Your Monthly Horoscope: March 2017

Astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals what’s in the stars for Glossies this month…

In the short term, you could find that money you’re banking on is going to take longer than you’d hoped to make it into your bank account. But in the long term, it’s a different story. The planet of riches, Venus, is spending extra time in your Money Zone thanks to its 2017 retrograde cycle, starting now. This means that overall you’re in a great position to make more money than usual this year. It could come to you in various ways but overall how it manifests depends on how much you believe in yourself – for example, do you believe in yourself enough to charge properly for whatever you’re doing to raise cash? Even if you’re doing a ‘side line’ like babysitting, are you charging your full worth? Or perhaps you simply need to ask your boss for a raise. Value yourself and others will too.
Power date: March 5 – an excellent day to express yourself. Ask for what you want!
Beauty tip: People sometimes criticise make up as being ‘a mask’ but you know what, if it makes you feel better about yourself, it’s really no one else’s business. This month is a lot about working on your self-esteem. Do whatever it takes to boost it and damn the critics.

If you’re suddenly feeling an uncontrollable urge to give yourself a proper makeover, thanks Venus, the planet of beauty who is retrograding in your sign. This makes now the time for you to 1. Give yourself a major makeover 2. Think about who and what really, really matters to you and 3. Think about if you are allowing enough time for who and what you really value. If you’re pining for a lost love, that person could somehow come back into your life this month – perhaps for reconciliation, or for closure. If you’ve had a falling with someone some you care about (romantic or not), this is a wonderful time to extend an olive branch.
Power date: March 5 – working hard brings results today, whatever your goal is.
Beauty tip: There has never been a better time to redo your beauty routines than now. Throw away old make up, declutter you cosmetics cabinet, and get ready to present a new you to the world. We all need updating from time to time and this is the time for you to do it.

As your ruling planet Venus goes into a rare retrogrades cycle this month, it’s the moment for you to stop pushing so hard. As Venus goes backwards (or appears to), you could feel as though you’re a bit stuck. Projects you would like to get moving on might feel jammed. However what is really happening is that you’re being given extra time to take some time out and think a bit more about how to make your dreams come true. Do keep moving towards your goals. Don’t allow a fear (eg: of not being well-loved enough or of a lack of cash) hold you back. What do you want for yourself and/or a loved one? What you can believe, you can achieve.
Power date: March 25 – a day when you’re in the spotlight, whether you like it or not!
Beauty tip: What are you most worried about when it comes to your looks? What is stopping you from feeling confident. If you can work out what it is – your skin, hair or weight, for example, whatever it might be – then you will be half-way to working out how to do about it. this is the right time to do this!

While usually we wouldn’t recommend looking backwards, as loving Venus reverses, it’s time for you to look up an old friend or two. Venus is retrograding in your 11th House of Friends. This makes some old friends you’d lost touch with could be much happier to hear from you than you expect. Some of you may even wish to travel to go and see these old pals. In fact, travel in March is very well starred indeed overall anyway. What better excuse to pack your bags than to revisit someone you adore? Think about who you know far away that might appreciate a visit from your good self. We all know the pressure you have been under. A little getaway could do you a power of good.
Power date: March 18 – a great day to talk about your feeling and/or your finances.
Beauty tip: It’s time to stop working so hard and to allow yourself some time off for good behaviour. The best thing you can do for your looks this month is to get together with some friends (old friends, preferably) and do some home spa-ing. You will get great results and enjoy yourself.

Do you work? Want more cash? Want to renegotiate your pay? The Venus retrograde this month allows you to reinvestigate an old way you once had for generating cash. Perhaps you resuscitate an old idea you still love. Perhaps you even negotiate a pay rise! Annoyingly this month’s stars could also mean your pay is somehow delayed. Don’t panic, the money will turn up eventually! A project you considered at some point in the past could also be a cash cow now. Socially, you’ll be extra motivated to get out and about in March. Avoid ‘friends’ who drive you mad – your temper is shorter than usual! Don’t let an upset go too far, especially towards the end of the month.
Power date: March 30 – too much of a good thing could cause a drama today. Be nice!
Beauty tip: This month with Venus going backwards in your Career Zone, it’s time for you to rethink your beauty routines at work. Are you putting on too much ‘slap’? It just isn’t all that professional, to go in looking like you’re ready for a night out. Think about your professional appearance.

Do you feel like getting away from it all? If you can fit a holiday this month, do it! Venus is retrograding in your Holiday Zone which is a great astro-excuse to get to go back a place you already know you love. Yes it’s wonderful to explore new lands, but right now, your chart suggests going back to somewhere where familiar and beloved will be an enriching experience. Also if you have been thinking of studying a subject you’re passionate about, you also have excellent celestial support. Health-wise, this is an ideal time to see your doctor or naturopath and talk about the benefits of a detox.
Power date: March 8 – a day when a little bit of effort could go a long way
Beauty tip: Honestly the best thing you can do for yourself appearance-wise this month is – as above – to take some time out, preferably somewhere sunny. Nothing is going to flatter you more than a nice tan. Can’t manage that, some bronzer could do the trick. Also meditating could erase fine lines now. Try it.

