Your Monthly Horoscope: February 2017

Astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals what’s in the stars for Glossies this month…

February brings a Full Moon eclipse in your Love Zone. This marks the end of something. It could be the end of a relationship. If that’s what’s happening, say goodbye knowing that your parting is happening at a cosmically fitting time. Or it could be that you and someone you care for are moving on from the past, towards a new and improved future together. Basically, expect something quite massive to happen in at least one of your most important relationships this month or in the next few months. It could be love or it could be a loveable new BFF. You have very important lessons to learn via your pals right now, so pay attention!
Power date: February 26 – a super powered day for you – turn something around!
Beauty tip: With the eclipse in your Love Zone, anything could happen. So basically you will want to look your best this month. Obviously that doesn’t mean anything as simple as simply slathering on the make-up. But it does perhaps mean taking more time as you do your self-care routines in the morning and evening.

This month you get the rare blessing of a New Moon eclipse in your sign. Trust the skies, it means that your life is going to transform, hopefully in magnificent ways. Note this can happen even if you feel pressurised right now. This eclipse is essentially putting a rocket under you re: cash. If you want to attract extra cash, eg: via the creation of a mini-business you do part time, then you have full support from the cosmos now. Use it. Note that the eclipse suggests you need to reinvent yourself somehow. What can you do so that others see you in a new light?
Power date: February 26 – tap into the Pisces eclipse by making ten wishes today
Beauty tip: With Venus in your 2nd House of Cash for the coming month or two, you do have celestial permission to spend up a little bigger on creams and cosmetics, in the name of boosting your self-esteem. You can indulge yourself with some higher-priced items this month. Sometimes you have to spend a little more for good quality, right? You deserve it.

What stops you from reaching your full potential? If that obstacle was removed, what would you do? It’s still very much the start of 2017 and as such, a very good time to ask yourself these questions, especially as the New Moon eclipse triggers your 12th house. This is the part of your chart where you keep your fears. So which fears are getting in your way and preventing you from living your best life? You have all the celestial support you could need right now, to go and chase your dreams. Be sure to pace yourself though – you don’t want to burn out.
Power date: February 21 – keep a lid on your infamous temper!
Beauty tip: Beauty planet Venus moves into your sign for a prolonged visit (as she is going to retrograde and this will stay longer). This suggests looking good is going to be on your mind for extra long. Hark back to some old beauty routines which really used to work for you.

This month sees your Wishing Zone being lit up by a powerful New Moon eclipse. Any New Moon in your Wishing Zone is a good thing – it makes your wishes extra powerful. But a New Moon eclipse here is potentially a life-changing moment! It makes now is a very magical time for you to get clear on your plans and commitments for the coming year. Knowing what you want puts you half way down the road to getting what you want. As well, the New Moon here can signal the start of a new and important friendship or romance. If you’re a high achiever, be sure to balance your personal life and studies.
Power date: February 3 – suddenly you’re more confident than before.
Beauty tip: The best thing you can do for yourself now is stop worrying about how you look and start getting yourself and your body moving on a very regular basis. If you don’t love the gym, yoga at home or running or jogging or cycling or pilates or … #nomoreexcuses

Do you want to leave your mark on the world somehow? Chances are you’d like to show the world you’re around! It’s never too early to start. Now is a good time for you to decide what you want to do to show the world who you are. What change do you want to bring into your sphere? Perhaps you have big dreams of your own. Perhaps you’re happy to help someone else achieve their own big goals. Maybe you want to make a different via doing something good or charitable. Whatever the case, the best thing you can do in February is work out how to make the world a better place. If you’re studying hard, some kind of recognition could await you. You could even be up for an award.
Power date: February 10 – spend it with someone you love.
Beauty tip: Now and over the coming few months, the message to you is clear. Get together to do some beauty treatments, be it at a spa or at home together, or a mani/pedi with a pal, for example. You still have tons of pressure on you but something like this will relieve the pressure and make you look good!

Have you been dreaming of travelling? Do you long to get away from it all? Or perhaps you want to study something which has always attracted you, be it via a short workshop or something requiring more commitment? Perhaps the idea writing a book is calling you? They say we all have one book in us – make a chapter by chapter breakdown, as a start on it! All of these dreams are totally supported by the February stars which are boosting your 9th house. At home, life looks happier than it has been in a while – and that info alone should make you, lovely home-loving Cancerian, happy. Expect the best.
Power date: February 21 – feelings run high today – work harder to stay calm.
Beauty tip: Beauty planet Venus moves into your Career Zone this month where she will stay for an extended visit. Use her there to work on your appearance at work. Looks matter, whether we like it or not, as it’s a sign of how much we respect and make time for ourselves, even if you’re all about the freshly scrubbed natural look.

