Your Monthly Horoscope: June 2017

Our Glossy astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals what’s in the stars for you this month…

Do you suspect that fear is holding you back when it comes to love and/or money? Are you too scared to really chase your personal and financial goals? Then this is the month to work harder on yourself and them. Many of us have blocks around cash which date back to our childhoods. If your parents, for example, repeatedly affirmed to you that money is tight/hard to get, you may well have grown up believing that. To change this, go back in your imagination and reply gently “there is more than enough money to go around!” If you think of money as evil, ask yourself why. This is the time to change your attitudes to cash, if you want more of it!

Power date: June 12 – could be your lucky day, thanks to some auspicious Jupiter action

Beauty tip: As the planet of beauty, Venus, moves through your deep dark 12th House, there’s a little astrological self-help challenge for you; who or what is it that makes you feel less than beautiful? Many of us had something happen at some point in our life which made us feel less than in terms of our appearance. Clear this block and get even more beautiful.

Guess what? Very good news! This month brings the New Moon in your sign. That means it’s a time for you to really live in a way that could change your life – consciously. In other words, have a think about what you really want for yourself and then take a look at your lifestyle and see if the way you’re living is supporting your aims. Be brutally honest with yourself. If you need to make changes, do them now. This New Moon is taking place alongside a lovely Venus/Pluto link which promises you an upturn in your love life, perhaps even where passion is concerned. It also promises to boost your bank account somehow, if that’s something you’re working towards. It’s also really good for whatever you’re else aiming to achieve now, and should boost your social life. Go for it!

Power date: June 24 – the New Moon in your sign brings you a big boost. Use it or lose it.

Beauty tip: With beauty plant Venus in your Friends Zone for most of this month, this is the time for you to get together with your friends for some beauty treatments. Even if it’s just a mani/pedi, do something that will make you feel good about your appearance with friends who make you feel good about yourself. A girls night in with facemasks and prosecco would also work.

There are two sides to your horoscope this month. On one hand, it’s a time to give yourself time off for good behaviour. Quietly. Take some time out. Withdraw a bit. Do a retreat if you can. On the other hand, whatever you do out in the world, be it work or something else where people see you and have an opinion about you, well, that is where you are going to SHINE. People are sizing you up and the very good news for you is that it definitely appears that they’re deciding that they like what they see. So have faith in yourself. This is month for you to work on yourself and any limiting ideas you have about yourself, as the New Moon triggers your deep, dark 12th House.

Power date: June 3 – could work out very well for you – expect the best!

Beauty tip: This is the month for you to have a think about the face you’re putting forwards at work. As beauty planet Venus cruises your Career Zone, think about if you’re being as dressy and made-up as you need to be – or perhaps you’re over-doing it. Give it some thought. Appearances matter, whether we like it or not!

This is the month to make sure that you make at least one wish on the New Moon because it’ll be taking place in your Wishes Zone. There is something you need to know before you wish, thought; wishes do sometimes magically come true all by themselves, but more often, if you want anything resembling a guarantee, you have to make a wish for something which you can follow up with action. June is also a time for you to have more fun, so if you’ve been feeling down in the dumps, make a decision to change that. Ask your guardian angel for help too. Also time out or meditation now both will really help you.
Power date: June 6 – you will start to come into your own again, for the first time in a while
Beauty tip: The thing which will make you feel more gorgeous this month is almost certainly going to be a chance to get away to enjoy the start of the summer. There is really nothing like a tan, fresh air, sunshine and perhaps the odd pina colada by the pool to get a girl’s complexion looking really radiant, after all.

Would you like to be recognised more for that you do? Whether you want to be known as a high-flyer in the work force or the best cupcake maker in your village’s or as an amazing friend or mother or sister or daughter or anything else, this is the month to do that thing that YOU do. You know. Do YOUR thing. Set some goals for yourself, give yourself some aims and a timeline. Your Ambitions Zone is being triggered now and it’s time for you to make your mark on the world, no matter what that means to you. Financially and personally, you also have good and very promising stars.

Power date: June 23 – you can move mountains today so aim high!

Beauty tip: Twice a year – six months apart – you have the beauty planet in your Money Box. Overall it’s a time when you can attract more cash to you. However it’s also a time when you have the celestial right to spend money on your appearance and doing what it’s going to take to make you feel good about yourself. That time is now!

It doesn’t matter if you’re young and in love or an ‘old married’ or a swinging single and/or even a very gay divorcee, here is the news; you have brilliant relationship stars this month. If you have grown cynical about love and the idea of romance makes you cackle, or makes your toes curl, question that. If you’re really off romance, though, plan instead to share some June time with beloved friends and/or family. But back to the romantics; if you love the idea of romance, make June your Month of Love and start to do what it’s going to take to make things go the way you want them to romantically. As well, if you want to travel or you’re contemplating a course of study, full or part time, you have celestial support.

Power date: June 28 – you have super communications powers. Talk something through.

Beauty tip: With loving and beautifying Venus in your Love Zone this month, it’s time to get your seduction on. Hone your powers by practising on someone you know is likely to fall under your spell. Hopefully whatever happens this month will make you feel gorgeous but if not, Venus in this part of you chart is the ideal excuse to titivate.

