Your Monthly Horoscope: August 2016

Astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals what’s in the stars for Glossies this month… Horoscope August 2016

Your love life is in focus this month as the eclipse lights up your Love Zone. If a new relationship is starting now, it could be a rather important one in the years to come. And if one is ending, try to let go without too much upset – you’re moving on at the exact right time, cosmically-speaking.
Your Power Day: August 16
Beauty Tip: Focus this month on getting all your make up off at the end of the day. Really step up your cleansing routines and consider buying some new products to make sure that your skin is as clean as can be at the end of the day. Slough off the dead cells, too.

It’s time for you to have a think about how well you are looking after yourself. Being a Virgo you are usually all about what you can do for other people. But this month’s eclipse reminds you that you need to take care of yourself too, otherwise you won’t be any use to anyone!
Your Power Day: August 28
Beauty Tip: The more you can exercise this month, rather than getting into an unhealthy summer binge, the better. Rather than chugging down the wine on holidays, turn to green juices and watch your skin light up with a natural glow. Seriously.

Use this month to meditate and contemplate as much as you can. As of next month Jupiter will move into your sign, heralding the start of the luckiest period you have had in 12 years. So get as Zen and centred now as you can, so when your luck starts to improve, you’re energetically aligned!
Your Power Day: August 27
Beauty Tip: You’re going to be more popular than you have been in ages and can expect more invitations, too. It’s a great month to take a make up class or just ask a friend who’s got great make up skills. Might as well look your best while everyone want your company!

Scorpios who would like to make some big changes in their personal life have wonderful stars this month as the Full Moon eclipse takes place in your 4th House. In other words, if you want changes to where you love or who you live with or somehow connected to your family, take action!
Your Power Day: August 17
Beauty Tip: Since your home is in focus this month thanks to the eclipse, you might as well embrace that. Make August a month for lots of home-treatments like hair masks, hair colours, face makes, exfoliating sessions and the like. Make August ‘beauty DIY month’.

Mars moves into your sign this month which means that just when you might have thought you were going to run out of energy, you have a celestial power pack pushing you forwards. This is actually really good news, since you have so much to do. Just don’t push yourself too hard.
Your Power Day: August 12
Beauty Tip: If you really want to look good this month, get yourself a massage as soon as you can. It might not sound like a regular beauty treatment but with your planet Jupiter meeting Chiron, any kind of body work like this will really get you back into alignment with yourself, so you start to glow.

There are a few money matters which need attending to this month as the Full Moon eclipse lights up your Money Boxes. If you have been through a financial struggle, this is the sort of celestial event you need to get yourself onto a new money path. Expect things to improve and work towards that!
Your Power Day: August 17
Beauty Tip: Your greatest enemy appearance-wise in August is worry. The more you fret about anything, the more it’s going to show in your face. A chat with a friend or even some kind of counsellor is the best way to get your worries off your mind and your face.

The Full Moon eclipse in your sign this month is a gift from the heavens. It’s time for you to turn the corner somehow. If anyone or anything is holding you back, move beyond it. if you have been clinging on to a relationship which has run its course, it’s a good time to release your grip!
Your Power Day: August 18
Beauty Tip: The eclipse in your sign also means now is the time to throw out anything at all in your life which has passed its Use By date. That includes clothes, make up, magazines, anything at all. So go through your make up back and cabinet and get rid of anything even vaguely manky!

As Mars moves into your Career Zone it’s time for you to lift your game when it comes to your working life (or re your studies, if you’re not yet at work). Decide what your ambitions are and start to work towards them and the path in front of you really will rise up to meet you.
Your Power Day: August 27
Beauty Tip: Of course taking care of your hair and make-up will always make you look more gorgeous. But do you have a yoga and/or meditation practise? A bit of Zen is what the celestial doctor ordered for you to look amazing this month. Just say Ommm and your face will thank you!

Life is going to start to move forwards again. Hopefully you have had enough time to get your breathe and work out where you are in your life. Those of you who have felt stuck should find that you’re finally getting back up to speed. If things have soured in a friendship, move on.
Your Power Day: August 24
Beauty Tip: The thing you need most this month is a good night’s sleep – every night if possible. Stressing out is not good for you complexion, as you know. Some delicious night cream will aid and abet the process. Slather it on!

This is a month for you to keep the faith. Things could be rather up and down as your planet Venus clashes and clicks with the other planets. Sometimes you will feel like everything is blocked or falling apart and other times you are going to realise how very lucky you are!
Your Power Day: August 27
Beauty Tip: It’s a month to get together with friends for a beauty/mani/pedi night. Put one facemasks, photograph each other and put the results on Insta. It will be fun and you could teach each other some new beauty tricks.

Do as much as you can to get ahead this month ahead of next month when your planet Mercury is going into a reverse cycle. If you have been dreaming of getting away from it all, you might just find a way to do it. And if you want to study to improve your lot in life, you have full celestial support.
Your Power Day: August 10
Beauty Tip: If you’re going on holidays this month, then lucky you! Give your skin a chance to recuperate from the trials and tribulations of daily make up during the rest of the year. Focus on allowing it to breathe. Cleanse, tone and moisturise in August and otherwise leave it alone of you can!

It’s an eclipse month so we know you are going to be a tad on edge. Use the energies and look at where you want your life to go from here. Financially you could really turn the corner this month though you might have to give up something in order to earn more in the future.
Your Power Day: August 17
Beauty Tip: Hopefully the eclipse this month will boost your bank account. If that’s the case, get rid of your cheapest rubbish make up and invest in some new products which will really do wonders for your skin. Especially consider organic and paraben-free.



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