Your Monthly Horoscope: July 2016

Astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals what’s in the stars for Glossies this month…

It looks like there are some fun and games ahead for you this month as driven Mars moves through your fun zone. You should be feeling more motivated than you have been in a while to get out and about, catching up with old friends, making new ones and even going to the odd party.
Your Power Day: July 1
Beauty Tip: Your love life is also looking very promising this month so think about your makeUp routine in relation to your love life. Does your (potential?) beloved prefer a natural look? Indulge him/her!

Delays on the home front or related to family should be well and truly easing up now. If you have been trying to cajole your family or the people you live with into doing something, you could find you are more persuasive as of this month. House moves/buys are also really well-starred.
Your Power Day: July 16
Beauty Tip: 30 Venus, the planet of beauty and good looks, is in your sign this month which means you’re effectively being tapped with the celestial beauty stick. In other words, you’re allowed to be very vain.

One of the great things about Virgos is that you’re slow to anger. You don’t tend to lose your cool. However that can work against you sometimes because you bottle up your feelings. If you don’t express negative thoughts, they can fester! This month you’ll find it easier to speak your mind in a nice Virgo way.
Your Power Day: July 26
Beauty Tip: If you feel as though you’re stuck in a makeup and skincare rut, this is the month to make some changes, especially towards the end of July. Try at least one totally new look or a completely different product.

When it comes to your earning potential, it just went through the roof. You could say it’s the highest it’s been for more than two years. So chase your dreams and the money you want to earn. July is also time for you to work on your self-esteem. Higher self-esteem equals higher bank account.
Your Power Day: July 12
Beauty Tip: Around mid-month you should start to feel more attractive than you have done in a while. If you’ve been letting your self-care routines slip, this is the time to get back into them while beauty planet Venus smiles on you.

If you have been feeling like the brakes were on your life for some time, there is good news. You will soon be feeling back up to speed again. Frustrations and obstacles will lessen. You should feel more as though you’re in the flow of life rather than pushing against it, both personally and professionally.
Your Power Day: July 7
Beauty Tip: Venus is in your career zone for a lot of this month which means it’s time for you to consider your professional appearance. So much of how seriously or not people take us at work is about our appearance.

Nagging fears you have felt which may or may not have been keeping you up at night should start to fade away now. If you’re feeling anxious and you want to work on that, this is a great time to take up any kind of intuitive sport such as tai chi or chi gung.
Your Power Day: July 9
Beauty Tip: One thing you really need to do for yourself and your face this month is catch up on some beauty sleep. The past few months have seen Mars keeping many a Sagittarius up at night. Sleeep…!

Feeling like you could use a new friend? The skies support you in this. If attempts to throw your friendship net a little wider haven’t been overly successful lately, don’t give up! There is a new day dawning for you with your friends. You should also find it easier to be more assertive when needed.
Your Power Day: July 7
Beauty Tip: With beauty planet Venus in your sex zone there is one sure fire way to improve your complexion… failing that, any number of the products in this month’s GLOSSYBOX could also be exactly what the celestial doctor ordered.

Career dramas and frustrations should start to ease up now. In fact it will be easier than it has been in a long time to move forwards professionally. Decide what you want and start to do whatever it takes to move towards it! that doesn’t mean be ruthless, it means be determined.
Your Power Day: July 16
Beauty Tip: Your working life looks like it’s speeding up this month. Don’t neglect your beauty routines just because you have so much to do before the holidays. You will feel better if you continue to take care of yourself.

Use this cycle now to rebuild your study habits and patterns, your career and/or your ambitions. When you pull these things apart and put them back together again, they don’t have to look exactly the same as they did before. Want a getaway? You should find that’s easier to organise now too.
Your Power Day: July 9
Beauty Tip: One of the best things you can do for yourself this month if you want to look as good as possible is some old fashioned exercise. A bit of sweat will leave your skin looking amazingly dewy and get the blood flowing!

Overall, you should find that things are going your way this month. It’s a very good month to work on your finances. You should find you have all the energy you need to be more proactive about building your bank account. Lovewise, you may decide to let someone get a little closer.
Your Power Day: July 6
Beauty Tip: You should feel a lot more gorgeous this month as your planet Mars connects with beautiful Venus. So make sure you get out and about and ‘flaunt the pretty’!

Your most important relationships are well-starred this month. So think about who really matters most to you and see if you need to shore things up with them. It could be a personal or a professional relationship which you sort out now. Talking things through calmly is key. Clear the air.
Your Power Day: July 1
Beauty Tip: This is a brilliant month for you to do a makeup course if it’s on your to do list, as beauty planet Venus will be in your mind zone. That and watching YouTube tutorials. Think about how you’re presenting yourself.

Use this month to get back into some good health routines. With Mars now moving forwards in your 6th House, it really is time for you to think about your health and how well you are looking after yourself. Are you exercising enough or too much?
Your Power Day: July 10
Beauty Tip: With beauty planet Venus in your 2nd house of cash you have all the astrological excuses and indeed encouragement to spend what you need to spend to feel good about the face you’re putting forward.



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