Your Monthly Horoscope: August 2017

Our Glossy astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals what’s in the stars for you this month…

You are now right in the middle of one of the most important astrological times you will have or have had for years. No kidding. The New Moon was in your sign last month, and this month you get the Full Moon eclipse in your Love Zone then the New Moon eclipse in your sign, again. It’s huge for Leo’s now. However if you just sit there waiting and hoping for something to happen, you might be sorry! The idea is to harness this energy. Grab it! Get rid of anything in your life which has passed its Use By date, for a start. Declutter. Start something new and exciting. The world is your oyster at this point.
Power date: August 7 and 21 – the Full Moon and the New Moon respectively
Beauty tip: You might not be feeling all that beautiful this month as delightful Venus spends August holed up in your slightly dank 12th House. It’s the part of your chart where you keep things you don’t want to talk about. Such a shame because you are really otherwise on fire this month!

Much of what is going on for Virgos at the in August in general and around the times of the two eclipses specifically looks to be taking place ‘behind closed doors’. In fact, a lot of what is going on for you this month could be going on in your own head more than anywhere else. If you mediate, it’s one of the most important things you can do for yourself at this moment. If you don’t, this really is a prime time to learn how to (ask a friend who mediates for a teacher recommendation or some lessons – or just go onto YouTube). As well, it’s time for you to sort out your daily routines. Are you living healthily? And if not, what are you doing about it?
Power date: August 13 – your ruler Mercury starts a new retrograde cycle. Buckle up!
Beauty tip: Every month one sign has Venus in their 11th House which makes it a great time for ‘group beauty treatments’. And this month, it’s you. Get together with friends, be it at someone’s house or a spa or even a champagne and mani/pedi Saturday morning, and get even gorgeous-er.

You might know that Librans are famous (in astrology circles, at least) for relating very well to other people. Ok, so you do have as many issues with others as the next sign, but part of your ‘life purpose’ is to really connect with your fellow humans. This month, with the two eclipses hitting your 5th and 11th Houses, you’ll be even more about connecting with others than ever. New friendships can develop now – you may even find that you’re so busy with pals that you have less time for yourself. That’s fine, for August. Just try to keep a balance between what your friends needs versus what you need.
Power date: August 21 – it’s the New Moon eclipse in your Wishing Zone. Make ten wishes!
Beauty tip: Are you ‘putting your best face forwards’ at work? Whether you work full or part time, you know that you need to look after your appearance and look good. It’s not superficial, it’s just the way the world works. With beauty planet Venus in your Career Zone, you do need to attend to your work image!

August is all about you, dearest Scorpio, finding a balance between making your mark on the world (however you do that) versus doing the right thing in your personal life. It’s about having an inner life, tending to the ‘private you’, while still being out there in the world. Strike a balance between your desire to be ‘known’ for what you do and the fact that your family and close friends need you to be with them too! Unsure if work or family needs you more? Take time out and spend it with your loved ones. You won’t regret it!
Power date: August 4 – could be your lucky day – release any upsets to the heavens
Beauty tip: If you fancy treating yourself to some fancy foreign creams, lotions and potions or makeup, guess what? You have a great astrological excuse to do that as beauty planet Venus wends her way through your Exotica Zone. Also a great month to do a make-up course.

For you, August is all about the last week of the month. Everything is leading up to it. At that time you can expect everything to change. Your mood will change, the way people respond to you will change. Everything can change. Why? Because at the end of August, the lucky planet Jupiter, aka your ruling planet, is going to connect with and send good vibes to tedious task master Saturn who has been trolling his way through Sadge for two plus year. You can expect to turn a corner and for life to start to lighten up – at long last!
Power date: August 27 – the day your life will slowly start to change and get easier
Beauty tip: How do you feel about a bit of body make up? Ok that’s a slightly awkward segue into the fact that the beauty planet Venus is actually in your Sex Zone this month, so there could be more action in the boudoir and you’re going to want to look good for that, right?

The question to answer now is – how are you doing financially? If the answer is “hmmm… things could be better!” then not to worry! You’re in the right place at the right time in August as two eclipses light up not one but both of the Money Zones. So don’t think about your financial problems, think about how you can solve them. Talk to experts, people with good ideas about your next best move, and make it a priority to pay off as many debts and loans as you can. Also look for new ways to spin cash. You don’t get chances like this to change your finances every month!
Power date: August 14 – a great night for romance or socialising with friends
Beauty tip: With Venus in your 7th House of Love, there is a good chance that many a Capricorn is going to be feeling rather loved up this month. There could be kissing. We’re thinking sheer makeup, not too much lipstick or gloss – clean hair and a slash of bronzer maybe?

