10 Of The Best Conditioners

Hair takes quite the hit on account of hair styling, pollution and colouring – among other things – which is why it’s crucial to have a have a fleet of reparative conditioners on hand. Whether it’s post-holiday hair, between washes frizz, or achieving nourished hair that isn’t weighed-down, here’s an edit of the 10 best conditioners for all your needs..

The thick hair saviour
This gem from Unite is a dream for thicker, coarse hair. Apply a light spritz between washes for soft, luscious locks. It contains a blend of light proteins and moisturisers that seal the cuticle, as well as UV and thermal protection.
Unite 7Seconds Conditioner, £16.90 at Unite Hair

Lightweight nourishment
If you want nourished hair that isn’t weighed down, use this featherlight mousse in place of your conditioner. Comb through and leave on for 2-5 minutes for hair that’s glossy not slippy.
Percy & Reed Lovingly Light Foaming Treatment Mask, £20 at John Lewis

Oil up
Coconut oil is a favourite for thick and curly locks, as it’s able to penetrate the keratin fibres for shine and smoothness. This natural formula can also be used as a mask to nourish a dry scalp.
Dr Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Conditioner, £5.79 at Holland and Barrett

A dash of pink
For a boost in hydration while also knocking out any green tones, we turn to the geniuses at Bleach. It adds a pink hue to your blonde hair, without the commitment.
BLEACH Rosé Conditioner, £6 at Boots

Cleanse and condition
High performance cleansing and conditioning in one step. It won’t lather much, but leave it on for three minutes for shine, volume and protection.
Grow Gorgeous 12-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner Brunette Prismatic, £19.49 at Look Fantastic

Colour care
If you want to increase the time between costly salon visits, this conditioner will keep hair in great shape – plus the colour lock technology reduces fading, in turn ensuring your colour lasts up to 40 washes.
Tresemmé Colour Revitalise Colour Fade Protection Conditioner, £5.24 at Boots

Leave it in
An old-school conditioner (it’s been around since the 60s and hasn’t changed a bit) that you smooth on to dry hair for instant manageability and shine. A great option for hair that gets dry at the ends.
Vitapointe Leave-in Conditioner, £2 at Boots

Boosts growth
Frequently recommended by stylists for anyone who wants their hair to grow faster. Thanks to a combination of natural herbs, vitamins and amino acids, it boosts the rate of hair growth and reduces breakage.
FAST Conditioner For Long Beautiful Hair, £32.49 at Amazon

A boost in hydration
Not only does it leave your locks smelling incredible, but the moisture rich ingredients in this little coconut wonder from Yes To is clinically proven to smooth and nourish the driest of hair back to its former glory.
Yes to Coconuts Ultra Moisture Conditioner, £5.99 at Boots

The frizz banisher
A conditioning sensation like no other, thanks to a combination of Brazilian mint, spearmint and mentha piperita that tingle on the scalp while wheat protein and panthenol intensely nourish.
Origins Clear Head Mint Conditioning Rinse, £16 at Origins



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