Beauty School: Are You Exfoliating Correctly?

While it’s usually associated with summer BBQs and log fires, charcoal-infused body scrubs are currently having a moment. You see, activated charcoal is a clever little ingredient as it essentially works as a magnet, upping the ante of your usual body exfoliator to absorb dirt, oils, toxins and pollutants.

With this in mind, we’ve teamed up with brand-of-the-moment Scrub Love to ensure every Glossy receives a Detoxifying Activated Charcoal Body Scrub in their May box.

It’s arguably every insiders’ secret weapon for maintaining a tan, banishing ingrown hairs and generally leaving your skin super silken. But while using a body scrub may seem straightforward, it turns out there’s a right and wrong way to buff your way to super soft, summer-ready skin. From the direction you exfoliate in to the products you apply afterwards, there’s far more than meets the eye.

Here’s how to exfoliate like a pro – oh, and if you’re not a subscriber yet, you can get your hands on the box via the button below…

Feet to head
Direction is important, so starting from your feet work your way upwards towards your heart, scrubbing the product into your skin using circular motions. Pay special attention to dry areas like your elbows, knees and heels. We love a super grainy scrub, but if you want to buff every day or your skin is sensitive we suggest blending the grains with a hydrating shower cream to make them softer on skin.  

Go gentle with your décolletage
While you can be fairly rigorous with your limbs, when it comes to exfoliating your décolletage either be really gentle or just miss this area out completely. Essentially, you’d treat this area of your body in the same way you would your face – the skin on your décolletage is one of the thinnest of the entire body.

Don’t forget your back
While it’s often forgotten about, your back needs exfoliating just as much as the rest of your body so make sure you don’t leave it out. 

Rinse and Moisturise

Some scrubs can be rinsed off leaving nourishing oils on the skin, others are best washed off using shower gel (those containing charcoal or coffee grains fits this category). As soon as your step out the shower or bath, make sure you work a moisturiser or body oil into your skin, ideally while it’s still damp. You should be doing this anyway, but it’s even more important post-exfoliation.



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