Upscale Your GLOSSYBOX: Three Ways To Get Organised

This month, we’re upscaling our GLOSSYBOX to create some extra storage. From having somewhere to hang our door keys so we don’t constantly misplace them around the house to creating a desk organiser to keep our stationary in check, here are three ways we’re reusing our old boxes this month… upscale

Key hooks
box-upscale-key-hooks1. Spray paint the base of your box and leave to dry. You may need to apply more than one coat.
2. Taking three self-adhesive hooks, stick them to the inside of the box so they are evenly space out.
3. You can now use the hooks to hang your keys on! Simple place the box on a shelf near your door or secure it to a wall.

Tissue box

1. Using a pencil, mark a triangle shape on the lid of your box measuring 12cm by 2cm.
2. Using a stanley knife, cut out the centre of the rectangle.
3. Spray paint base and lid of the box – we went for two different colours – and once dry, fill the base of the box with tissues and place the lid back on top!

Desk organiser
 1. Taking a large piece of card, cut out 6 pieces that measure 30cm by 9cm.
2. Roll each piece of card into a tube and secure with sellotape.
3. Place all six tubes into the base of your GLOSSYBOX.
4. Tie your GLOSSYBOX ribbon around the outside for decoration, and fill each tube with stationary.



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