so put your energy into going with your gut and plunging into the deep end to make it happen.
If you are in a new relationship, and are feeling unsettled because you are so used to going it alone, don’t panic! Take your time and discover why you like this person and enjoy being in a couple. You may be surprised by how supportive they are of your passions, so share your feelings. By the 22nd of October, you should be feeling more confident in the relationship.

Power date: 19th of October – the new moon will give you some new ideas about a relationship, and stop these preconceptions you have built in your head.

Beauty tip: Whilst you are on this process of discovery, enjoy finding some new products. Try out a new brand of makeup or a new skin care regime that you haven’t done before. Maybe it’s time to try that daring colour you never thought you would – who knows it may become your signature look!

If you feel like you have something hanging over your head, it’s time to let it go. These things have been holding you back for too long, so you need to focus on yourself, and your emotional sense of stability. Negativity is not welcome this month, so it’s a great time to engage in activities which make you feel happy.

It’s a good time to take on a new project or volunteer yourself for taking charge of something, even a night out. It is likely that the results of your efforts will be great, even if they do ruffle a few feathers. Just don’t worry about anything and throw yourself in the deep end.

Power date: 10th of October – It’s a great day to share important feelings, and have an overdue deep and meaningful conversation with someone important.

Beauty tip: Indulge yourself with something scrumptious this month. Treat yourself to some home pamper products and really nourish yourself and soul with time out, and skin food. Bath bombs are great for a fun but rejuvenating bath.

As a Gemini, you have the ability to express your feelings with no hesitation. That’s great, but this month, just be careful that you don’t offend anyone. Aggression won’t do you any favours so be mindful of others, and see how this will reward you. The build-up of energy you have will need to be released, so be sure to do it in a positive way – we suggest boxercise or perhaps meditation

Romantic possibilities are about to light up your life! Venus will be entering your realm on the 14th of October, so keep yourself open to possibilities – you never know when your world will be rocked by that special someone! If you’ve already found the love of your life, you may be feeling extra…romantic shall we say! Have fun with it!

Power date: 16th of October – a positive day to make a proposition.

Beauty tip: It is a great time to try out some more relaxed makeup looks this month, and let your natural beauty shine. Tinted lip balms are great, because not only do they add a hint of colour, but also stop your lips drying out in this autumnal weather. You might find your October box helpful!

Starting the month off with a good detox will help you through October, as you will need the kick start to make the most of what’s to come. Get your tush to the gym, plan healthy meals and make sure you have enough rest!

This month will bring on an urge to do something creative and out of the ordinary, so you will want to throw yourself into a project at work. Just remember to be careful, as you need to maintain a work/life balance.

October is also a great month to reach out to old pals and have a good ol’ natter. Schedule a sleepover with some girlfriends and have a giggly night in, because it is just what you need rather than crazy nights out this month.

Power date: 6th of October – a good day to put a problem you have been having to bed once and for all.

Beauty tip: SLEEP! Although it may sound boring, sleeping is key to your complexion, health and sanity. Believe it or not, when you are well rested, not only does your skin glow but you also smile a lot more, and what is more beautiful than a smile?

It’s all about romance for you this month – Lucky Leo! If you’re feeling creative, it’s a great time to write some poetry or paint a portrait for your loved one. If you’re single, go on some dates and have a good time. Enjoy the butterflies in your tummy feeling while it lasts.

Whilst you are positively radiant and are letting off some seriously good vibes, it is so important that you keep your ego in check, Leo. You don’t want to scare off any potential opportunities by being over confident.

There may be a chance that romance takes over your entire world this month so don’t forget to keep your standards at work high. There are people around you who aren’t as fiery as you, so it would be great to encourage them to share their ideas. It may just surprise you how helpful it can be.

Power date: 7th of October – today is a great day for re-evaluations – think about your life and where you want make changes.

Beauty tip: With all the romance in the air for you Geminis, our beauty tip to you is focus on your eyes. Eye contact is so important, so when you know your eyeliner game is fleeky, you will feel super confident. Go for sultry smoky eyes, or striking bold colours to stand out of the crowd.


Be prepared for a whirlwind of a month! Your finances may  feel slightly stretched this month, so spend wisely. By the end of the month you will have resolved any cash flow issues, and things will feel delightfully back on track. Just be careful to look out for the full moon – it is an indication to be savvy with your spending.

Adventure also seems to be coming your way, so jump on the travel band wagon and see where it takes you – new experiences are always welcome in your world. It may not mean a trip to the Maldives but it is still an adventure. This could also bring in the opportunity to learn something new, which may have been on your agenda for some time. Now is the time to do it!

If you are the introvert type, the presence of Venus in your sign might just bring you something you are not comfortable with – attention! It will take some getting used to and you will probably laugh it off, but all the single ladies, put your hands up! It’s a great time for you…uh uh ohhhh!

Power date: 21st of October – Mars will be in your sign, bring with it courage and drive!

Beauty tip: Be confident! Do whatever it takes to make you feel like the most confident version of you. Be it a bold lip or a fresh blow dry, oozing that confidence will help you shine this month.



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