Beauty School: How To Use A Tapered Blending Brush

Great makeup requires the right tools, so this month we wanted to share our latest find with you: the perfect blending brush.

Say hello to the Ruby Professional Large Tapered Blending Brush, which you’ll discover inside your November Glossybox. The cruelty-free bristles are soft but firm, making this brush both amazing for creating eye looks and a super handy precision contouring brush for small areas of the face.

Here are three ways we’ve been using it…

Blend out your eyeshadow
Simply hold the tip of the handle and swirl the brush in circular motions in the crease of your eye for a soft, blended eyeshadow look.

Contour the eye socket
Gently use the brush to sweep a darkish eyeshadow from the inner corner of the eye socket to the outer corner a few times. This will create a contour and not only make your eyes appear wider, but leave them with a pretty smokey finish. 

Precision contouring
The shape of the brush is also perfect for contouring the smaller parts of your face. We’ve been using it to sweep a little highlighter down the bridge of our nose, along the brow bone and across our cheekbones for a glowing finish.

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