The June Edit: Your Questions Answered

This June, we asked you to share any questions you had about the products inside your box – from how to apply them right through to what they’re best for. We’ve selected ten of our favourites and asked our Glossy makeup ambassador Emma O’Byrne to answer them for you. Here’s what she had to say…

‘Do you have to blend in the lip and cheek tint with your fingers, or is there any other tool you recommend using?’
‘You could also apply it directly and use a cotton bud to blend into lips – this will stain your fingers though so make sure you wash your hands immediately! I use a brush to blend it into the apples of the cheek or a disposable sponge.’

‘Is the lip and cheek stain long-lasting? If not, how often do you need to be applying?’
‘I think it is quite long lasting & will last even longer if you apply a couple of layers, for a stronger and deeper colour.’

‘In this month’s box if I leave the 3 minute mask on for longer will it matter?’
The 3 minute thing is more of a minimum – I always leave my masks on for longer. But it’s good to know that it would be effective if you did only have 3 minutes to spare!

‘I’m looking forward to the Konjac sponge, is there a special technique to use it and what else can I use it with?’
It needs to be properly soaked before being used. You can use it with a foam or gel cleanser – or I often mix an oily cleanser with an exfoliating cleanser which I apply all over my face and then use the sponge to deeply cleanse the formula into my complexion. The best technique it to use gentle, circular motions – almost in a massaging movement. Rinse the sponge and repeat until all the cleanser is removed. Make sure to really rinse the sponge properly!

‘Should the Origins moisturiser be applied all over face or in specific areas like t-zone for maximum effect?’
Apply it all over your face – it’ll leave you with the healthiest glow!

‘The Ladival sun protection cream says it has advanced infrared protection. What does this mean and is SPF15 high enough for a British summer?’
This is dependant on your skin tone, as some people need a higher SPF than others. You should be wearing an SPF 365 days a year though, so if you have fair skin this could be an option in the colder months. The advanced Infrared protection means your skin is protected against four times more of the sun’s rays – standard sun creams protect against UVA and UVB, which Ladival does too, but these only make up 7% of rays. Infrared A makes up a further 30% of rays.

‘Hi there, for the lip tint as it is so liquid, is there a way to make it neat after application?’
Remove the excess! Apply it to the centre of the lips and either use a lip brush or a cotton bud, which works almost the same as brush with the added aid of removing excess and helping to create the perfect ‘stained’ look.

‘Can the sun cream still be used effectively in sport such as running, does it withstand perspiration?’
Yes, I would happily go for a run with it on, but I won’t be running a marathon! I always feel it’s probably best to re-apply if you are worried about burning, no matter what the label says.

‘With the lip & cheek stain, is there a way to make it less severe looking?’
With the lip, I think it’s easier to make it less severe by applying a very small amount and then using a cotton bud over it quickly to soften the colour and finish. With your cheeks, you’ll need to make sure your skin is well moisturised – if there is any dryness in it, it will be exacerbated with a tint so try applying it with a sponge or mix it into your moisturiser to thin the stain.’

I’m very eager to try a Konjak sponge I was wondering if it really make a difference on the quality of the skin?
‘I love how it feels & therefore makes me want to clean my skin properly, as a result I feel it has made a difference. Its a very gentle way to clean & to exfoliate which is important as sometimes when you use your fingers or a face cloth, you can rub harder than you mean too, this prevents that from happening, by its very nature.’



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