Upcycle Your GLOSSYBOX Ribbons

Inspired by our subscribers who have shared their inventive ways of re-purposing their GLOSSYBOX ribbons, we’ve come up with a few ideas of our own.

Here are just a few ways in which the GLOSSYBOX team are up cycling their ribbons. We’d love to hear how you reuse yours in the comments below…

Bow tie
Accessorise a white shirt with a smart black ribbon. Thread it underneath the collar and tie it in a bow at the neck – very Audrey H.

Chain gang
No one will ask if your dog is a boy or a girl if you customise the collar with a neon pink ribbon from our LOVE box. Simply thread the ribbon through a heavy chain collar  – it works a treat with chunky gold necklaces too.

Customise your Converse
…and any other trainer for that matter, by replacing your shoe laces with ribbon. Spoiler alert: we’ve used a ribbon from one of our four collector’s edition GLOSSYBOXES out in April.

Lift a plait
Thread ribbon through your plait or add polish to a pony by wrapping a ribbon around the hair band and securing it with a Kirby grip pushed underneath.

Soap on a ribbon rope
Upgrade your guest bathroom soaps by stacking them up and stringing them together with beautiful black ribbon.

Friendship bracelet
Twin one contrasting ribbon with two of the same shade and plait them together to create a Glossy take on a friendship bracelet.

Reinvent rubbish
Recycle an empty milk bottle or jam jar to use as a vase, then upcycle it with a ribbon tied around the rim. Perfect for a single rose stem.



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