If you want to boost your bank account, now is the time to do some thinking. The New Moon this month triggers your Joint Finances Zone. So expect June to be a lot about money. If you are considering going into a financial partnership with someone – be it big business or small – you have great stars for it. Remember that the more work you do from now to December, the better off you will be for the next three decades! Also now is the time to pay off debts if you possibly can. Plus, focus on your closest relationships and see how they are doing. The people you’re in relationships with are the people who are your greatest teachers now.

Power date: June 9 – life starts to move forwards again for you today.

Beauty tip: As the Elvis Costello song says “there are some things you can’t cover up with lipstick and powder”. The good news for you this month is that you can conceal or even be rid of lots of flaws with this one simple trick; exercise. Regular workouts are going to make you look and feel much better. The gym, cycling or walking in the park, swimming or anything else that floats your exercise boat will do wonders for how beautiful you feel.

Exciting news; this month’s New Moon is in your Love Zone. So the question to ask yourself now is; how is the love in my life flowing? Whether it’s dreamy or whether you have more love from friends than from a lover, or if it’s your family that is loving on you most, this month brings you the chance to really open your heart up to love. You are in a period of transformation, so loving openly is the best way to develop yourself and your personal life. Forget hurts from the past, even go as far as to bless the lessons you received … and above all else, make sure you love yourself. If you need to have a talk with someone, this is a good month to clear the air.

Power date: June 29 – you have the ability to change something with a conversation today

Beauty tip: One of the most important things you can do for yourself right now is to detox. Obviously talk to your GP or naturopath first, before you do anything too severe. However you may like to simply cut out sugar or alcohol or caffeine, for example. With detox planet Pluto active in your sign, it will really make a difference to your appearance.

This is the month to have a think about your daily routines. Are they working well for you or are you struggling to keep up with yourself? The New Moon is firing up your 6th House this month, which is the part of your chart that’s all about the way you live your life. It’s also about how your life plays out on a daily basis. Once a year you get a New Moon like which comes with the reminder that you can change your life – but to change your life, you have to … change your life! So what part of your life are you going to change? This is the month to make some decisions, set your intentions and then take some action!

Power date: June 18 – you should feel extra confident about making changes today

Beauty tip: If you’re feeling the pinch financially at the moment, then honour the passage of beauty planet Venus through your Home and Family Zone and do some homemade beauty. There is a lot in your fridge for example, which would make an amazing facial mask. Think cucumbers, avocados and honey. Salt and olive oil is a great body scrub. Experiment!

You have had and still have the heavy planet Saturn bearing down on you over the past few years. So if you’re feeling tired, like you’ve had enough, and maybe even feeling as though life can be a tad tedious at times, now you know why. It’s not like you! You’re a brilliantly intuitive sign and you usually can connect with life’s good vibes without too much effort or trouble. But Saturn can be very challenging. In June, use the power of the energies in your Fun Zone and A. Remember what makes you laugh and B. Do more of that! Getting in touch with your creative side or hanging out with young kids could really help too.

Power date: June 13 – do something you love today – the good energy will be good for you!

Beauty tip: Being gorgeous almost never ‘just happens’ – well not after the age of about 15. After that, it takes a bit of effort, talking to people who know their way around a make-up bag, learning about cleansing, toning, moisturising and even hair and so on. No matter what your age, now is the ideal time to talk to people about their beauty routines and see what you can learn.

Whether you’re studying, working or retired, June looks very positive for Aries when it comes to money. Here’s a tip: tell yourself over and again this month “I am a money magnet!” and see what kind of money you attract into your life. If you work and you’ve made an effort to revamp your professional life in the recent past, it looks like it’s working in June, and maybe finally paying off in cold hard cash. For others, equally if not more importantly, you can overhaul your self-esteem now. Loving yourself is the best thing you will ever do and breeds good health and abundance. Look in the mirror daily and say “I love you!”

Power date: June 24 – high energy but don’t push too hard!

Beauty tip: With beauty planet Venus in your Money Box this month, you honestly have all the astrological excuses in the world to buy up big on cosmetics and creams which are going to make you feel more fabulous. Once a year, it’s time to splurge and this is that time!

June could be quite the magnificent month for you. Of course life can be tough for you, like anyone else. But perhaps less so this month. As Venus, aka the planet of beauty, pleasure, luxury, abundance and all things luscious, moves through Taurus this month, it’s fair to say you’re being extra blessed. And as Indian teacher Narayani Amma says “the secret is to know you are blessed, and to live your life within that knowing!” You really need to expect the best this month. If you haven’t thought of yourself as blessed lately, count your blessings in June, start a “Friday gratitude blog” or do #grateful posts on social media every now and then. It really will make a difference to your life.

Power date: June 23 – you have access to plenty of planetary power – use it!

Beauty tip: Venus in your sign this month makes June the moment to really have a think about how gorgeous – or not – you’re feeling. Venus is related to that great beauty Venus Aphrodite. When she is around, as she is now, it’s time to be vain, to do what you can to feel more like a Goddess and to just revel in your own inner and outer beauty.



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