Your Monthly Horoscope: May 2017

Astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals what’s in the stars for Glossies this month…


The planet of change, aka Uranus, is in your sign, so a lot of the excitement in the air this month is being directed right at you! The efforts you have been making, the hard work you have been putting in, the changes you’ve been willing to allow – all this and more could turn things around for you now. You should start to see life going your way. If you’re open to evolving, and you’re willing to work for what you want, change is more possible than ever now. This applies at work, with friends and lovers and pretty much any other part of your life.

Power date: May 18 – turn and face the direction you want to go in

Beauty tip: Venus in your sign this month means it truly is the time for you to have a makeover. Venus is the planet of beauty so tap into her Goddess vibe and do whatever it takes to make yourself feel gorgeous!


Are you wondering how you can earn more cash? Would you like to release your fear of financial shortfall? If you’re willing to work (part-time or fulltime) and be committed to your financial goals, you could end your current financial cycle feeling more stable than you have done in years. The reason for this is you have Saturn, the planet of hard lessons, facts, stability and rock solid security, in your Cash Zone until December. So you have between now and the end of the year to iron out worries connected to cash, to get realistic and to plan ahead for a sturdier financial future. It’s really something work towards. Could be your lucky month!

Power date: May 19 – indulge yourself (but careful not to totally overdo it!)

Beauty tip: With the Sun in your sign this month, you’re basically on show, as people celebrate your birthday and generally check you out. So don’t be afraid to try out some new make up techniques – if people are going to stare, might as well give them something to stare at, right?!


Saturn is your Relationships Zone so partnerships of any kind can be kind of a drag for you right now. One friendship or relationship which feels like a burden could start to change this month, though – hopefully in a very good way. Saturn in your Love Zone is connecting to crazy and unpredictable Uranus on May 19 so the whole month will lead up to that. If, over the recent past, you have started to realise how much someone matters to you (or contrariwise how much YOU matter), this is the time when you could start to make some changes in your relationship life, based on this newly acquired wisdom. For some, very good things happen very quickly this month, either to do with a romantic relationship or friendship.

Power date: May 9 – great day to workshop a problem with someone who can help

Beauty tip: You will probably feel like socialising a lot this month so (a) do get out and about – a good cleansing, toning and moisturising evening routine will help your skin stay fresh amid the late nights. Also a great time to do a beauty spa with several pals.


It doesn’t matter how of you are, May is the right time for you to get some regular exercise into your routines. The planets are activating the part of your chart which is all about your well-being. Any efforts you have been making re your health and/or your daily routines already could “suddenly” start to show. You might even find that people start to notice how “well” you’re looking … or you could just start to feel better about yourself and life. If you work, there could be some positive developments, thanks to efforts you’ve made in the past few years.

Power date: May 31 – a partnership issue can be sorted out via communication today

Beauty tip: With the beauty planet Venus in your 10th House of Career, this is the time to spruce up your professional image. Think about what your professional face boss or clients want to see and decide if you’re willing to give it to them. Rightly or wrongly, the right image really can boost your bank account.


So here you on earth, ‘incarnated’ this time around (if you believe in reincarnation!) as a Leo. As proud Leo, your life mission is therefore to have fun and to live a great life – to live LARGE. You know deep down that isn’t meant to be tedious. If you have had trouble finding the time to enjoy yourself lately, that could change now, thanks to May’s stars. Make sure you’re not working too hard or worrying too much to find the downtime you need to stay happy. Give yourself the odd break. Travel and study are really well starred for you this month – and if you’re in love and you want to make a heart-felt declaration, you have excellently supportive stars for that too. At work, say what you need to.

Power date:  May 9 – you have ‘the power’. Use it to achieve a goal, no matter how small

Beauty tip: A holiday will be your best beauty therapy if you can get away. Make up free days and sunshine will be just what the beauty doctor ordered. If you can’t get away, trying a lovely foreign brand of make up or cosmetics will really work wonders too, as beauty planet cruises your Exotica Zone.


There could be good financial news ahead for you this month as the planet of riches, Venus, connects with the planet of ‘lots of’ aka Jupiter across your Money Zones. This is definitely a very auspicious omen for you regarding cash. However you could also find yourself breaking the good Virgo habits of a lifetime and overspending now, too – so watch out for that. Jupiter can make us go overboard. So keep an eye on your budget, if you’re have one (and PS studies show the majority millionaires make budgets!) If you want more money, then you need to make sure you believe in yourself, too. The greater your self-belief, the greater your ability to attract cash with your talents.

Power date: May 3 – Mercury ends his retrograde and your life starts to move forwards!

Beauty tip: This is actually a good time for you to spend a bit more than usual on make up and cosmetics. Venus is making her once-a-year visit to your 8th House aka your Money Zone. So treat yourself if you need to replenish your beauty supplies.


