Your Monthly Horoscope: March 2016

Astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals what’s in the stars for Glossies this month… Horoscope

If you’ve been waiting to see if and when you’re going to get what you want, well, (a) chances are you will find out this month and (b) chances are you will be happy with the outcome. There is a new moon eclipse in your sign this month which is a massive sign for you that a new cycle is starting. If what you want is a good thing for pretty much everyone concerned, chances are you’re going to really like March.
Your Power Day: March 9
Beauty tip: This is the time start anew with anything and everything you can manage to and that includes your beauty routines. Work out what’s ‘tired’ – be it your make up, your cleansing/toning/moisturising routines or anything else and do something a bit different. This is your chance!

There is a full moon eclipse in your love zone this month which means you’re coming to the end of the road in one of your most important relationships. If your love life has been troubled in recent years, you can turn the corner now. Top tip: So much of how our relationships go depends on choosing our partners wisely!
Your Power Day: March 23
Beauty tip: Do you feel beautiful? If not, then this is the time for you to do some inner work on yourself as well as outer work! Meditation, exercise and yoga are potentially as important to applying the right products so pay attention to both this month – look after yourself.

This month brings a new moon eclipse in your wishing zone. It’s time for you to make some wishes. Set your intentions. Think about what you want and – if you know it’s good for you and for everyone else – tell the universe your desires on the evening of March 9. Warning: Dreams can come true. Just don’t doubt yourself.
Your Power Day: March 2
Beauty Tip: What have you always wished for? Perfect winged eyeliner, fuller lips, eyebrows on fleek? This is the month for you to go for what you want – and there is nothing wrong with wanting to look as good as you possibly can. Maximise what your Mama gave you, as they say.

March sees the New Moon eclipse firing up your career zone. So whether you’re studying or working, it’s time for you to think about what you want for yourself professionally, now or on the future. With Saturn and Mars in your opposite signs, your hard work will be easier to get through thanks to your increased energy, and worth it in the long-run.
Your Power Day: March 30
Beauty Tip: With the focus on your work astrologically, this is the time to think about how well you’re presenting yourself at work. As you probably know, it’s not just what you say and how, but how you look as you say and do it. This is true whether we like it or not!

If you’re dreaming of writing a book and getting it published, or you have hopes connected to the internet, this could be your lucky month, thanks to the eclipse. Study and travel plans are also set for some exciting developments. Stay flexible. Love-wise, there could be a rather massive improvement, too. Perhaps that’s to do with you learning to control your temper?
Your Power Day: March 26
Beauty Tip: Fight that stay-at-home Cancerian vibe and make a promise to yourself to make a bit more effort when it comes to your make up routines. Your beloved or new admirers will notice. Also a good month to get extra gorgeous and update your online profile pics.

One financial cycle is coming to an end this month, thanks to the eclipses. Don’t worry – it should be good news, since you have the lucky planet Jupiter in your money box. As long as you’re not being an over-magnanimous Leo and throwing around more cash than you can afford, developments now related to cash should be largely in your favour. “Ker-ching!” basically.
Your Power Day: March 7
Beauty Tip: Obviously with money a bit of a potential worry (not to mention concerns about your carbon footprint) this is the month to be a bit cleverer about the ways you spend your cash. If you invest in beauty products in March, opt for high quality.

This month there is a new moon eclipse in your love zone, no less. That’s a sign from the Universe that it’s time for you to make some changes in your love life. If things have been a bit rubbish lately, put it all in the past. A new cycle starts here. Already loved up? Things really could go to the next level now.
Power Day: March 9
Beauty Tip: Your love life is in focus but that doesn’t mean you only need to be thinking of your beloved! Far from it. Use this time to do whatever it takes to feel fabulous about yourself, be it taking time for a beauty night at home or having a spa day.

You could be feeling a tad more emotional than usual, thanks to the Libra eclipse. If you’re doing something which needs to stop, this is the month to stop it. If something has to change, personally or professionally, this is the month to change it. Live consciously (think about what you’re doing and be authentic) and this month will be amazing.
Your Power Day: March 23
Beauty Tip: It’s time to slough off the past, emotionally and physically. Emotionally, you need to move on. Physically, a good face- and body-exfoliating session really could work wonders for you. Exfoliate with the intention of moving on from the past!

One thing is for sure this month, you need to make sure you are not burning the candle at both ends. You need to delineate between your working life and the time off you need to be a regular human being (and that means more than just taking the odd holiday – it’s an on-going thing!) Find a balance and inner peace will follow.
Your Power Day: March 24
Beauty Tip: Go for products with essential oils in them this month. You need all the zen you can get. There are loads of lotions and potions which combine feeling good with being gorgeous. The less harsh chemicals the better for you this month.

Life for many a Sadge has been a tad dreary of late, thanks to Saturn in your sign. However, at home at least, it’s looking better this month. There is an eclipse which suggests that as long as you’re prepared to be kind and reasonable, things at home and/or with your family or flatmates can work out for the best.
Your Power Day: March 16
Beauty Tip: It’s time to think long term for you – start looking after yourself now with some luscious creams. You need to future-proof your skin today to keep it looking good. Your hands and neck in particular shows signs of aging, so work on them!

If you work, note that one professional arrangement or project could be coming to an end now. If so, that is totally fine. The time is right and something great will take its place in due course. Overall, it looks like being a great month for you, especially where travel and study are concerned. It’s also a great month for a makeover.
Your Power Day: March 17
Beauty Tip: A good make over begins with looking after your skin. If your cleanser and toner are not doing their job, use this month to treat yourself to something new. Ditto your other staples such as foundation and mascara. Invest in yourself.

The new moon eclipse in your Money Box is just what you need to get onto a new path financially-speaking. Everything can change for you financially, whether that’s to do with you loving your work more or rating yourself more highly at work and attracting a pay-rise or a bonus, or finding a new income stream or even a new job.
Your Power Day: March 2
Beauty Tip: The new moon eclipse is also in your self-esteem zone. How are you doing with that lately? Remind yourself of your own magnificence by spending time and money on yourself. If you know you’re worth it, show yourself you’re worth it!

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