Five Ways To Wear Your GLOSSYBOX Ribbon

Every month we bring you a brand new way to upscale your old boxes, but what about the ribbons? We’ve shown you five ways to use them in your hair, so next up we’re turning our attention to how we’ve been using them to customise our favourite accessories and to up the ante of our favourite outfits.

Here are five ways the Glossy team re-use their ribbons…

upscale-glossybox-ribbon-heelsTry tying the ribbon into a bow and securing it to the back of some heels using fabric glue. This adds a statement detail to a simple pair of heels.

Pussy Bow
Accessorise your favourite shirt with a smart black ribbon. Simply thread it underneath the collar and tie it in a bow at the neck.

upscale-glossybox-ribbon-chokerChokers are a key trend this season and we’ve found the easiest way to pull it off. Simply loop a ribbon around your neck and tie in a loose bow at the back. Plus, if you have your hair up you’ll be able to see the bow at the back too!

Prettify a plain floppy hat by securing a ribbon around the base using fabric glue, then it tie into a bow at the side.

Alternate the look of your lace up sandals by switched the lace out and looping a ribbon through them instead!



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