Makeup Contouring: The Glossy Guide To Strobing

The craze for makeup contouring has been re-imagined. It’s out with the sharp angled lines and in with a softer, more illuminated approach to enhancing your bone structure.

Filtering down from some of our favourite make-up pros, the new technique promises to present your features in their very best light. The secret lies in the way you layer pearlescent products – but don’t mistake this for highlighting, it’s all about a glossy yet satin finish.

‘Up until now, contouring has been matte, flat and sometimes obvious,’ explains Illamasqua’s Make-up Artist Alex Box. ‘When people want to create sculpted cheekbones, they want it to look ‘real’, but most contour colours sit on the skin – which is the opposite of what a natural contour or hollow would do.’

So, while we’re still obsessed with contouring crayons for their ability to give us the cheekbones of our dreams, a glossy take for summer is right up our street, especially if the result is sheeny cheekbones and a gleaming complexion…

Start by ‘strobing’
The trick for spring is to enhance the skin with light, rather than contour – all you need is a white-hued liquid illuminator like MAC’s Strobe Cream, £24.50. It bounces light to create a more natural and uplifted look, in turn boosting your mid-summer glow for an ethereal complexion.
Apply Using your index finger, tap and blend your chosen illuminator along your jawline, the tops of your cheekbones and just above your eyebrows, as illustrated in the white highlighted areas on the image above.

Add a glossy tint of colour
A little gloss works wonders once you’ve finished ‘strobing’, as it highlights your bone structure further while still looking pared-back. Illamasqua’s new Gel Sculpt face tint in Silhouette, £22, glides onto the skin adding subtle shadow and sheeny definition.
Apply Lightly dab along the bottom of your cheekbones and the ridge of your nose, as illustrated in the dotted areas on the image above. You could also add a little along your jawline.



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