Want some good news? This month, the planet of romance and riches, aka Venus, your planet, connects with lucky Jupiter in your sign. That means you more or less have all your ‘cash and romance ducks’ lined up in a very neat row right now. In other words, anything connected to finances and affairs of the heart should start to go your way. Even recalcitrant lovers and lax friends should start to behave in ways which are more to your liking. Aim to act as emotionally mature in May as you can. You’re learning how to deal with unpredictable people and knowing how to do that can take you a long way.

Power date: May 19 – this could be your lucky day so make it count!

Beauty tip: Venus in your Love Zone this month means you really could have some loving times with your beloved, or that you’re ripe to meet someone new, if you’re single and looking. Obviously you want to look your best so the overall tip for May is simple; make an effort! But then, you gorgeous Librans nearly always do…


Have you been putting in an extra effort to make yourself feel and look better? For example exercising more or being better about your skin routines and regimes. If so, your efforts could be rewarded in May. Ditto if you have been working hard on your inner self via methods such as meditation and contemplation. You could start to feel calmer and more at peace in your life. Your intuition could be very high now too. Learn to listen to it and see what happens when you do – or you don’t. Intuition (inner tuition) is incredibly useful personally and professionally. Financially you could finally get over a hump in the road, or feel as though the brakes are finally coming off cash-wise.

Power date: May 10 – the Full Moon in your sign gives you a chance to move on from the past

Beauty tip: With the planet of beauty, Venus, in your 6th House this month, it’s the time for you to work on your daily routines – your morning and evening regimes for example. So if you need to sleep earlier so you can get up earlier and do some yoga, drink some green juice and get yourself ready to face the day, for example,  make it happen!


It has to be said that life has been quite demanding for many Sagittarians over the past few years. The reason for this is that the karmic planet Saturn has been trolling its way through your sign. The good news is that all your diligence, all the challenges you have overcome, all the ways you have proved yourself strong – all that will start to repay you now. That’s because you have built up good karmic Brownie points with your hard  work. You will start to see how strong and wise you are, and how much you’ve learned! Yes, difficulties in the past few years have made you stronger, wiser and more likely to go the distance.

Power date: May 19 – you could feel like you’re being liberated from a tie that binds

Beauty tip: This is a month for you to go out and have fun. Honestly, I am thinking glitter for you. It’s everywhere, be it on your eyes or on your breasts, it’s very fun and 2017, and you’re the kind of sign with the chutzpah to carry it off, dreary Saturn in your sign notwithstanding!


Do you dream of getting away from it all? If so, May is a marvellous time to do it. The planet of travel, aka Jupiter, is at the top of your horoscope right now. So travel or study should be high on your agenda. Moreover, Jupiter is connecting to romance and riches planet Venus this month. Getting away from it all if you can, could be a wonderful May option and should lead to fun and frivolity. If you can’t get away because you’re working, professional success could await you. And whether you work or not, the passage of Mars through your Health Zone suggests May is the time to get out and do some exercise – keeping your body moving will keep you extra motivated, too.

Power date: May 19 – there could be an unexpected positive development around now

Beauty tip: With the beauty planet Venus in your 4th House of Home and Family this month, it’s a wonderful time to stay home with family or friends or flatmates to give yourselves some DIY beauty treatments. Think mani/pedis and hair colours go from there. Beauty starts at home this month.


Have you been a tad too hard on yourself lately or simply despairing of the world? Many Aquarians have been through the emotional mill – if that includes you and you’re tired, here some advice from the heavens; just get out more and decide to really enjoy yourself! Of course, if you’re exhausted you might feel like staying home, but fun can be had in all different shapes and sizes. This is also a really good time to talk about romantic issues , about money and about travel and study plans you’ve had on the backburner. With Mars burning through your Fun Zone now though, organise some good times with people who get you going in all the right ways.

Power date: May 18 – things should be going your way, efforts you’ve made paying off

Beauty tip: This is the month to get yourself down to a department store or anywhere else they offer free make up advice (eg on Glossybox!) May is the month for you to have a good think and to actually talk about your make up routines. What suits you best now versus what suited you well one year ago? That is the question!


Pisceans who are waiting for some good financial news or positive cash developments, there is potentially good news coming.  Moreover it could come this month, as rich Venus and generous Jupiter connect across your two Cash Zones. Note that whatever you do from your heart will have the Midas touch now, so make sure you get in touch with your feelings and act accordingly. If you’re not interested in month this month, it could be that somehow your self-esteem gets a boost from someone whose opinion you value. That could lead to more positive developments for you. It’s the law of attraction. The self-loving attract more positivity. If you’re working, there could be a promotion or recognition for your hard work.

Power date: May 31 – you could get some good perhaps unexpected money news today

Beauty tip: With Venus, the beauty planet, in your Self-Esteem and  Money Zone, this is the time to spoil yourself a bit and treat yourself to something which is going to make you feel more gorgeous (eg some new creams, make up or maybe a facial). Even if you’re under pressure financially, sometimes a little treat can bring a real boost.



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