Beauty School: How To Apply Mascara

It’s just mascara right? Wrong. The way we apply it makes all the difference from how you wield your wand to the insider secret to defining each and every lash.

GLOSSYBOX’s Resident Makeup Artist Emma O’Bryne tells us how… How to apply mascara

1. ‘The weight of mascara draws lashes down so curling your lashes makes more difference than you think. Look straight ahead as you’re doing it and spend a little more time placing the curlers at the base of lashes, ensuring no stray hairs have been left out. Squeeze the curlers for ten seconds at the base of lashes 10 second in the middle and 10 towards the tips. I love the Eyeko Black Magic Eyelash Curlers, £12, which also appeared in the Spoil Me Silly GLOSSYBOX!’

2. ‘To boost the lift of your lashes, gently press your middle fingertip against the middle of your eyelid and pull the eye lid up ever so slightly as you apply the mascara. This allows you to snuggle the mascara wand into the roots of lashes for a tight-lined effect. Try Revlon’s new collection of mascaras – there are five formulas to suit every lash type and you’ll discover one of them in your May box!’

3. ‘To frame your eyes, lashes are best fanned into their natural shape. Rather than drawing lashes out, pull the mascara wand slightly in towards your nose. Then create volume by defining your middle lashes using the end of your wand to paint on more mascara.’

4. ‘Paying attention to the outer and inner corner lashes is one of those small details pros pay attention to, because it makes your eyes look instantly bigger. Clinique’s Bottom Lash Mascara, £13.50, has a miniature brush that catches the super small lashes normal mascaras may miss – as does Revlon’s Ultimate All-In-One Mascara, £9.99. They’re great for defining the roots of lower lashes, without smudging mascara against the skin beneath.’

5. ‘Don’t add another layer of mascara at the end of the day as it can make your lashes too clumpy. Instead, refresh end-of-day mascara by re-curling lashes (be very careful to slowly and gently open the eye-lash curler to avoid pulling any lashes out), but if you just can’t resist the lure of more mascara comb lashes through before you apply a second coating.’




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