Your Monthly Horoscope: February 2016

Astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals what’s in the stars for Glossies this month… Horoscope

Happy birthday to you! This Valentine’s month looks promising for you, however it could be that you’re being asked to make some kind of sacrifice for someone you love. If that’s the case, do it with an open heart and don’t worry about whether you’re being thanked for your efforts. You’re amassing great love karma which you can make good use of later! Even if Valentine’s Day isn’t all that great, by February 17 your love life and even your finances should start to improve, as love planet Venus enters your sign.
Your Power Day: February 6
Beauty tip: The new moon in your sign this month makes it a wonderful time to redo your beauty routines. Throw away anything manky-looking in your makeup bag – and throw away your makeup bag too, if it’s looking a little worse for wear!

If you want to turn your friend into your lover, or if you have some wishes connected to love, then this could be your lucky Valentine’s month. Seduce your pal or let the universe know your dreams on February 5 or just before. This month could heal a lot of emotional pain from the past. Talking things through is key.
Your Power Day: February 19
Beauty tip: You are still the sign most likely to fall in love or be loved-up with your partner. The excitement of love (or a big crush?) is hopefully giving you a very healthy glow. If not, exfoliating off winter’s dead skin cells should do the trick!

How you fare this Valentine’s Day is all about how you feel, not about your lover or potential lover but about … you guessed it. About yourself! The moon is triggering your self-esteem zone on February 14. So love yourself and others will too. Work-related love is especially well-starred, so if you have your eye on someone at work, be bold!
Your Power Day: February 13
Beauty tip: You have the beauty planet venus in your career zone this month. It’s a great time to brush up on your professional look. Ask yourself if you’re doing what you need to to present your best face forwards. This is a powerful time for Aries professionally, so look professional.

It looks like you will be focusing on work a lot this month. And that’s a good thing. It’s the right time for you to work out what is working for you professionally and your ambitions, and what needs more strategising. However if you want love, you will have to allow some time for it in your busy schedule…
Your Power Day: February 9
Beauty tip: You have the energy planet of sport and speediness, Mars, opposite your sign this month. That means you could be a tad more tense than usual so take care. Beauty-wise though, it’s a wonderful month to get your complexion really glowing with some good old-fashioned workouts followed by rehydration and moisturising.

Despite serious Saturn in your love zone, you could have one of the best and sexiest Valentine’s months you’ve ever had. Reason being, the love planet Venus is in your intimacy zone and connecting with passionate Pluto. That actually happens in the first week of February, but keep the vibe alive and February 14 could prove to be memorable!
Your Power Day: February 6
Beauty tip: With the beauty planet Venus in your money zone this month, you pretty much have all the excuses you need to splash out on some new cosmetics, lotions and potions. Tip: Venus is also boosting your sex life, so take that into account before you buy! We’re thinking smudge-proof lipstick!

So how good do you want your love life to be? You have some amazing love stars this month. It’s as though you’re finally moving out of that long and torturous romance phase you have been in for a while and life is getting sweeter for you and your beloved. Single? Your love options are opening right up at long last.
Your Power Day: February 2
Beauty tip: With the planet of love and beauty in your opposite sign, you are one of the signs that needs to be thinking about your appearance this month. There is no doubt, that love flows more smoothly when we make a bit of an effort for our partner or would-be partner. So be bold and make beautification a goal this month.

The good news is that the sun is in your love zone as Valentine’s rolls around so you’re already focused on matters of the heart. If you’re single or attached, focus on what you want from your love life and not on what you don’t want! Also don’t be cynical when it comes to love. That’s a passion-killer right there!
Your Power Day: February 6
Beauty tip: Use this month to get into some new beauty routines, such as applying a hair mask every Sunday night or steaming your pores on a Monday night. Routines might sound boring, but right now is the perfect time for you to do this. It could even be somehow life-changing. No kidding.

You have the stars on your side all this Valentine’s month, so hopefully it’s all going to go swimmingly for you. What you need to remember is that you are still the sign most likely to meet your soulmate. So if you’re not happy single or with your partner, change things. And if you are happy, celebrate it this month!
Your Power Day: February 6
Beauty tip: It’s time for you to make some life changes as the full moon takes place in your sign this month. Look at where your beauty routine is still in a rut and do something about it. You can find hundreds of ideas for inspiring new way to make yourself even more beautiful on Beauty Unboxed! Try something new!

Your love life is still a bit of a roller coaster and will be for some time. One minute you feel like you’re with absolutely the right person and the next, you’re not sure why things are not working out as per your dreams. You really have to keep the faith this Valentine’s month. Things should get better and better.
Your Power Day: February 9
Beauty tip: Obviously being a Libran, you are gorgeous every day of the week (Libra rules beauty!) But this month, your stars suggest beauty starts at home. If you’re single, it’s a wonderful time to invite some friends over to share beauty tips – from applying makeup to how best to cleanse. Attached? Make a point of looking lovely at home for your partner.

This is very much the month to tell someone how you feel about them (assuming you’re professing words of love!) Not just because it’s Valentine’s month, but because you have romantic Venus meeting passionate Pluto in your communications zone. At the very least, send your crush a Valentine’s Day card and see what happens!
Your Power Day: February 13
Beauty tip: One thing to ask yourself this month is if you are being a bit too tight when it comes to spoiling yourself with the odd beauty-related indulgence. Tightwad Saturn in your money box is teaching you to be economical, but a little bit of indulgence never hurt anyone!

Make this your “I love me!” Valentine’s Day. Not because there is no one else out there who loves you. Nothing at all to do with that! But rather because the more you love yourself, the more others are going to love you, too. So be kind to yourself and you could end up having a wonderful February 14.
Your Power Day: February 3
Beauty tip: Your chart is all about work right now and about how far you can go if you believe in yourself. Venus in your self-esteem zone is a reminder that if you don’t take care of yourself and rate yourself, who will? Don’t work so hard you forget to love and pamper yourself. A nicely pampered you will work harder and impress more. Strange but true!

You are in for a bumper month with abundant and loving Venus in your sign connecting to powerful and passionate player Pluto. If you’re single and you don’t want to be, this really is the time for you to go out and meet someone new. If you’re attached, you and your beloved can really connect on a super-deep level.
Your Power Day: February 2
Beauty tip: Venus is in your sign making it a makeover month for you. You see, Venus is the planet of beauty and she visits Capricorn about once a year. As she wafts through, it’s time to focus on your appearance. Amp up your femininity with a new fragrance, for example. Visit a makeover counter for some free advice. It’s beauty month for you!



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