What You’ve Been Saying About Our April Box 2017

Whether you’re running late and having to apply your makeup on the tube or you’re a super busy mum with very little time to spare, this month’s box was created with every girl-on-the-go in mind.

We’ve absolutely loved seeing you all put your multitasking products to the test and hearing what you made of all the products. Here are some of our favourite Tweets, Instagram pics and blog posts so far…

We were thrilled to hear that @becki.rose was once again very happy with the edit of products this month and that she was particularly excited to try the Elgon Deliwash Cleansing Conditioner. @alawafoxbeauty and @abloggersbeauty couldn’t wait to start using all the products they’d received.

We loved the pretty snaps  @beautynthestyle and @lipstickluck took, and @foundbykatie told us she couldn’t wait to start using her new SportFx makeup brush.


Our Glossy of the Month? Congratulations to Becki Rose! We loved the way she shot her Instagram photo and were pleased to hear how happy she was with the contents. Here’s what she had to say…

She says…
I’m Becki, writer of Becki Rose Blog and self-professed beauty and fashion obsessive, with an overflowing wardrobe and an entire room full of cosmetics. I am a white shirt enthusiast, lover of interior design and general internet dweller, with an unhealthy obsession with Youtube. Rebecca Rose started out recently as an outlet for the copious amounts of shopping I get up to at the weekends, after work and sometimes, shamefully, during work. It is a place to showcase my love of handbags, lipsticks and life.

I work within Mental Health, which I am very passionate about, I am pleased that young people are becoming more open about the topic and encouraging healthy conversation about what is, unfortunately, still quite a taboo subject, I am always so pleased to see Youtubers and bloggers talking so passionately about a subject so close to my heart.

She’s inspired by…
As a creative, I often find myself firmly planted at my desk, staring at a computer screen and whilst I often find a lot of inspiration through, visual blogs and social media, like Pinterest, the truth is, my greatest inspiration comes from stepping away from my desk and going outside. Whether I’m going for a walk with my dog, Mia, around our beautiful local park, shopping or eating out with friends and family, I always seem to feel the most inspired when I am out and about, you just need to open your eyes a little bit, to notice all of the wonderful things around you.

She loves Glossybox because…
I love trying new products, but this expensive habit often gets, well…expensive! I love Glossybox, because it gives me the freedom to try out fantastic new products, on a budget. It’s also great trying new products that I would never have purchased myself, for example, I never really understood the value a primer could add to your makeup, until I tried the this works in transit, camera close up, mask moisturiser and primer. Now it’s often a repeat purchase of mine and my foundation just doesn’t go on as well without it. The feeling when your monthly Glossybox arrives is comparative to Christmas, I cannot wait to dive in and try everything all at once. I am a big fan of pretty packaging and the Glossybox itself is just lovely, I have quite the stack of pink boxes piling up in my beauty room, which make excellent storage for my many lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes.



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