Upscale Your GLOSSYBOX: Chocolate Box

This month, we’re upscaling our February box to create a pretty way to gift wrap chocolates. Whether you give them as a gift or keep them for a night in with friends, it’s up to you (we’ll be doing the latter).

Here’s how…

1. Taking a large piece of card, cut out four strips 20cm in length and 3cm in width and a further five strips that are 16cm in length and 3cm in width. upscale-glossybox-chocolate-box

2. Cut five slits (evenly spaced out) half way into the 20cm strips. Then, cut four evenly spaced out slits half way int0 the 16cm strips of card. upscale-glossybox-chocolate-box-2

3. Slot the 16cm strips of card across the length of the 20cm strips of card to form a grid.

4. Place the tissue paper and ribbon from your February box inside the box base to line it, then place the grid on top.

5. Place a chocolate inside each square.

6. Write a note to accompany your chocolates.

7. Fold the tissue paper over the top of the chocolates, place the note on top then finish off by tying the ribbon into a bow.



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