Your Monthly Horoscope: July 2017

Our Glossy astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals what’s in the stars for you this month…

July looks like a big month for you. It brings the Full Moon in your opposite sign which will turn your thoughts to your love life (or lack thereof!) If one relationship in particular (personal or professional) is in trouble and/or has gone toxic and is doing you no good, this could be the time to just let it go. That said, for some, a relationship which has been difficult for some time could actually start to heal now. And that’s not all! This month also brings the first of two New Moons in your Cash Zone. That means there are exciting developments afoot for you when it comes to cash, property and possessions.
Power date: July 9 – work on at least one of your most important relationships today.
Beauty tip: With beautiful Venus hidden away in your 12th House, you might not feel like making yourself even more beautiful at this time. And that’s fine. We all need some downtime from our regular routines. But do keep up the skincare, even if you wear less of the actual makeup. You do still want glowing skin, after all.

Leo, here you are, gorgeous and proud, at the start of what could be an incredible cycle for you. This month you get the New Moon in your sign and next month you get not just a second New Moon in Leo in a row (which is exceptional already) but you get an eclipse as well, in your sign. This hints that you should start considering how you want your life to change. Where do you want to do things different? Do contemplate changes you want to make and changes you don’t want to make but know you must! The more active you are about altering your life now, the better your life will be! #astrotruly
Power date: July 26 – you have super powers today! Make plans to keep yourself busy!
Beauty tip: As the planet of beauty, Venus, wends her beautiful way through your Friendship Zone, this is the time to get together with like-minded pals for some kind of home beauty spa. Or go to a spa together and enjoy each other’s company while making yourselves even more gorgeous. Be ‘beautifully social’.

How does the idea of ‘spirituality’ sit with you? Do you believe we are just small specks of life in a greater Universe? Have you considered where our place in the Universe really is? Consider the idea that every star you see in the sky at night is actually a Sun which potentially has planets like earth revolving around it! We are star dust! It’s important for you to meditate on the Universe over the coming two months as two New Moons light up your Spirituality Zone. Also work on releasing your fears. Recognising where they came from will help you let them go.
Power date: July 26 – you have the gift of the gab and your relationships flow better.
Beauty tip: As the planet of beauty, Venus, winds her beautiful way through your Friendship Zone, this is the time to get together with like-minded pals for some kind of home beauty spa. Or go to a spa together and enjoy each other’s company while making yourselves even more gorgeous. Be ‘beautifully social’.

Do you feel Libra? You should! Usually each sign gets one New Moon a year in their Wishing Zone. That’s the New Moon where you get to make wishes which are extra likely to come true. This year, though, not only do you get two of these, but moreover, one of these two is an eclipse! Having this energy in your Wishing Zone is amazing – so keep wishing! Remember that the trick to making dreams come true is to visualise them. Feel them in your body. July also heralds a very social time for you when you can start to make some great new friends.
Power date: July 18 – on this day, you should feel like the world is finally on your side!
Beauty tip: This month as Venus moves through your 9th House, it’s truly a great time for you to get away and get yourself a summer tan. It’s about the number one thing you can do for yourself and your appearance this month so try and make sure you take some time out. Fresh-faced and even perhaps a few freckles (even if you have to fake them) is your number 1 July beauty accessory.

If you’re one of the Scorpios who is working or studying, then this is a massively important month for you as the first of two New Moons (the second being an eclipse next month) take place in your 10th House, which is the part of your chart that’s all about career and ambitions. Do you want to make your mark on the world? What do you want to be ‘known’ for? This is the time to show the world what you’ve got! You really can make professional strides forward this month and next so aim high. If money has been an issue lately, this month should see you starting to resolve financial matters in your favour.
Power date: July 2 – you’re a bit on fire today so don’t overdo it!
Beauty tip: With money matters going more in your favour this month, it’s a great time for you to take a look in your makeup draw and decide what you need to bin and replace. It’s actually not that healthy to use makeup for years and years so if you know something you have loved has reached its Use By date, July is the time to ditch and renew!

For the past could of years, Sagittarians have been rather weighed down by Saturn who has been plodding his way through your sign and your life, making life feel much more of a demanding burden than usual. The good news is that there are happier times ahead! Three events should lighten your load. 1. The first thing is that this gruelling Saturn cycle will finally end at the end of this year. Be as conscientious and reliable as you can be, between now and then, for best results. Plus, a double Leo New Moon (this and next month) suggests horizons are opening up for you – adventure beckons as opportunities for study and travel unfold.
Power date: July 18 –good for love and money. Make the most of the day!
Beauty tip: The beauty planet Venus is in your Love Zone this month so you could have love on the brain and the heart in July. If you’re single, the good news is that Venus will make you feel more attractive and appealing and when that happens, anything can happen! Attached? Ask your beloved to take you somewhere special and go out looking as you feel your best. Your natural beauty is shining!

