Your Monthly Horoscope: December 2015

Astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals what’s in the stars for Glossies this month… Horoscope

So here comes your glory time of the year, when you get the new moon in your sign and your birthday arrives. Kind of a bummer you have the most tedious planet (Saturn) in your sign then, right? Wrong! In fact, you are in the most amazing position to learn so much about life right now and to use it straight away so that day by day and week by week you feel older and wiser in a really good, stabilising way.
Your Power Day: December 14
Beauty tip: You’re in the spotlight this month. So your beauty tip has to be all about you doing what makes you feel good when it comes to your beauty routines. You need to be comfortable in your skin.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the more you can face your fears now and work out where they came from and how baseless they are, the happier you will be now and in the coming three years or so. This month, work and home is intense. Try to stay calm and see how much better that works for you.
Your Power Day:  December 6
Beauty tip: With beauty planet Venus in your 11th House of Friends, it’s a month to get together with some pals and to have a makeup night. Share some tips and see what you can teach each other.

Can you say “shooting from the lip”? Because that’s very likely what you’re going to be doing a bit of this month. Seriously, as much as you have been through this year, you need to think before you speak, especially in early December. Be reasonable and Christmas itself could be rather lovely. Make a wish on December 11.
Your Power Day: December 10
Beauty tip: This is a month for you to focus on how well you’re presenting yourself at work. You’re a smart sign, you have no illusions about the fact that the way you come across influences how well you do. So spruce yourself up!

There’s a new moon in your career zone this month and some wild cosmic action in your two money boxes. In other words, just because it’s the end of the year, don’t take your foot off your ambitions pedal, so to speak. Keep chasing your professional or study dreams and you could catch them. PS You’re still lucky in love.
Your Power Day: December 10
Beauty tip: Treat yourself to some foreign-brand makeup that you’ve been longing for. There is nothing wrong with home-grown brands, of course, but something exotic is what the celestial beauty doctor currently recommends for you. We’re thinking French or maybe Japanese?

We’re not going to lie, there are some pretty intense astro-energies around. All the better for you to master your emotions and end 2015 an even better person than you started it, right? At work and when it comes to love, get your zen on, unless you want fireworks (and not in a good way!) Good news; things settle down by Christmas Day.
Your Power Day: December 6
Beauty tip: Spend a little something on yourself! Venus is in your money box and she loves to buy beauty products so splash out! If you don’t want to spend before Christmas, go mad in the Christmas sales. Chances are what you buy now will be a great investment.

Daily life might be a tad aggravating around December 6-11, as you career helter-skelter through your end of year deadlines and duties. The number one thing to do is check in with yourself. Have you become a work-a-holic? If so, ditch those tendencies now. Live a little! In your personal life, it’s hopefully a different story with some lovely moments to look forward to.
Your Power Day: December 23
Beauty tip: Your love life could be extra special this month so we’re thinking money spent on exotically perfumed body creams or oils will be money well spent. If they’re made of organic ingredients, better yet.

This month brings with it a reminder not to take love or life too seriously. There is a new moon in your relationship zone while sex planet Mars flirts in your fun zone. In other words, while you do still have to work at relationships, be sure you don’t let anyone or anything suck all the fun out of things.
Your Power Day: December 19
Beauty tip: Invest some extra cash into the products you use every day of the week. That’s where the smart Gemini money will be, rather than purely on party season gimmicks.

It’s the end of the year so whatever you do, don’t let your temper get the better of you (again?)! Every time you find yourself getting upset, especially in the first week of December, breathe and remember how nightmarishly destructive unleashing your fury can be, no matter how justified it feels at the time! Find ways to express yourself rationally.
Your Power Day: December 16
Beauty tip: T’is the season to be sociable and your chart is promising you lots of fun – entertaining and being entertained. Look your best by getting a basic December 2015 party season routine down pat. And repeat!

Tread carefully this month. There is quite a lot of drama in the air and being a bit of a drama sign yourself, and seeing as how angry Mars is in your communications zone, well, it all adds up to you needing to speak the truth, sure, but not burning peoples feelings with your fierce, fiery words! Get the picture?
Your Power Day: December 5
Beauty tip: Home is where your heart is this month. But hanging out at home with loved ones doesn’t mean slouching around with no makeup on in your pjs. Does it, Leo? Take pride in your appearance at home, like you do everywhere else!

There could be a bit of upset about money. Don’t get angry, instead (a) be very proactive about what you want to do to increase your abundance and (b) do evolve with the changing times. At home and with family, there are also some very big lessons to be learned. Take them on board and the future will be more stable.
Your Power Day: December 19
Beauty tip: It’s a great month for you to find a beauty counter where they’re giving away free makeovers and get some expert advice about what suits you and what doesn’t. At the very least, ask a friend for some advice – you have great stars for communicating about beauty now!

There are some really electric energies around and they’re in your sign and your love zone. In other words, watch out! Be charming and aim to be around kind people. Don’t underrate charm! You can out-charm most people so be lovely, even if others are being out of line. Stand up for yourself of course, but…charmingly.
Your Power Day: December 24
Beauty tip: Beauty planet Venus is in your money zone so you’ll either be buying lots of gorgeous beauty-oriented Christmas presents for friends, or spoiling yourself. Both are good. Tip: if you’re feeling tight with spending cash on yourself, just chant “I’m worth it!”

Use the cosmic energies around this month to get a grip on how great you are. Seriously. For too long you have been subject to judgments and even criticisms, sometimes from yourself and sometimes from others. Now it’s time to remember your own magnificence. Do this and (a) life will improve and (b) you will get some proper inner peace.
Your Power Day: December 6.
Beauty tip: Venus in your sign means you need some beauty therapy. No kidding. We’re not just saying this. December is all about you looking good and people responding to you because you’re coming across so lovely, inside and out!



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