Liquid Eyeshadow Is The New Powder

Say goodbye to eyeshadow as we know it. Powders are a thing of the past with the advent of liquid eye colour. We have Giorgio Armani to thank for this make-up ingenuity. The brand’s range of Eye Tints, £27, hit shelves this week and are applied more like a gloss than an eyeshadow.

The colour is easily swept on with a sponge applicator wand, which is curved to fit the contours of the eyelid, and has a thin tip that is easily snuggled along or underneath lashes. Because the pigment is suspended in water, which evaporates seconds after it’s applied leaving only the colour behind, quick blending (your finger will do) is key.

The downside is this innovative technology comes at a cost, but whether you get your hands on one of Armani’s, or await the high street versions that we predict will soon follow, prepare for a new era of oh-so-modern eye make-up.



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