Your Monthly Horoscope: October 2016

Astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals what’s in the stars for Glossies this month…

There could be some real electricity in your love life this month – watch out! On the one hand, it could turn things around for you in a wonderful way. There could be OH so much chemistry. On the other, it could bring some mayhem and madness which you don’t really know how to deal with. Here’s a tip – don’t try to control everything! Let things happen as they will. At home, be nice!
Power date: October 30
Beauty tip: This is a great time for you to sign up for one of those ‘Learn How To Do Your Own MakeUp Like A Professional’ day courses. Take some time to do some kind of learning about beauty..

It looks like a good month ahead for you as the planet of love and abundance, Venus, moves through your sign. In fact, if you’re working hard professionally or personally, things could go from good to better for you now. Just be careful around October 19 when your two ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, have their once every two years meeting. You could be unbeatable or you could just go over the edge!
Power date: October 19
Beauty tip: You potentially have a lot of stress headed your way – if you want to look good rather than stressed, you need some proper relaxation techniques. Stop the spread of wrinkles – just say “Ommm…”

You need to work on your self-esteem this month. Are you valuing yourself as much as you should? Are you allowing a bully to make you feel bad about yourself? Actually no one can make you feel bad – you allow it to happen. Believe in yourself and your fears about whether or not you’re going enough will go away. And your finances will increase as a result. Strange but true.
Power date: October 26
Beauty tip: Every now and then it’s good to stay home and regroup, no make-up, giving your skin and hair treatments. This is one of those months. Take some time out to revive your beauteous self.

Things are looking great Capricorn. You have super celestial support when it comes to your career, for one thing. You really can scale career heights now. Moreover Venus in your 11th House this month suggests you will be having a super social time with old and new friends. So make time in your diary. And you will have plenty of stamina and energy – just make sure you don’t blow things by losing your cool with someone.
Power date: October 19
Beauty tip: You could be rather red faced this month as angry Mars passes through your sign. Find some foundation which is going to help offset that ruddiness and protect your skin from the elements, too.

The only thing you have to fear this month is … fear itself. As Mars powers through your Fear Zone, it will be easy for you to focus on your worries. You might even end up losing sleep over them. But what a shame to use the energies like that! Far better to use them to explore your spiritual side by meditation and contemplation. At work, you are the office favourite. Just be sure you think before you speak!
Power date: October 15
Beauty tip: You have the beauty planet Venus in your Career Zone this month which means it’s a great time to brush up your professional image. We all know that looks and presentation do count, rightly or wrongly.

You need to be sure you don’t give your friends a hard time this month. It will be tempting to get all upset and let them have it. But is it really wise? The past few years have seen you get rid of the people in your life who are no good for you. The friends that are still with you really mean something, so don’t let the intense October energies lead you astray. Holidays this month should go well.
Power date: October 26
Beauty tip: We are not just saying this, honestly, but with beauty planet Venus in your Internet Zone, it really is the time to do some beauty shopping online. Lucky you’re on Glossybox.co.uk, right?

You are on fire this month Aries! Hopefully in a really good way. You could be very fired up by life throughout October. The trick is not to blow a gasket! If you work or study, you will be extra driven and determined to succeed. However you will have to remember that being nice and kind is as important as being right, especially if you’re dealing with someone who is your superior!
Power date: October 19
Beauty tip: You have beauty planet Venus in your Money Box for a lot of this month so you have all the astro excuses you need to spend up big on anything which will make you even more gorgeous. Astro-truly.

Overall things really do look like going your way this month Taurus, especially if you’re willing to make an effort to make your dreams come true. You should find you’re feeling lucky and even inspired at times. The one thing to be careful of is if you’re romantically or financially involved with someone you don’t really truth! If that’s the case, watch your back and ask yourself why you are involved!
Power date: October 5
Beauty tip: Make up in front of a big mirror! You could find yourself getting romanced this month so make sure your look works up close as well as it does from a distance – it’s all in the details.

Money might be a worry for you this month. However the more you worry, the less time you will have to focus on the solutions you need to sort things out as you would like them to be! Far better to use your time envisaging (literally, see it in your mind’s eye) how you would like things to unfold. In fact, work specifically or whatever you do for your daily life looks good this month so keep the faith!
Power date: October 22
Beauty tip: This is the month to have a really good think about your exercise routines. They get the blood pumping which actually improves your complexion, so they’re important for more than just being trim.

There could be some upsets in your most important relationships this month so mind how you go. If you and your partner (or ex) are already feeling a tad testy with each other, you really will need to learn how to draw those crabby claws in. Don’t push someone too far and then regret it! You genuinely are far better off meditating and keeping your most impulsive thought to yourself. Master yourself!
Power date: October 19
Beauty tip: Although this month could be intense, there is also a lot of scope for getting out and about having fun … so our tip is, drink a lot of water when you get home!

Life at home or wherever you are calling home right now looks overall pretty lovely this month. If you have had issues with your family, parents, flatmate, anyone who is part of your family somehow, this is the month to hold out an olive branch or kiss and make up. At work, you have tons of energy – you just have to make sure you use it wisely. You do need to avoid burnout.
Power date: October 14
Beauty tip: You have the beauty planet Venus in your Home Zone this month which means any beauty routines you do at home will work well. Consider treating yourself to a home-delivered hair and make-up session.

The stage is set for some romance this month as Venus moves through your Communications Zone and Mars moves through your Fun Zone. Put those two factors together and you should find you can seduce anyone with your words and once you have them in the state of mind you want them, you can have some fun with them! Having fun with friends is also very highly recommended if you’re single and plan to stay that way.
Power date: October 10
Beauty tip: As Venus, the planet of all things beautiful, passes through your Mind Zone it’s the ideal time to get yourself to a department store to get a free consultation and ideas for updating your look.



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