This month there’s a Full Moon eclipse and it’s taking place in Leo. That’s a huge sign as you can get to turn your life around in some way if you would like to. The Full Moon eclipse in Leo is a rare celestial blessing which offers you shrug off the past and reinvent yourself. So how do you want your life to go? What would make you happy? Whatever floats your boat, do more of it. Also, note that it’s time for you to move on from a drama which has kept you stuck in the past. Life is for living, remember!
Power date: February 11 – the eclipse takes place just after midnight…
Beauty tip: If you want or need an excuse to splash out big on some exotic products from fabulous foreign beauty brands, then you have it, as beauty planet Venus moves into your Far Away Zone. The eclipse in your sign suggests you need to let go of your old beauty routines and start some new ones, too.

This month brings a rare blessing – a New Moon eclipse in your Love Zone! No matter if you’re with someone or not, the eclipse brings a massive chance for change when it comes to your most important one-on-one relationships, personal and professional. If you’re not happy right now with your beloved or ex, or if you’re unhappy single, this is the time to talk your feelings through. You can talk to your partner or ex or to someone else, who will really hear and support you. See if you can ‘fix’ things. Relationships (and even friendships) usually take lots of work – now is the time for you to put the effort in.
Power date: February 21 – could be your lucky day
Beauty tip: As the beauty planet Venus takes up fairly long-term residence in your 8th House of Cash, you have all the celestial excuses you need to treat yourself to a little of what you fancy in the cosmetics and beauty lotions and potions department. Spoil yourself!

As you might have heard, Jupiter in your sign for much of 2017 makes it one of the luckiest years for you. Use this month’s planetary alignments, including Jupiter in Libra and the eclipses, to make changes to your daily routines – the idea being to make them run better. You don’t have to be austere. A little bit of what you enjoy will do you good now – be sure to allow yourself time out a few times a week. Find a balance out between what you love doing (eg socialising) and the things you need to do for the good of your health (eg exercise and eating well). Looking after yourself physically is good for your waistline but even better for your state of mind. Attend to these things and life will definitely start to feel luckier.
Power date: February 20 – a great day to have an important conversation with someone special
Beauty tip: If you’re not feeling gorgeous then you need to tap into your inner Goddess a bit more. Get a massage from a friend, lover or masseuse. Anoint your body with delicious oils. Treat your hair. With beauty planet Venus in your opposite sign, it’s time to remember your own gorgeousness!

Have you been studying too hard? Your horoscope says yes! Maybe you have been taking care of too many people and/or events. You really do need to allow yourself some time off in exchange for all your good behaviour! If you have a creative project on the go, that is well-starred now as the eclipses boost your chances of enjoying real success. And when it comes to love? If you think romance is dead, think again! (Of course you may have to take do something proactive to resuscitate your love life. Be bold!)
Power date: February 21 – you need to breathe deeper today, if someone upsets you
Beauty tip: A daily exercise regime comes SO easily to some and is SOOO challenging for others. However there is no doubt that it will do wonders for your beauty and your self-esteem. When you know you’re looking after yourself, you get a special glow. With Venus in your 6th House of Well-Being, self-pampering needs to rise to the top of your agenda.

There is a fair chance life feels like a drag for you right now (this is thanks to tedious Saturn in Sagittarius now and through to the end of the year.) Despite Saturn, though, there is some hope on the horizon, or more specifically, on the home front. The February New Moon eclipse brings a massive burst of energy into your Home Zone, reinvigorating a good feeling with you and your parents and relatives. If you are hoping to move house, you have super celestial support. And if you just want a happier life at home and, that is possible too. Do what you can to mend any family rifts. Be the one to say sorry or forgive someone, whichever is more apt. Why not? Life is too short.
Power date: February 6 – life will start to move forwards again for you
Beauty tip: The good news for you is that you have the planet of beauty, Venus, in your House of Flirting. So even if life feels like a drag, the best way to get your complexion looking good is to get out there and mingle with people who make you feel good about yourself.

You need to be asking yourself some tough questions this month, Capricorn; for one thing, are you focused on the little troubles and let-downs of life or are you seeing the big picture? Are you exasperated by the things you can’t change or are you resolute about doing what you can to change what you can? And one more question … are you counting your blessings? The more you focus on what you do want to do (as opposed to dwelling on what you don’t want to do) the cheerier February will be for you. It’s really that simple. Take up the challenge and reap the rewards.
Power date: February 21 – don’t let your ego or anger alienate someone you love or need.
Beauty tip: With Jupiter in your Career Zone giving you such a professional boost, you need to make sure you’re looking after yourself after hours. Even if you don’t have time to get to the salon, home treatments like masks before you bathe and buffing your nails and sloughing your skin will work wonders now, to offset the joys of your working life.



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