You’re a Virgo so we know that under normal circumstances, you’re sensible when it comes to dealing with money. Some might even call you a tad frugal, sometimes, agreed? But these are not normal times. Right now (and until October) you have the planet of plenty, Jupiter, in your Money Box. That can lead to you getting your hands on more cash, for one thing. For another, though, it can be a time when you ditch the Virgo habits of a lifetime and start to spend a little more than you can afford. Watch out for any impulses like that this month! You know it makes sense to spend wisely.
Power date: March 24 – could be your lucky day, at least for this month.
Beauty tip: Far be it from us to discourage you from buying what you need, however don’t spend too much this month! You may be tempted to throw your cash around like a crazy thing – and as fun as that might feel, you need to think about your outgoings as well. So be smart. Buy only what you need for now.

No matter what your relationship status, single, newly or long-time married, March could be an important month for you when it comes to partnerships of any kind (including professional). Your planet Venus is going backwards so you need to go easy. Trying to forge ahead like crazy won’t work. The planets want you to slow down. That’s one thing. The other thing, though, is that this Venus reverse cycle is taking place in your Love Zone. For some, an old flame could be relit. For others, there is a bit more distance than you might like between you and someone you love, emotionally or physically. Use the month to remind yourself of why you care for that person and then show them your feelings.
Power date: March 17 – use the evening to talk about how you really feel.
Beauty tip: Now is the time to spoil yourself as much as you dare! Especially when it comes to your love life, you should do whatever it takes to make yourself feel totally loveable and love-worthy. Also, take pay extra attention to your skincare routines, in terms of cleansing and moisturising.

The time is right for you to talk through an upset with someone who has been driving you a little mad. Clearing the air like this sounds like a good thing, and it can be. But do watch out that you don’t come down too hard on someone – saying your piece is one thing, alienating someone because you’re too severe is another! If you’re single and looking for new love, you will be more motivated this month. Attached? Mars in your Love Zone while Venus reverses could go either way. You and your partner could refind the spark – but could also end up arguing, so read the first sentence of this forecast again!
Power date: March 30 – be as nice as you can be otherwise today could be explosive!
Beauty tip: Getting yourself to the gym or into the park for a run, or doing whatever it is you like to do to get your blood circulating, is recommended for you this month. The more physical you are, the better you are going to feel. Consider revisiting an old health regime you used to love.

Does life feel like a bit of a drag? Do you feel like you need to enjoy yourself just a little bit more? You might be right! With Saturn in Sagittarius, your life may indeed have felt rather turgid lately. Lots of work and not enough play? However finally there is breathing space in sight. The planet of love and pleasure, Venus, is spending longer than usual in your 5th House of Fun this month. So think of how you used to enjoy yourself and do some more of that. Go on. With Saturn, you might feel you have no time for enjoying yourself, but you do! Tip: exercising could really be fun for you right now, believe it or not. It will certainly make you feel in better shape.
Power date: March 30 – don’t start an argument you’re not willing to finish!
Beauty tip: As well as going out and having a good time, which will make you glow (as long as you don’t overdo it, obviously) there is another thing which could work wonders for your appearance now; lifting weights. I may have mentioned it before because it’s such an important thing for Sagittarians to do right now. Try it.

It may sound rather frivolous but as Venus reverses in your Home Zone now, it’s the right time to do some home remodelling or redecorating, or to go back to somewhere you used to live, to see friends you care for, and/or to spend more with family. Anything to do with the ‘old days’, and family and/or anything to do with revamping your personal life is well starred now, as beauty and planet Venus retrogrades in your Home Zone. Now is also potentially the most fun time you have had in a few years as driven Mars powers through your 5th House of Fun. Get out there and enjoy yourself. Just remember to b-r-e-a-t-h-e through any upsets. (And don’t be too controlling!)
Power date: March 31 – a day to remain calm even if certain people put you under pressure.
Beauty tip: As lovely as it is to go to the salon to get a treatment, right now your stars strongly suggest makeovers you can do for yourself at home and preferably with family. Be it a new hair colour or trying out some new eyeliner tricks or doing a facial mask, anything you can do in the comfort of your own home will work.

Keeping a stiff an upper lip and not saying what’s on your mind and heart sounds like being strong, but is it really? Have you been doing this lately? If so, use loving Venus retrograding in your Communications Zone to say what you need to. You will find it easier to express what you need to let someone know how you feel. If you haven’t been acting like you care, fix that. Letting those we love know we are there for them is hugely important and you have the chance to really make a difference in someone’s life now. In other news, you’re going to be extra motivated around the home this month – clear out the old to allow in for the new.
Power date: March 26 – a conversation could turn things around you for very nicely.
Beauty tip: If you can find someone doing free makeovers in a department store or elsewhere, grab the chance. It’s a wonderful month for you to be talking to others about what suits you and what doesn’t when it comes to your beauty routines. Failing a professional, ask a friend you really trust



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