It’s Time To Prep Your Pins For Summer

As the weather gets warmer and our hemlines get higher, it’s out with the tights, boots and winter jackets, because summer is (finally) on the horizon. But before we bare our currently pale pins for all to see, we need to give them a little TLC to ensure they’re primed, primped and polished.

Here’s what we’ll be relying on this summer to keep our legs looking their very best all season long…

Buff and scrub
Not only does body brushing slough away any dry skin and reduce cellulite, but it’s also a fantastic way to boost circulation and in turn, rid the body of toxins. Simply spend a few minutes every evening brushing your legs in circular motions and you’ll soon notice the results. We love Body Brush Round, £8 at The Body Shop. Another option is using a body exfoliator like Soap & Glory Scrub ‘Em and Leave ‘Em Body Buff, £8 at Boots. It will ensure your pins are super silky all summer long, by removing the skin’s dull outer layer.

Smooth and treat
Ingrown hair and those pesky red bumps that often appear post-shave or wax will be a thing of the past once you’ve got your hands on Sass’s Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate , £12 at Boots.  It soothes the skin and reduces hair regrowth, all while gently exfoliating the skin via a combination of salicylic acid and fruit enzymes. What’s more, for super sleek and hair-free pins, Wilkinson Sword For Women Hydro Silk Razor, £10.50 at Boots, insures a smooth shave every time.

Nourish and firm
To stop the skin on your legs becoming dry, make sure you’re slicking on a decent amount of hydrating moisturiser every morning and evening. Opting for one that also harnesses firming properties will help keep your limbs toned. The unique ingredients in Dove’s Firming Nourishing Lotion, £4.99 at Boots, includes nutrients and rich essential oils that’ll help improve the skin from deep below the surface.

Cover and tint
Like an Instagram filter for your legs. You can cover up any unwanted imperfections and enhance your natural skin tone within a few sprays of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs, £9.99 at Boots. The weightless formula makes all your leg insecurities disappear and it lasts all day long, so there’s no need to reapply.



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