Your Monthly Horoscope: December 2016

Astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals what’s in the stars for Glossies this month…

The new moon in your money box and Mercury reversing in the same part of your chart means it’s never too late to rethink your finances! It might be the end of the year but that truly doesn’t mean you should continue to put up with any cash situations you’re not happy with. If all is going well for you re money, this month could also see money you have been waiting on for some time finally making its way to you. If you think you’re being underpaid, look within and ask yourself if you truly believe you’re worth more.
Power date: December 26
Beauty tip: The stage is set for you to updating everything this month and that includes your make up kit. Wait until the sales if you want to, but update it (and everything else). Change is good!

The new moon is in your sign this month which means you have your annual chance to start all over again. So what do you want to do differently in 2017? This is the month to set your intentions and even make some notes to yourself about how best to go about achieving your aims. Also note that Mercury is retrograde in your sign, so in one way or another, the past is coming up for you now. If you look backwards, do you see how far you’ve come? For some, consternation and confusion abounds. Be patient. Everything happens for a reason.
Power date: December 29
Beauty tip: The New Moon in your sign means it’s your turn to be in the spotlight. If you’ve been working too hard, take some time for self-care and you’ll enjoy the attention way more.

If you want to lay a bit low this December, even while the rest of the world is living up the so-called silly season, that’s fine. As the Sun moves through your deep and dark 12th House, it’s a good time for you to hunker down and think about the year you have just lived and also about your plans for the year ahead. If you find old fears coming up for you now, drill them down. Work out where they came. That’s the first step to seeing them off. In other news, you should feel well loved.
Power date: December 26
Beauty tip: Sloughing off dead cells is always a good idea but especially now. Get yourself a good peel or exfoliator and lose the dead cells as you also bid 2016 a fond or not-so fond farewell.

This is the month for you to work out what you want for the year ahead, and not just because it’s the end of 2016. The Sun, New Moon and Mercury retrograde are all in your 11th House, aka the house of the thing Wished For. In other words, get really clear on what you want and tell the Universe your desires. Then as the Universe to help you. You have to trust that the Universe is on your side, that there is a higher helping you. Try not to allow your temper to get the better of you. Getting angry could derail you. Meditation will help.
Power date: December 19
Beauty tip: You could find you’re a bit too rosy this month – either due to too much Christmas cheer or just a result of having Mars in your sign. A good colour balance foundation will serve you well.

Use the first half of the month to your best advantage. Get as much done as you can in the first weeks when you’re going to be an Aries on fire. Your planet Mars is making harmonious aspects to first lucky Jupiter and then change-maker Uranus. This effectively gives you extra power to play with – make sure you use it wisely! You should feel as though you have luck on your side (you do) and as though positive changes are possible (they are). You may even sense that you’ve dodged a bullet or somehow been liberated.
Power date: December 7
Beauty tip: It’s a great month to get together with friends for some kind of spa or make up night or to go off and do a day make up course together. Beauty and friendships go hand in hand for you this month.

If you’re having second thoughts regarding your connection to the Universe/the Divine/Spirit, don’t worry. This is normal, as Mercury reverses in your 9th House of the Mystic. Explore your ideas. It’s important that you see life through as broad a lens as possible. Ditto if you’re having second thoughts re travel or study plans you’ve been hatching. There is nothing to be lost and a lot to gain by revisiting your plans and seeing if they need a tweak or two. Good can often come of changing your mind, whereas it rarely comes from stubborn single-mindedness.
Power date: December 25
Beauty tip: It might be the silly season and you might have loads of parties to go to but our best beauty tip is about work. Venus in your Career Zone means now is the time for you to update your professional appearance.

You could feel very driven at work this month and that’s a good thing in some ways. After all, there isn’t much point in working if you’re too half-hearted about it. Plus you have Saturn opposite your sign so you do need to put in an effort. However the skies are also reminding you that there is a lot more to life than just work – and not just because we’re at the end of the year with its focus on family. Try to find a balance between home and work and if you have to choose, your personal life will bring you the most happiness.
Power date: December 3
Beauty tip: The best way to make yourself look gorgeous this month is to somehow connect with someone or something from far away. Could that that lovely holiday glow one gets while abroad, perhaps?

If you’re having second thoughts about your partner or someone Very Important in your life, pat yourself on the back. As Mercury reverses in your 7th House, it’s the exact right time for you to be thinking about how you feel about that VIP. If you suspect you have been taking someone for granted, what happens this month might be the wake-up call you need to stop that. The new moon will make it possible for you to start again. Single and getting over a broken heart? Consciously leave any romantic regrets in the past.
Power date: December 27
Beauty tip: If you’re not sure what you ask for for Christmas, take a tip from the skies and ask for a 2017 subscription to Glossybox. No kidding. It’s a really good time to splurge on your appearance.

The end of 2016 is giving you a wonderful chance to rethink your health routines specifically and your daily life over all. What routines have worked for you in the past 12 months and where have you been shooting yourself in the foot? Now is the time for you to decide what changes are needed to make your life working more functionally. They don’t have to be massive changes either. Small tweaks to your work outs or your morning or evening routines could be all that’s needed for you to create a healthier 2017. Lovewise, you’re looking good.
Power date: December 25
Beauty tip: You have rather a romantic chart this month – and there is nothing better than love for your complexion. Whether it’s the love of a romantic partner or a friend or family member, revel in it and you will glow!

If there’s an issue you need to sort out with someone, this is the month to say what you need to, especially after the 19th. This is not carte blanche for you to ruin your silly season by losing your cool with a member of your family (for example) who has been rubbing you up the wrong way! Rather, it’s a chance for you to work on your issues with someone, with the aim of having less upset and more forwards motion in your relationship. Remember tha right now, it’s all about you standing on your own two feet, anyway.
Power date: December 28
Beauty tip: Not sure what to ask for this Christmas? Your chart says ask for some new gym gear. Astro-truly. If you feel good when you’re working out, you are far more likely to do it, right?

It’s time for you to re-evaluate your home life somehow. Perhaps you will be seeing family members you haven’t had a chance to see for a while during the holidays. Or perhaps you’re going back to somewhere which once was home for you. Mercury is going backwards in your 4th house of home and family suggesting there is a trip down memory lane on the cards for you this month. In your love life, big changes are possible now. Any sudden changes will lead to positive outcomes, so try to trust the process. Remember this is your lucky year.
Power date: December 25
Beauty tip: T’is the season to be jolly and for you, it’s also the season to be loved up! Make sure you get your beauty sleep so that you look you best if and when you’re being checked out/admired by someone.

A potentially confusing month lies ahead as Mercury retrogrades in your 3rd house of communications. This is a classic time for missed connections and annoying mix ups. The best way navigate this is to keep your sense of humour well and truly going strong, even if and when there are organisational glitches you could do without. This goes double if you’re travelling this month. For others, it’s a chance to catch up with someone you haven’t seen in a while. When it comes to family, there is a lot of love in the air which is extra lovely for this time of the year.
Power date: December 7
Beauty tip: No need to be out and about spending you hard earned cash on spas and expensive beauty treatments. With beauty planet Venus in your Home Zone, home spas (face masks and man-pedis for example) are the way to go.



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