Your Monthly Horoscope: November 2016

Astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals what’s in the stars for Glossies this month…

This is the time for you to sort things out at home or when it comes to your family. ‘Sorting things out’ could mean doing a clear out at home, being more proactive about finding a new home, taking a trip to see a family member or just being nicer to the people you live with. As Mars moves through your family zone, you would ideally put some extra effort into creating a happy home life. If you have been working too hard, use this month to catch up with your nearest and dearest and remind them why they love you!
Power date: November 24
Beauty tip: Every month it seems like there is one sign that has celestial support for totally clearing out all their old makeup and guess what? This month, it’s you! Get all your kit on a table and sort through anything which has obviously reached its ‘use by’ date.

As angry Mars powers through your communications zone, even as nasty Saturn bears right down on you, times could be intense. Moreover, we are moving towards the end of the year and everyone is getting super busy. You really do need to pace yourself. Think of all the battles you have to wage, at work or in your personal life, as a marathon situation, not a sprint. You’re never going to sort things out overnight so take a long-term approach to happiness and…be your best nice self.
Power date: November 23
Beauty tip: It’s not really a straight beauty tip but it will make you more beautiful; lift some weights! We’ve said it before but it bears repeating, with heavy Saturn in your sign, you need to build up your strength and lifting weights will do that AND give you lovely toned arms.

This month sees lucky Jupiter clashing with Pluto in your sign. On the one hand, they do say ‘there is no such thing as a bad Jupiter event’. On the other, Pluto is a pretty intense energy and he’s currently holed up in your sign, so you could feel life even more intensely this November. If you’re casting off the past to create some thing new for yourself, b-r-e-a-t-h-e. This is a very powerful time to be a Capricorn. You have the ability to create the life you want. Ditch the past.
Power date: November 24
Beauty tip: As Audrey Hepburn said “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” Wise words for you in these tumultuous times!

As Mars moves back into your sign for the first time in two years, you should feel your energy rising. Mars is actually the planet of drive and determination so having him in your sign means you will power through November, keener than ever to chase your goals. Do go hard at life but be careful not to burn yourself out. Your odds of succeeding at whatever you turn your hand to in November are high, as long as you don’t push so hard that you get people upset with you.
Power date: November 9
Beauty tip: Mars is the planet of anger and having him in your sign plus the colder weather could easily lead to some redness in your face, believe it or not! So it’s a very good time to stock up on some of those magical green concealers that balance out skin!

If you’re having trouble sleeping at the moment, you can thank brutish planet Mars who right now is hanging out in your 12th house and quite possibly stirring things up for you. Worrying won’t solve anything, as you know. So don’t keep on imagining all the things you don’t want. Stop visualising or talking about your fears. Instead start to think about what you do want and talk to people about that. Be nice to the people that support and encourage you, too.
Power date: November 24
Beauty tip: As per the above, your best beauty tip this month is to get some proper sleep. Not only will you think better the next day, you will look better, and when people respond better to you, your life will run more smoothly. Also, invest in some night cream.

There is a lot of tension in the air this month and you need to be really careful you don’t take it out on your friends! It will be all too easy for you to start to lose your cool. Perhaps you’re feeling the pressure as we head for the end of the years and your list of things to do Before December 31 starts to grow. Don’t put a lid on your upsets. Rather, spend a little time every day releasing any anxiety, through meditation, chanting, yoga or even boxing!
Power date: November 15
Beauty tip: You need some face masks, some time out and some soothing music Aries. All that tension is not good for your looks. Make sure you do some proper self-care beauty nights this month so that the tensions don’t show on your beautiful face.

Things really hot up for you at work this month as mover and shaker planet Mars moves into your 10th house of career for the first time in a long time (two years). So where do you want to go with your career (or your studies)? And more importantly, what do you need to clear out from your life in order to achieve your goals? This is the month to detox your daily life so you can pay attention to what really matters.
Power date: November 25
Beauty tip: Obviously with your career set to soar, you need to think about the professional face you’re presenting. Be sure you’re not over-doing it on the makeup front, too. At work, less is usually a lot more so give your work makeup a ruthless once-over.

You could be feeling rather driven to just take off to somewhere far away this month. If you can afford the time and the money, just do it. You have undoubtedly worked long and hard over the past few years as Saturn has opposed your sign, putting a lot of pressure on you. If you can take time out, so much the better! For some Geminis, the November energies will translate as you deciding to work harder. It could be about pursuing study goals or about chasing something related to the internet or religion. Go for it!
Power date: November 23
Beauty tip: If you do manage to get away, make sure you pack some natural sunscreen and also think about taking a hair mask so that you can soothe your hair after a day of adventure (or a day of lying by the pool!)

Just when you might have thought it’s almost time to stop working quite so hard, here comes pushy Mars into your finances zone. In other words, you’re going to be more determined than ever to earn the cash you want for yourself and your family. That means more hours, more determination, more effort and more stability around the corner once you get out of this long and possibly quite arduous cycle at the end of the year. At last!
Power date: November 24
Beauty tip: You should have more money this month so why not indulge yourself a little? Anything from a new lipstick or gloss if you’re feeling cautious to spending a little more on a makeup course or even a day at a spa with friends.

So do you have a bone to pick with someone? Is there an ‘elephant in the room’ that you need to talk about? Something going on in one of your most important relationships that you need to deal with? You can cut through the nonsense and clear the air with the person or people who matter most to you right now. Do say what you mean. Don’t say it in such a tough way that you alienate the very people you’re trying to sort things out with! Be warm, like only a Leo can.
Power date: November 6
Beauty tip: When the going gets tough, Leos need to think about their hair. Big hair is back and you need a mane you can be proud of. Buy a new hairbrush (one that stimulates your scalp) or a new hairdryer if you need one or treat yourself to some special shampoo and conditioner.

If you feel like you need to work harder on your health and fitness, this is the time to really push through any pain and move towards getting into great shape. The sporty planet Mars will bring your inner sporty person out now if you let it. Mars hasn’t been affecting you like this for two years, so take advantage of it. Ideally get into some kind of daily (yes, daily) rhythm when it comes to looking after yourself and your body (make it a temple). Doing this will have the bonus knock-on effect of rubbing the hard edges off the stresses of daily life.
Power date: November 26
Beauty tip: As tempting as it is to suggest you find some makeup which doesn’t run when you sweat for the gym, actually there is something that you need even more; inner peace. Obviously you can’t buy that however you can buy a diffuser and some essential oils. More relaxed = more gorgeous.

If you decide that November is going to be all about having a good time, you can make a breakthrough in your life. Realise that life is meant to be fun. Of course we all have to work, but even that can be enjoyed, when we make the effort to focus on the positive. Even a situation with a family member or to do with your actual home could work out finally this month. Make November a fun month.
Power date: November 25
Beauty tip: This is the time when you need to make sure you’re not going over the top in anything – and that includes your makeup routine. It’s very easy to apply our makeup with a heavier and heavier hand as we get more and more used to seeing ourselves – avoid!



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