Is This The Secret To Healthy, Long Hair?

Our poor old hair is put through its paces on a daily basis, making it weak, damaged and prone to breakage – especially with the recent surge in hair colour trends and stresses like heat styling making it more sensitive than ever.

Luckily, Redken is here to save the day. For those who suffer from split ends (so that’s everyone, yeah?), Extreme Length Sealer works to bring back your hair’s potential to grow longer and past its usual breaking point. The brush-on formula blends proteins, which hair craves when it’s damaged, and biotin, a B-vitamin that helps hair grow healthier and stronger, to leave your tresses in optimum condition and seal split ends shut. In turn, making them look sleek, polished and tamed.

It’s a dream if you’re wanting to grow your hair, because that four to six week trim can now be held off a little longer!

Redken Extreme Length Sealer, £14.00



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