Your Monthly Horoscope: May 2016

Astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals what’s in the stars for Glossies this month… Horoscope 

Life could be a bit mad this month with Mercury reversing in your sign. Make the most of this rare cycle by rethinking anything in your life which isn’t working as you would like it to. Chances like this don’t come along all that often, so make hay! A sense of humour will serve you really well now, too.
Your Power Day: May 10
Beauty Tip: This is the month for you to rethink anything and everything, including your beauty routine. Everything gets tired after a while if you don’t change it up, right?

Right now, all your most important life lessons are coming to you from your most challenging relationships. Are you paying attention? Work on any fears which are coming up for you. This can be a real breakthrough year for you if you ‘live consciously’. That means ‘observing’ yourself and owning up to any patterns of detrimental behaviour, among other things.
Your Power Day: May 13
Beauty Tip: As much as life is tough for you right now, your May stars say you really can feel beautiful again, so make the effort, especially in the first half of the month.

What are you dreaming of? Some Cancerians will be changing their list of top 10 wishes. Others will finally have an old wish come true! This should be a good month for you, even though you’ll probably have to work harder than you feel like. Romantically, mid-month looks very nice. Fallen out with a friend? Making up is possible now.
Your Power Day: May 6
Beauty Tip: Since this is the month when your wishes can come true – poof! – just like that! – then you might as well make up a dream list of your fantasy makeup bag. You might even get it!

This is the time for you to rethink your career – not the whole thing, necessarily, though that might work for some Leos. Think of this month as your chance to do a sort of ‘adjustment’ when it comes to what you hope to achieve in life. How do you want to leave your mark? Be patient if there are frustrating delays.
Your Power Day: May 22
Beauty Tip: You have the beauty planet Venus in your career zone this month. In other words, it’s time to think a bit more about the way you’re presenting yourself at work…appearances matter!

There is a push-pull in your chart. You have a lot to take care of in your home and family life. There are demands on you which, being a Virgo and being attuned to helping others, you won’t ignore. However you also have amazing career stars right now. You can shine at work (if you don’t wear yourself out with home duties).
Power Day: May 31
Beauty Tip: With Jupiter in your sign, your good fortune is totally connected to coming across confidently. So make up as little or as much as you need to do that. Don’t limit yourself.

Have another think about your financial setup. If it’s not working as you would like, who do you need to talk to? Also, if your sex life isn’t all that amazing right now, the skies support you in either having a word to your partner about what you do want or, if you’re single, perhaps revisiting an old flame? Just a thought.
Your Power Day: May 13
Beauty Tip: Overall you have pretty awesome stars this month and chances are you’re going to be out and about a lot, being popular. A good cleansing routine is really what you need this month!

Expect love life madness as Mercury reverses in your love zone. On one hand, it’s a great time to re-work the rules of your relationship, be it with your partner or ex. But FYI, if you and your ex still have a lot to say to each other, it could be a time to try again (or at least get closure)…
Your Power Day: May 7
Beauty Tip: Your love life is likely to be your focus. Make your lips kissable and see what happens. If you’re feeling less gorgeous, don’t be afraid to focus on your appearance. It’s not vain, it’s normal!

With Saturn in your sign, it’s a safe bet you’re already working very hard. This month’s astro-energies remind you to work smarter not harder. You have very supportive stars for renegotiating your job description and daily duties, so talk to the powers that be if that’s something you would like to do. Also a great month to rethink your diet/exercise regimes.
Your Power Day: May 2
Beauty Tip: Drinking more water and getting enough sleep are two of the main things you can do for yourself beauty-wise this month. You really need to sort out your morning and afternoon routines!

Without wanting to sound like a chat with your therapist, this really is the time for you to work out what scares you. Think about what was happening at the time the fear(s) first came up. Ask yourself what, if anything, you get out of hanging on to your fear(s). Sort out these issues now and you will become stronger.
Your Power Day: May 7
Beauty Tip: Even when it comes to your beauty routines, this is the time to live a little. Go a little bit wild, from super-duper eyeliner wings to hair glitter. Have some fun!

Old issues at home or with family are likely to crop up, all the better to sort them out once and for all! The key to success will be smiling through any family or home-related dramas, no matter how annoying. Happily, by the end of the month there should be less domestic chaos and more fun, even perhaps some flirtation.
Your Power Day: May 26
Beauty Tip: This is a good month to go out less and stay in more, so spend your time doing things like face masks and mani-pedis. You can do it with a friend, if you’d like some company.

Communications planet Mercury will be retrograding for most of May, and the cycle is taking place in your communications zone. And yes, that is a double whammy. On the plus side, you get to have another think about anything you’re not sure about. Don’t feel forced or be rushed into any final decisions. On the negative side, general chaos could reign!
Your Power Day: May 10
Beauty tip: As the beauty planet Venus passes through your house of self-esteem and cash, it’s pretty obvious (at least to an astrologer!) that you need to be (a) using this month to make yourself up so that you feel as good as you possibly can about the image you’re presenting to the world and (b) that it’s a good time to invest in beauty products.

Start the month with one thing in mind; you have the right stars to become a real power player at work now, and to enjoy your work. Even so, if you’re having issues connected with money, May is a great time to talk things through. You could come to a new and better deal. Ensure a lack of self-confidence isn’t tripping you up.
Your Power Day: May 22
Beauty tip: It’s the ideal month to find a department store or other promotion and talk to someone about what suits you best when it comes to your makeup. You could get some awesome ideas!



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