This is a stand-out time for Aquarians. Do you feel it? The thing is, August brings two eclipses; one in your sign and one in your Love Zone. That’s big news! The eclipse in your sign is a Full Moon (lunar) eclipse. So it marks the time for you to turn the corner on something this month. It could be an ’emotional’ corner, it could be something or someone else you need to move on from. Some of you Water Bearers have been through a tough time lately. This eclipse on August 7 will help you to move on. The August 21 (solar) eclipse in your Love Zone means you can start all over again with someone you love – what an opportunity!
Power date: August 21 – you should feel extra energised today
Beauty tip: This is the month to get thee to the gym. That’s your recommended beauty routine for August, assuming you won’t be away on holidays drinking cocktails. The thing is that Venus is in your Gym Zone so a little workout, even if you’re away, will make you feel great!

More than likely, a lot of your attention recently has been on your daily life and how to manage to do all that you need to do. There is a feeling that some of you Pisceans are feeling rather flabbergasted by all the duties and responsibilities being heaped on you. Pressure upon pressure is being brought to bear! This cycle hasn’t finished yet which is why it’s so important that you live consciously; the August 7 Full Moon eclipse is reminding you that you need ‘light and shade’. Balance doing all you have to with time spent withdrawing from the world and so that you can regroup. It’s crucial.
Power date: August 27 – hard work you’ve put in in one part of life could finally pay off!
Beauty tip: As arduous as all that might sound, actually you also have some respite, thanks to beauty planet Venus who will spend most of August in your 5th House of Fun. This is actually great news because it promises you good times and even romance – and that will be great for your complexion. Expect a natural beauty ‘high’.

Aries are sometimes accused of being a tad selfish. You often get stick for being the “Me first!” sign. After all, you are the first sign of the zodiac. It’s you nature. This month, though, no stick, In fact you actually need to be a tad more self-centred right now, according to your horoscope. Perhaps your own needs are not being met? It’s time for you to take centre-stage in your own life. Have some more fun. Do more of what you love. For some, you’ll ne letting go of someone or something which once lit up your world but you know you have outgrown. As the two eclipses trigger your chart this month, it’s the right time to move on.
Power date: August 20 – could be your lucky day or just a really fun day…
Beauty tip: It’s such an intense month you won’t mind extra time at home. And that’s [erfect because Venus will be in your Home Zone. All the better for some home spa days with mum or your sisters and/or BFF. Home-made face mask, anyone?

Something is peaking, or coming to a head, for you, and we are not referring to any zits. More than likely, it could be a professional matter that’s in focus. There could be some kind of ending of a project or you’re finally going to get recognition for a job well done – perhaps even a prize or financial reward. That said, it’s actually just as likely that what comes up now is to do with your personal life. If you want to move house, you have the most super supportive stars you could hope for. Don’t worry if previous plans fell flat. The lunar energies now are re-doubling your chances of sorting out any domestic dilemmas.
Power date: August 11 – a day to set aside to day dream about your desires
Beauty tip: It’s the right month for you to be thinking about your beauty routines as beautiful Venus moves through your Mind Zone. Talking about beauty, thinking about it, dreaming up new looks – it’s all totally ok with your August astrology, so indulge yourself!

Right now you’re in a cycle which is all about you and the way you think and – crucially – how that then affects the way your life plays out. For the past couple of years, you have been up undoubtedly against it. Saturn has been weighing down heavily on you – it might have been hard to stay mentally positive. This cycle doesn’t end until the end of 2017, but you should be through the worst of it. August’s New and Full Moon eclipses are loudly reminding you to think about the way you’re thinking – be positive. See the big picture. Focus on solutions, not problems.
Power date: August 9 – a very good day to have an important conversation
Beauty tip: With beauty planet Venus in your Cash Zone this month, you have every astrological excuse in the world to spend up big on beauty. Whether you’re stocking up on new kit or replacing old, it really is the right time to treat yourself. Moreover, you deserve it!

How are things when it comes to your bank balance? If you’re hoping that the Universe is going to put some extra money in there for you, you could be about to get lucky. Or blessed. There are two big eclipses this month and they are straddling your two Money Zones. Developments related to money seem almost inevitable at this point. Good or bad changes? A lot depends on what you’re expecting and what you think you’re worth. The more you think you deserve good things in life, including abundance, the more you’ll attract good things and abundance. If you know you need to sort your finances out, this is the time to do it. Asap.
Power date: August 4 – could be great, but don’t go over the top!
Beauty tip: Beautiful Venus is in your sign this month which means it’s time for your annual makeover. If you’re one of the Cancerians who has been too busy with other things to pay much attention to your appearance, this is the time month to sort that out.



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