This month the Full Moon will be taking place in your Capricorn so it’s very much time for you to take a new direction, be it personal or professional. Also, you need to find a balance between your needs and someone else’s. Don’t be selfish! If you’re finishing something – a job, a relationship – you’re doing it at the right time. Also, if you have been through a hard time and you’re wondering when it’s going to end, the Capricorn Full Moon this month could be what you need to turn the corner to happier days. Make it so! Meanwhile the double Leo New Moon (coming this month and next) suggests a new start for you in the boudoir and the bank account.
Power date: July 24 – should be a day when you feel blessed on many levels!
Beauty tip: Are you looking after your body properly? As the beauty planet Venus saunters gracefully through your Daily Life Zone it’s time for you to think about your daily routines, especially those related to beauty and diet. Make the best of what your mama and papa gave you!

If you’re one of the Aquarians whose love life needs a boost, then you’re in luck; in July, you get the first of two New Moons in your Love Zone. Having two New Moons in a row in your Love Zone means that if you’re keen to improve one or more important relationships, it’s the right time to do it. Relationship upsets could come to the fore now, but all the better to work on them and sort things out. If you’re single and open to new romance, that really could come your way in July – get out there, or go online and see who attracts you!
Power date: July 29 – love and money should be going your way today.
Beauty tip: Consider this your month to get out there and have some fun – and to look wonderful as you do that. Beauty planet Venus is basically in your Fun Zone this month so you should find that you will enjoy looking wonderful and you should have plenty of opportunities to go out and look great!

You really can expect some changes to the way your life ticks over on a daily basis this month (or maybe next) The reason is that you are about to have two lovely New Moons in 6th House – this is part of your chart which is all about your daily routines, work and health. So if you want to make changes in any of those parts of your life, it’s time to do it. We all need to fine tune our life and our habits from time to time and this is your chance to do it, plus plus. So how could you love your life more? Do what you have to do and be confident you will succeed too! If you have allowed positive routines like exercise or meditation to lapse, it’s time to restart!
Power date: June 13 – the energies will be good for you – do something you love today!
Beauty tip: Beauty starts at home this month as the beauty planet Venus wends her way through your 4th House of home and family. Perhaps the loveliest use of these energies would be to have a beauty session with your mum and/or sisters but you can also just tend to yourself at home (masks, manis/pedis), from the safety of your bathrobe on the couch, if you’d rather.

So what about if you have a bit more fun? If you get the chance to actually stop whatever work you’re doing, forget about your responsibilities to other people for a while and just e-n-j-o-y yourself? How about that for an idea? July brings the first of two New Moons in your Fun Zone so the Universe really does have a loud message for you about living your life to the fullest. Bring some romance back, too, if you can. Feel all those lovely feelings again. And if you’re the creative type, use some of your downtime to create, whatever that means to you!
Power date: July 20 – you should start to feel as though your fire has been relit!
Beauty tip: Beauty planet Venus will spend a lot of the month in your Mind Zone so looking good could be front and centre. If you’ve neglected your appearance lately, this is the time to give it some more love and attention.

Are you thinking about buying, selling or renovating your house or even about changing cities or countries? If so, you really do have amazing stars now as the first of two New Moons charges up your Zone of All Things Domestic this month. Whether you live by yourself or with someone else, change is afoot and the skies aren’t going to let you get away with preserving the status quo! If you have had turmoil with your family, this is the month to start reconciliation. Could you make the first move? You have celestial support to do that! This is also a potentially lucky month for you as well.
Power date: July 18 – this really could be a very lucky day for you. Good luck!
Beauty tip: Good news! The planet of cosmetics, aka Venus, is in your Money Zone which means you have the ideal astrological excuse to buy yourself some new makeup or lotions and potions (hey, you are in the right place!) This only happens twice a year so it would be a shame not to take advantage of it, right?

You have had tedious Saturn in your opposite site for the past couple of years. You really could be forgiven for feeling a tad shattered, after all that! Actually Saturn will stay where he is until the end of the year. However this month brings some lightness as the first of two New Moons in your Mind Zone take place. This is creating a very rare opportunity for you; you can change the way you’ve been thinking. And as they say in the self-help classics, when you change the way you think you change your life! Pay extra attention to this if the demands of the past few years have seen you get into the habit of negative thinking.
Power date: July 24 – a wonderful day to make big changes in your life.
Beauty tip: Guess where the planet of beauty is for most of July? In your sign! In other words, if you only treat yourself to one proper makeover a year, then this is the month to do it. A new ‘do, some new products to play with or even a full professional session is called for!



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