Your Monthly Horoscope: April 2016

Astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals what’s in the stars for Glossies this month… Horoscope

As your ruler Mars goes into a rare retrograde in mid-April, it’s time for you to slow things down a little. Stop trying to do everything at once. Even if you feel as though you’re not where you want to be in life, take a breath. It’s time for you to meditate and contemplate a little.
Your Power Day: April 12
Beauty tip: Venus in your sign this month means it’s your best chance this year to beautify and titivate! Venus is the planet of beauty and she is in your sign in April. It’s your chance to remind yourself of what you need to feel beautiful. Tip: beauty comes from within.

This is a ‘lay-low’ month for you as the sun moves through the deepest and darkest part of your chart. Take time out to meditate and contemplate life rather than trying to do too much. The easier you take it now, the better your birthday and the year ahead will be.
Your Power Day: April 22
Beauty Tip: We all need time out from time to time and April is that time for you. However, don’t totally abandon your beauty routines. Use this month to rejuvenate your face with makeup free time and lots of face masks and intense moisturising or even a peel – whatever you need that can happen behind closed doors.

You get a relationship reprieve this month as Mars slows up in your love zone. If you have been finding it hard not to lose your cool with your partner or ex recently that should ease up now. Remember that all your most important life lessons are currently coming from your love life!
Your Power Day: April 14
Beauty Tip: This is the month to do something like joining GLOSSYBOX! No. Really! The planet of beauty is in your ’11th house of friends and networks’ which means that joining some kind of beauty club or even just having a beauty night at home with friends will really do wonders for your look.

This is the month for you to focus on your brilliant career. Or if it’s not all that brilliant, this is the month to do something about it. If you play your professional cards right in April, you could even be in for some kind of unexpected financial bonus or reward.
Your Power Day: April 16
Beauty Tip: How much is your working life impacting your skin? Could you be taking better care of yourself? Are long hours wreaking havoc with your complexion? It’s time to sort this out! Also a really good month to update your work look. Don’t let it get dated! Talking to a consultant could help.

The problem you have right now is that you’re probably being too efficient and working too hard – that might serve you well at work, but how about your downtime? Do you actually have any downtime? We all need it. You need to make a real effort to schedule in fun. Seriously.
Your Power Day: April 9
Beauty Tip: As the beauty planet Venus moves through your 9th house (the part of your chart associated with the exotic), now is the time to invest in some lotions and potions and cosmetics from far away. No kidding, it’s also a great time to buy beauty products online. True. The 9th house rules the internet!

Issues at home or connected to your family should start to ease up this month. If you have been too nit-picking of late, this is the month to stop that. No one likes being constantly criticised. The key to happiness with family and your home now is to focus more on the positive!
Power Day: April 14
Beauty Tip: Once a year, the time comes for you to invest a bit of cash into your beauty regime – and April is the month. Beauty planet Venus is making mostly positive connections in your 8th house of money, which means the cash will be well spent, so see what needs updating.

So how’s your love life? If things have been a tad lacklustre of late, or too chaotic, that can change in April. You have wonderful stars for romance. Singles could meet someone new who sweeps them off their feet. Couples could re-inject some excitement back into their relationship. Enjoy!
Your Power Day: April 22
Beauty Tip: Romance really is in the air so we’re thinking less is more on the lipstick front this month. Seriously. Buff your lips and plump them but don’t over-colour them if you’re planning some serious canoodling time. You know that too much lipstick or gloss just makes a mess, right?!

There could be some delays related to cash this month but don’t panic. It’s all a part of the natural cycle. In fact, you’re being challenged not to go into a fear frenzy just because money isn’t flowing as freely as you might like. Manage that and the future will be yet more stable and lucrative.
Your Power Day: April 12
Beauty Tip: The best thing you can do for yourself and your skin this month is get into a proper exercise regime. A bit of cardio on a regular basis is just what you need, as beauty planet Venus goes through your health and fitness zone. You need to work that natural glow!

Mars reversing in your sign means you might be feeling a bit like “two steps forward and one step back” at the moment. But remember, you’re in a big learning curve at the moment so even when life is frustrating you, there is something important to be learned from whatever is going on.
Your Power Day: April 14
Beauty Tip: You need to slow down right now. Buying lotions and potions with essential oils in them will really help you to rebalance as you take some time out. Give yourself a weekly facial massage too. You need to unburden yourself. Stress face is not pretty!

Use this month to focus on home and family. Perhaps you have been off gadding around town or even around the world – now it looks like the people you love need to see you. Venus in your 4th house means you will find happy days when you’re at home with your kin.
Your Power Day: April 18
Beauty Tip: With Venus in this part of your chart, use April to enjoy a few beauty nights at home, alone or with family or friends. Schedule in a mani/pedi night, a whole-body exfoliation night, a calming bath night, a hair mask night and so on. Your self image will thank you in May!

How well are you getting your message across to the people who need to hear it most? Whether you have something loving to say, or perhaps you want to voice a complaint, this is the month to check in and see if you’re staying on point when it comes to your all-important communication skills.
Your Power Day: April 22
Beauty Tip: This month sees a wonderful link between the beauty planet Venus and your ruling planet Uranus. The best way to use this is to throw out all your old ways of doing your makeup and try sometime totally different – even if it’s a bit shocking to some people!

There could be something of a slow down at work going on right now as Mars reverses in your career zone. The number one thing to do is not panic! Instead, focus on the positives in your professional life, whatever they might be. And if you can’t find a single positive, it might be time for a career change!
Your Power Day: April 14
Beauty tip: As the beauty planet Venus passes through your house of self-esteem and cash, it’s pretty obvious (at least to an astrologer!) that you need to be (a) using this month to make yourself up so that you feel as good as you possibly can about the image you’re presenting to the world and (b) that it’s a good time to invest in beauty products.



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