The Secret To Younger, Healthier-Looking Hair

You may not be able to spot any lines or wrinkles, but hair ages just like skin. With age, it loses essential nutrients making it dry and brittle. But it’s also about length: the longer hair becomes, the older the ends are – especially as those ends have been routinely subjected to heat-styling, colouring, sun, pollution and even hair twiddling, which damages and frays them further.

Healthy hair looks more youthful, so make these easy changes to protect it now – and in the future.

Play nice
When hair is wet it’s at its weakest, so be gentle! Use a wide toothed comb to detangle hair in the shower (even better, do it during your conditioning treatment) and avoid rubbing wet hair with a towel as this damages the hair cuticle and exacerbates frizz.

Protect and nourish
Ensure you invest in an in-shower hair treatment duo that will nourish dry hair and replace vital nutrients to keep it healthy and shiny. Dove Advanced Hair Series Youthful Vitality Shampoo and Conditioner do just that, thanks to a formula rich in proteins and lipids that help thicken hair for a fuller, more nourished finish. The best part? You’ll find both in your March GLOSSYBOX.

Less heat: more blow
Avoid the high heat on your hairdryer. Heat damages and dehydrates hair, making even the healthiest of locks look frazzled and straw-like. Opt for the ‘lots of blow / less heat’ setting and when it comes to straightening, choose the lowest heat possible. And don’t forget heat protection!

Pay less attention to ponytails
Ponytails. Yes, we love them but a consistently tight hair band can ravage the area where it’s secured. That’s why you’ll often find a weak, frizzy spot a couple inches from the roots, where your band would usually sit. Luckily this season’s plaits, seen at Donna Karen and Peter Som, or buns at Edun are kinder on hair while also ticking the bang-on-trend box.

Give your hair a break
As tempting as it is to restyle two-day-old hair, it can be more damaging than subjecting clean hair to heat. Day-old hair attracts small particles of invisible dirt and pollution and applying heat can bond them to the hair, increasing the free radical damage to the hair cuticle. Time to dig out the dry shampoo!



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