Your Monthly Horoscope: October 2015

Astrologer Yasmin Boland reveals what’s in the stars for Glossies this month…

Your challenge now is to think positively, especially when contemplating fears related to love or money. The rest of your life will be miles better if you can train your brain to think good thoughts and feel good about the future. For example, even if you have had to say goodbye to someone you care a lot about, try and see all the love around you. Home and family situations can be transformed now. Also, work to expand your intuitive abilities.
Your Power Day: October 23
Beauty tip: Motivational author recommends we look in the mirror every day and say “I love you”. This is oh so recommended for you this month.

There could be stress related to a friend or money in early October. If so, think long-term; how important will the issue you’re fighting about be in a year’s time? If the answer is ‘not very’, then obviously the wisest move could be to back off. Use your powers of persuasion to get what you want, rather than pressuring others!
Your Power Day: October 11
Beauty tip: It’s time for you to bolster your self-esteem so get yourself a new ‘do or some gorgeous new products to indulge yourself with.

There could be some career glitches this month but the secret is not to let them put you off too much. Rather, if you want to get ahead professionally, the answer is for you to press ahead and most importantly, show enthusiasm for what you do. Making a big effort at work could bring good results. Work-related romances are well-starred.
Your Power Day: October 25
Beauty tip: Getting your hair done before any big work meetings isn’t being superficial, it’s being smart…

Issues related to study, travel or the internet (including internet dating) are possible this month. However they shouldn’t last too long so please don’t take them too seriously. Overall, October could be a brilliant month for you. It offers you the chance to transform your life – you just have to work out where in your life you want real transformation.
Your Power Day: October 11
Beauty tip: This is a great month if you have been thinking of doing some kind of gentle home chemical peel. Go easy, but sloughing off the dead cells will really work for you now.

Sex and money are two potential sources of angst now. Take any negativity related to sex or money in your stride. Have confidence that everything will work out – and it almost certainly will. Actually, you have great love and money stars right now. To activate them, be optimistic about your sexual and financial prospects. This may sound weird, but it’s the key.
Your Power Day: October 12
Beauty tip: Since it’s such a sexy month, a new fragrance or a bath oil or lotion to match your existing fragrance could bring romantic results.

Your love life and your career are both being challenged this month. The way to overcome any obstacles is to sit down with a pen and paper and work out a five-year plan. Having a strategy that you can be passionate about is the key. Hard work now really will lead to a more secure future, both personally and professionally.
Your Power Day: October 12
Beauty tip: You’re probably feeling a bit thrifty right now. Fine! Go through your old makeup and see what can be reused and reinvented.

This is pretty much what you might call a ‘Mucho! Mucho!’ month. There is so much energy in your chart and it can come out in any number of ways. If you’re big into your work or study at the moment, don’t hold back. You can really get somewhere. Ditto if you’re getting fit. Love-wise, it’s a restart month.
Your Power Day: October 17
Beauty tip: With all the ‘Mucho! Mucho!’ in your chart, it’s up to you if you want to extend that to your look. But careful not to overdo it!

For many Taureans, this month is going to be all about love and romance. And what happens next depends a lot on how smart a choice you have made about who to get emotionally involved with. If you’ve chosen wisely, it could be a month of love and sexual fireworks. Made some bad love choices? Then it’s a good time to rethink things.
Your Power Day: October 23
Beauty tip: Go soft and sensual. Go as pale as suits you. Less is more in your October palette.

There could be some issues related to your love life, your flatmate and/or your family. If that’s the case, don’t try and fast-talk your way out of whatever upsets – instead use the October energies to be really mature and to deal with what’s upsetting you or anyone else. This is your time to mature in how you deal with others.
Your Power Day: October 25
Beauty tip: Be rigourous in your cleansing routine this month. It will pay dividends. This is the ideal time for you to set up proper beauty routines.

Oh there is so much goodness in your chart this month. Very happy for you! For a start, all your most important relationships have great cosmic juju – that includes your personal and professional relationships. Even one with someone who’s been a bit of an enemy lately can be fixed. As well, you have the blessed gift of positive thinking. Life-changing.
Your Power Day: October 11
Beauty tip: Remember, true beauty comes from the inside. So think beautiful thoughts this month (it’ll be easier than ever) and see how you look.

You don’t usually have to say this to Leos but this month, it’s worth repeating; the more you believe in yourself, the more others will too. They will love you more and look after you more. If you’re feeling down on yourself in October, write down a ‘top 10 amazing things about me’ list. Go on.
Your Power Day: October 12
Beauty tip: If you’re not feeling too wonderful, seek out a pal and have a night in making yourself beautiful and chatting.

Things do look tense when it comes to love, money or family around October 11. Just be your usual self and rise to any challenges and you will be fine. The wonderful thing about being a Virgo is that you really can handle just about anything. And right now you have Lady Luck on your side as well. Overall, October should be fun.
Your Power Day: October 6
Beauty tip: Stress will show in your face so get out and do some exercise – fresh air and pumping blood will do wonders to alleviate any upsets.



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