Your Monthly Horoscope: June 2016

Astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals what’s in the stars for Glossies this month… horoscope

It might be hard to get yourself motivated to do all you need to when it comes to study or work at the moment – and your desire to exercise could hit rock bottom this month, too! On the upside, your private life looks happier than it’s been in a while and the financial outlook is good too!
Your Power Day: June 9
Beauty Tip: With Saturn on your case for so long, you could be starting to feel rather run down. Face packs and masks are what the astro-beauty-doctor orders for you this month. And winged eyeliner.

Tell your partner there is good news! The planets this month are conspiring to make you an even nicer person to be around. Forget about relationship dramas you have had in the past and recreate yourself. In other news, remember positive thinking is your June (and beyond) key to success.
Your Power Day: June 26
Beauty Tip: Your love life is taking off – issues which have upset you about your beloved or ex will subside. All the better then to make yourself gorgeous and show off your best side.

There is good money news coming your way this month. On the one hand, it could be a stroke of good fortune (since lucky planet Jupiter is involved). However on the other hand, because your daily work zone is also involved, it might be the results of your sheer hard work.
Your Power Day: June 14
Beauty Tip: This is a great month to detox both your diet and your makeup bag! What has been in there too long and is old, manky and needs getting rid of? Do it now – the skies support a clear out.

This is a really good year to be a Virgo. Doesn’t feel like it yet? Be sure you’re not falling victim to ye age old Virgo habit of worrying about things which might never happen. If you focus on your fears, it’s much harder to realise how lucky you are. Count your blessings.
Power Day: June 9
Beauty Tip: With beauty planet Venus in your friends zone, this is the month to get together with friends and have a day of beauty, whether it’s at your place or a proper day spa. Share the love.

Many Librans have had fairly tumultuous personal lives over the past few years (since volcanic Pluto took up residence in your home zone). However this month you have the chance to make some profound changes to your home and family set up and situation. What needs doing? Get on it.
Your Power Day: June 12
Beauty Tip: Quite a few signs could use a beauty-night-in this month and you’re definitely one of them. Transform your living room into a salon and treat yourself from head to toe.

Things look positive for Scorpios this month, including where your social life is concerned. Do decide to go out and have some fun and do be sure you’re using your considerable Mind Power to attract positive people into your life. Also, don’t push yourself too hard in any way.
Your Power Day: June 26
Beauty Tip: It’s definitely going to be a going-out month so make sure you’re all set to razzle dazzle. Is glittery eye shadow old school or making a comeback? You decide!

It looks very good for you at work and where money is concerned this month. So if you have been working hard to try and get ahead professionally or financially, it looks like it’s going to be mission accomplished. Of course, don’t expect a brass band to come and celebrate you. Success will be its own reward.
Your Power Day: June 3
Beauty Tip: With that extra cash in your pocket, what are you going to treat yourself to? You definitely deserve something special after all your hard work so be generous with yourself!

Anything or anyone from far away can really prove life-changing for you right now. So if you’re thinking of getting away from it all, or falling in love with a foreigner, or wondering about working or studying overseas, then know that you have celestial support and go for it.
Your Power Day: June 7
Beauty Tip: This could be an amazing month for an overall – think about how you would like to reinvent yourself and your look and go for it. It’s a month where you’re sort of ‘reborn’.

If things are slow for you at work, try not to panic – frustrations and delays are likely thanks to the Mars retrograde in your career zone. The good news is that this slow down doesn’t look like it will affect you too much financially. In fact you have very good money stars this month.
Your Power Day: June 12
Beauty Tip: You need to work a bit harder to make an impression this month and part of that will come from the way you’re presenting yourself. Time to titivate and up your office game a little.

It’s a slightly galling fact of life that it’s often not what you know but who you know. You need to remember that this month. You do have friends in high places who can help you to achieve whatever you’re aiming for. Your love life should also take a decisive turn for the better this month.
Your Power Day: June 26
Beauty tip: Your love life could be about to go through the biggest transformation for ages. You need to make sure you’re feeling as good about the way look as you can do! What will that take?

This is the month to really focus on your working life. If you’re not happy with your day-to-day existence, the planets support you in doing something about that. Life is too short to be unhappy on a daily basis so get it in your head that you can have a have ‘daily grind’.
Your Power Day: June 30
Beauty tip: Do you need to update your look at work? Whether we like it or not, we are judged professionally on our looks. Are you keeping up appearances? I f not, start now!

If your love life feels on hold, it might be. However there is a light at the end of the tunnel so use this month so slow down and appreciate your partner or learn what life is like when you stop arguing with any of the people in your life that you love.
Your Power Day: June 03
Beauty Tip: How about a romantic night with a candle lit bubble bath and all-over body massages? That’s got to be exceedingly good for your complexion, right? Single? The candle lit bubble bath still works!

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