Supercharge Your Beauty Routine

You know that Monday morning feeling when you first open your eyes and already feel like you’re flagging? Or the instant slump that hits you as the clock strikes 3pm? Well, the clever people at This Works have formulated a special blend of therapeutic essential oils to help supercharge your wake-up.

Think of each product like a battery pack in a bottle – because essentially, that’s exactly how they work. By boosting your daytime alertness and in turn, helping you get the most out of each and every waking hour.

It’s all thanks to the stimulating combination of balancing geranium, revitalising rosemary and uplifting ylang ylang, which work in unison to fight fatigue by making you feeling uplifted, both mentally and physically.

Here’s the 3-step routine we’re currently following…

The body wash
The perfect way to start your day. It naturally boosts your energy levels, while gently cleansing your skin.
This Works Energy Bank Body Wash, £16 at SpaceNK

The hydrating oil
Both regenerating and skin-enhancing, Body Makeover makes your skin silky smooth and lifts your mood – leaving you refreshed and raring to go.
This Works Energy Bank Breathe In, £18 at SpaceNK

The on-the-go boost
We’re keeping this on our desks to perk us up mid-afternoon – simply roll a little on your pulse points and take a deep breath in. 
This Works Body Makeover, £32 at SpaceNK




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