Your Monthly Horoscope: September 2016

There are eclipses this month in your sign and your opposite sign, so all bets are off! Eclipses are entirely unpredictable – they more or less enhance whatever is already going on in your life. So if you’re living toxically in some way, the eclipse might force you to change that. It’s time to get real and be less careless. Ouch!
Your Power Day: September 1
Beauty Tip: Everything can change for you now. The trick is for you to be honest with yourself and others about what needs to go. In terms of your makeup routine, be honest about where you’re look is outdated.

This is the start of the luckiest cycle you have had for over a decade. So make the most of it! Decide what you want to do, what you’re willing to take some kind of calculated risk to achieve, and go for it. You now officially have lady luck on your side. You still have to put in the hard work but the cosmos are on your side.
Your Power Day: September 9
Beauty Tip: Beauty planet Venus is back in your sign so it’s time for you to feel more gorgeous. Seriously, feeling lucky and beautiful in September is not going to be all that hard. if you have been doubting yourself lately, then this is the time for you to get your self-confidence back. For many of us, that starts with looking good!

This month, you really need to get clear on what you want. It brings a new moon eclipse in your wishing zone and that is about as powerful as it gets when it comes to cosmic support of your wish making! Make your wishes as close to September 1 as you can. It’s also the start of a busier time socially and an expanded spiritual life for you.
Your Power Day: September 6
Beauty Tip: Since it’s all about wishing for you this month, what’s on your beauty wishlist. Seriously? What are you wishing for in the make-up and skincare routines departments? This is the time to indulge yourself. Any products which work on you while you sleep as extra well starred now too.

With all the hard work you have been doing lately, you would think that eventually you would start to get some results, agreed? Well this month, you could start to get ‘lucky’ at work as a result of all that effort. This month’s new moon eclipse lights up your ambitions; whatever you’re working towards has a big celestial push but, you have to keep up the hard work!
Your Power Day: September 1
Beauty Tip: Because your work is so much in focus this month, if you do work, it’s the time for you to think about your professional image. How good are you looking when you go to work or even for job interviews. This is the month to work on the professional face you’re presenting.

There is so much going on in the skies this month – for one thing, you have great stars for study and travelling. If you feel you need to rethink some of your plans connected to either of these subjects, do it – it’s the right time. Also you’re one of the signs whose good professional juju is going off the charts this month. Work it!
Your Power Day: September 6
Beauty Tip: With beauty planet Venus at the top of your chart, you need to think about your appearance. You’re smart enough to know that, like it or not, people judge us on our appearance. Opportunities do or don’t open up to us depending on whether or not we look like we mean business or like we just don’t care.

The new moon eclipse this month is boosting your finances. So, how are you doing cash-wise? Could you use a bit more coming your way? The answer, based on your chart, is that you need to somehow collaborate with someone. That could be a loan which you can afford to pay back later or perhaps actually going into a business partnership.
Your Power Day: September 17
Beauty Tip: With your finances hopefully on the up and up, now is the time for you to think about investing in some quality make up. Spending a little extra money will be better for your skin and will help to revamp your look!

There is a new moon eclipse in your love zone this month which means it’s ‘begin again’ time for you and your love life. If you’re with someone and everything is hunky dory, there could be a challenge that will show what a solid couple you are. Be warned, bad relationships may not survive the month!
Your Power Day: September 27
Beauty Tip: You’re one of the signs whose finances are up on the up and up this month. It’s a very good time for you to invest in anything which is connected to your appearance, from clothes to make up to your hair. Just don’t spend more than you can afford!

It’s time for you to adopt a new attitude to your daily life and working routines. Have another think about how you would like your life to run. Have you been slacking off? Think less about enjoying yourself and more about what you need to do to do your duty. Sorry, but it’s true!
Your Power Day: September 9
Beauty Tip: It’s a peak beauty period for you as beautiful Venus opposes your sign. What does it take for you to feel beautiful? More sleep? Clever make up? Whatever the case, it’s time to indulge. Pay special attention to your complexion as you could be getting up close and personal with someone…

The new moon eclipse this month suggests it’s time for you to stop working so hard and to start having more fun. There is a time for everything and right now you need to enjoy yourself more, find work you enjoy and also look after yourself and your wellbeing.
Your Power Day: September 19
Beauty Tip: A little bit of self-love and self-care every day is what the beauty doctor is ordering. Whether it’s things like giving yourself a weekly mini-peel or even just taking your vitamins so you’re in peak health, the skies are telling that right now for Taurus it’s all about regular self-care.

There is a start for you in your home life this month. It’s time for you to have another think about where you want to live and/or who you want to live with. If you have been having home issues or upsets with family, this is the time to move on from the past. Your most important lessons are coming from your relationships.
Your Power Day: September 20
Beauty Tip: The best thing you can do for yourself beauty-wise now is to learn how to meditate, do yoga or practise some other form of stress relief as you are still under so much pressure. Relaxing face masks, head and full body massages as well as leisurely baths will do you a lot of good!

You still have a lot of work pressure. The way to handle it is to go slowly, and steadily, towards your goals without too much complaint – as you have hopefully done for the past few years. If you have been complaining, stop it! The eclipse reminds you that we get what we focus on, so focus on good things!
Your Power Day: September 6
Beauty Tip: Have you ever tried chanting? You’re another of the signs that could really use some kind of ‘out’ from reality – a way to unwind between all the hard work you’re doing. Chanting might not sound like a beauty tip but the less stressed you are, the more beautiful you will be! Ommmm…!

Your self-esteem will be in focus this month. If you have been too hard on yourself lately, accept that and see how you can change it. If you’re feeling old or somehow up against it, work through it. Remind yourself of all that is wonderful about you and make sure you’re spending time with people who make you feel good about yourself, not the opposite!
Your Power Day: September 25
Beauty Tip: This is the month for you to think about your beauty routines and regimes, as beauty planet Venus moves through your mind zone. Think about the way you’re taking care of your skin and about your makeup routine.



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