Trendy Talons: A Festive Nail Art Tutorial

Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to spread some cheer than by heralding some festive (yet sleek) nail art? We’ve teamed up with Cheeky and beauty blogger Really Ree to give you a couple of ideas – there’s something for every ability level, from straight out beginner to those with surgical precision.

Here are a duo of nail art tutorials that’ll have you covered all through December – and beyond!

1. Apply a base coat then slick one coat of Cheeky Ice Queen, £7, on your nails. Wait to dry.cheeky_festival_nail_art_tutorial_step_one_look_two

2. Using Cheeky 24 Carat, £7, hold the brush diagonally and swipe from midway down the nail to the opposite top corner.

3. Still using the same polish, use a thin nail brush to draw 3 lines in the opposite direction.
4. Once dry, apply a top coat.

1. Apply a slick of base coat then polish your nails with Cheeky Peach & Love, £7. Wait to dry.cheeky_festival_nail_art_tutorial_step_one_look_one

2. Using a thin nail brush, dip it in Cheeky Flame & Fortune, £7, and paint a small triangle at the base of the nail in the centre and fill it in.
Step 2.2 look 1
3. Using the thin nail brush again, paint an outer line around the triangle to create a chevron effect.
Step 3 look 1
4. Finish with a slick of top coat!
Step 4 look 1



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